Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bangladesh: 50th Anniversary of Naxalbari celebrated in Dhaka

Procession and discussion meeting held at 50th anniversary of Naxalbari was held in Dhaka on 25th May.
At around 3:30 pm a procession started from the Press Club to Progoti conference room, Mukti Bhawan, 2 Purana Paltan in Dhaka. The meeting and Discussion was led by Jafar Hossain, assisted by Atif Anik started at 4.15 pm. The discussion started with respect to the heroes of Naxalbari. The following comrades spoke and gave statements during the conference: Masud Khan, President of National Democratic People’s Forum; Anis Raihan, political activist and organizer; Professor Md. Nurannabi; Bijan Sommanit, member of Shahid Biplobi and Deshpremik Smriti Sangsad; Biplab Bhattacharjo, convener of Revolutionary student-youth movement; Badal Shah Alam, editor of Khanan magazine; Lalfauj’s secretary Prince Ahmed; Hasan Fakri, President of Shahid Biplob and Deshpremik Smriti Sangsad.
At the end of the discussion meeting, a team of Revolutionary Workers Movement and Revolutionary Student-Youth Movement sang revolutionary songs.

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