Sunday, February 28, 2016

India - also the revisionists cannot hide maoists prisoners - we want Shina Free! - 2-9 avril international week af actions for political prisoners!

Kerala CPI secretary Kanam Rajendran meets jailed Maoists in Kottayam
Kerala CPI secretary Kanam Rajendran met two of the five jailed Maoists lodged in the Kottayam Central Jailon Friday. Rajendran was in Kottayam to attend the 41st AITUC conference. After meeting Shyna and Anoop who were arrested with three others last May, Rajendran told reporters that Shyna had complained that they were not treated as political prisoners, despite several representations made on their behalf. Stating that Shyna had certain health issues, Rajendran said that the jail authorities had refused to provide the basic amenities such as a table and chair -things which the jail manual clearly says political prisoners are entitled to.
Rajendran reiterated that the CPI was against the misuse of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and was in the process of creating public awareness regarding the same. He also opined that the said Act should not be applied to political prisoners per se. When asked why would want to visit those considered extremists against whom the National Security Act (NSA) was invoked, Rajendran was quick to add that his party did not support the Maoist style of functioning but they were sympathetic to the issues raised by them.

Since there was reportedly no prima facie evidence of their involvement in illegal activities, Rajendran said that the police should meanwhile stop filing fabricated cases of cheating which would not have a legal standing in a law of court.

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