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Dossier "Women’s Strike on March 8" - MFPR Italy:


From the spark to the fires
The proletarian struggle platform, for needs and creams of women
The proclamation of the strike by the base and class unions
The two-lines-struggle and two -practices-struggle in women's movement
The condition of proletarian women: against the masters, government, bourgeois state, men who hate women
Cgil is against the women strike
The combative strike of wokers women in the factories from North to South
The proletarian demonstration in Palermo
From the city, the squares: workers, precarious, immigrants, students ... 40,000 women on strike
On Separatism
The Mfpr internationalist statement on March 8th
The Women's strike and demonstrations in the world
Women's struggle songs

Long Live the Women’s Strike!
Free our Nee/Dream of revolution
All the life must change!

Hundreds of thousands women joint the strike and cane to the streets on March 8 for the women's global strike. In Italy, this strike was triggered by the demonstration of 200,000 women in Rome the 26th of November, by siege of workers women at the Palaces of Power, the Parliament on 25th of November, and by the echo of the Women's Strike come from Argentina, Poland, France, etc.
It was an historic event, prepared by the wave of the proletarian women's strike launched and promoted by the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement on 25th of November, 2013 and 8th of March, 2016.
A strike of women against the masters, government, the miserable official unions, the bourgeois media, the men who hate women; as well as against the bourgeois women, women in power in
governments, institutions, parliamentary parties - who are our sworn enemies.

In this women’s strike, the workers, many precarious women made that slogan a real strike, with courage, pride, dignity, at their own risk (the official data that come to us – which do not give account of the factories, the services, the many middle and small private jobs – tell more than 40,000 women on strike).
Even if in the panorama of the many women, girls, who came to the streets all over Italy, they are still an "enthusiastic-heavy" minority, with their impact of breaking with this system of capital, its "established social order" made of oppression, discrimination against women, and often accepted in the trade union movement, among workers themselves, in their families, they brought the voice of the stronger rebellion of women, they represented the majority of women, the totality of women's needs and dreams (expressed by the platform built in the struggles by the RPFM), they brought the "step ahead", that "indomitable", "irreconcilable", which can not be stopped with some law or measure of the government (increasingly impossible in the current stage of modern fascism: the Minister of Interior Minniti uses public funds to finance not anti-violence centers but the anti-immigrant racist and imperialist policies and military interventions).

The women’s strike, the real one, could be larger, more numerous, if on March 8 most of the movement "Not one less" had not focused only on street events and actions, in fact leaving the workers with no indications and emptying the impact and meaning of the "women's strike". The active boycott by Cgil-Fiom will be discussed later, although we knew it well, because it was already done in 2013 and 2016. Here we are talking about the "easy choice " by part of the women movement to not work particularly for the strike, a choice that is the direct fruit of the petty (or even middle) bourgeois nature of part of feminism.

By striking on the workplace, and out of them, proletarian launched a strong message: it is nothing but the beginning, nothing and no one can stop the "step ahead" we have triggered; we will unite our struggle with the general one because all of life must change!
We have brought the "red", that it is the color of the blood of our sisters killed, raped, dead of labour or not-labour, sick for the running out housework; but it is also the color of our struggle to break not one but all the chains, for a new world without exploitation, oppression, femicides, discrimination.

It was a strike, not the rotten ritual, to which part of the bourgeois and petty bourgeois feminist movement had accustomed us. A strike, weapon of class and women struggle, to continue sowing now rebellion and organization, to make our need/dream of revolution a real process worrying, scaring the governments, states, men who hate Women and, within it, the indispensable revolution in the revolution.

This is the strongest, the redest tie with the thousands, millions of women on strike, in struggle in so many countries around the world, more than 50 countries in all continents - a new, historic event!
This is tie with our fighting sisters, the revolutionary communists who in the people’s wars, from India to Turkey, and in the liberation struggles, from Palestine to Rojava, fight in the front row and give their blood contribution to the revolution for a true liberation of women and humanity.

That is why in our international message we wrote: “Today, 50 years after the Great Cultural Revolution, in which millions of women have ‘assaulted the heaven’, and 100 years after the October Revolution, whose harbinger were the big protests of the women against the Tsar on 8th March 1917 – two milestones of humanity – we reaffirm that women need to take in their hands the revolutionary struggle to transform heaven and earth. Women – as Mao Tse-tung said - are half the sky, and they you must win it!

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