Tuesday, October 25, 2016

the next front - Nepal - With great pleasure, we announce

red_fist”Celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversaries of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) and the Historic Naxalbari Armed Uprising, Centenary of the Earth-shaking Russian Socialist Revolution and the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Great Teacher of International Proletariat Karl Marx with Revolutionary Enthusiasm and Spirit.”   
                                                                                              CPI (Maoist)
Dear viewers and readers, we would like to inform you, that from October 25, in the occasion of the Earth-shaking Russian Socialist Revolution, we have some changes in the The Next Front. Since 5 years we are publishing the news and views in both language English and Nepali vernacular. From tomorrow we are going to launch another web site: janamel.com. (People’s mail).  The Next front will publish news and views only in English and janamel.com will publish the materials on Nepali vernacular.
We know the oppressed people of the world, particularly the people of India, Turkey and Philippines are fighting against the fascist regime of their countries backed by the American imperialism. In such situation, we stand on their side and express our strong solidarity with them.  To contribute the struggle waged by them, we want to share more and more news and views to our Nepali readers and viewers.  Not only the revisionists, the so called revolutionaries, particularly the Avakianists and ‘Maoists’ like Prachanda and his followers also are making bewilderment in the world Maoist Movement.  Therefore, it is the time to stand against the tide and the polluted wind. Now the time has come to announce: “Bombard the Headquarter”. Let us move ahead and make strong solidarity for the embryonic center of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

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