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revolutionary greetings

East District under Lamlai Police Station in the intervening night of 24-25 October 2016. The battle was not a pre-planned strike against the colonial force but a defensive one for safeguarding ourselves. The troops were sent back at different regions after completing a meeting with Standing Committee Members who are taking responsible to develop our militia to a higher level. An advance scout team who led a column of troops approaching towards Thoubal District from Imphal East District suddenly came face to face with the enemy troops stationed at their Camp compelling us to initiate a preemptive strike to protect our comrades in the rear. It was a sudden speedy strike that’s we used only sophisticated weapons but we did not use any heavy armories like the RPGs or others due to the fact that the security forces that are deployed in Sanjenbam were not our prime target. It is a known fact that despite the various heroic feats of the past and current freedom fighters and despite sacrificing a whole generation of martyrs, the reasons why the Revolutionary movements of Manipur has not been progressing as it should have till today are due to the fact that the Revolutionary struggles have been set up and formed on the metaphysical thought based on the Eclectic Understanding with Eclectic Projection. On the other hand the rate of success of the Manipur Liberation Struggle for the past many decades is lesser than the endurance borne by the people of Manipur leading to a chasm between the people and the Liberation movement, At this crucial juncture we would like to draw the attention of all sundry to the unique strategic steps of Maoist Communist Party, Manipur (MCPM) towards and seek help from all corners to bring about an unique Revolutionary leap. There are five conditions for the success of People's Revolution Movement, these are : (I) To re-gain back people's support, faith and trust in the Party and their unquestionable loyalty (ii) To establish a complete working committee of the party (iii) To set up a powerful and a loyal People's Army, (iv) To set up bases of the People's Militia in the every strategic nook and corner of our Homeland (v) To establish self-reliable and sustainable sources of income which is not coerced or forced on the public but through generous donations from the public and also through a proper self-reliant method. If these five strategies are not maintained properly with a deep understanding, our Revolutionary Movement cannot advance or progress further. The first and foremost step is to gain people's trust & faith in the Party who will naturally support the movement. This step is directly related to the other remaining four steps. The aim and objectives of the four steps should be based on the first step i.e., to gain the trust and support of the people. Unfortunately, it's impossible to have one of those strategies without the remaining ones and vice versa. The Party is committed to work on all the five steps together and will not rest till it succeeds. The entire world has its own peculiarities as witnessed in different parts of the world socially, politically and geographically. An Armed Struggle can be nurtured properly and will succeed only when we know the society well enough. Knowing the topography, the ethnology-cultural intertwining among the different ethnic groups historically is the core foundation of forming and developing the Liberation Movement in Manipur. The most important fact to be kept in our mind is that in a place like Manipur which is a very small area with a very small population, and with more than a hundred thousand occupational forces, who after setting up various camps, we are living in the largest concentration camp of the modern world. If we have to take into account of any occupied land in the whole world, Manipur will certainly be the most militarized zone, where torture, exploitation and inhumane treatment are meted out by a so called Democratic country called India. Many thousands of Manipuri's were killed in fake encounters under the draconian inhuman & barbaric act AFSPA, 1958, where anyone donning an uniform has the right to shoot & kill first and ask questions later. The militarization is going on at utmost level by setting up of a camp of Security Forces around the confinement of five kilometers each. Compare this to the policy adopted by the Indian Imperialist in Indian Maoist affected Red corridor, deploying only a hundred and fifty thousand paramilitary forces (as compared to Regular Armies in Manipur) in an area ten times the size of Manipur. It is an absolute strategy for the revolutionaries and especially so for the Manipur Maoist, to make a supreme sacrifice in such crucial scenario. If the Military Offensive of ours has to see any light at the end of the tunnel, this extreme sacrifice will be the guiding light. Therefore, the decisions resolved in the last convention held by the party on April 2016, is being maintained with great zeal & determination for a progressive and for advancing the national and class liberation struggle of Manipur.

Comrade Sharad,

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