Monday, March 5, 2018

Japanese People Against War With North Korea - March 18 Emergency Action in Tokyo

- “An Emergency Action To Oppose the Joint US-South Korea Military Exercises,”

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Nippon Kaigi warmongers and Shinzo Abe must be exposed -  this is a moment in history when the Japanese people can speak for Peace.

Never has it been more important to send a message to the new Imperialist Warmongers of Nippon Kaigi and Shinzo Abe that the Korean Question can be resolved by Peace and Dialogue.

There will be an “emergency” peace action in Tokyo on Sunday, March 18 at 2 PM in front of the US Embassy. 

Called “An Emergency Action To Oppose the Joint US-South Korea Military Exercises,” it is organized to express opposition against:

* The US-South Korea war games on the Peninsula

* The US-Japan war games, such as the amphibious landing exercisesoff the Southern California coast on February 7 and the Cope North exercise that began on February 14 in Guam

* Any war games that are in preparation for an invasion of North Korea;

* The new base construction in Henoko, Okinawa;

* Abe’s expansion of Japan’s “Self-defense Forces” through talk of the “threat” from North Korea; and

* Japan, U.S., and South Korea’s sanctions and “maximum pressure” on North Korea.

The action will also call for:

* Direct talks between the US and North Korea;

* The signing of a peace treaty to end the Korean War;

* North-South dialogue and independent and peaceful 
reunification; and

* The normalization of relations between Tokyo and Pyongyang.

The organizing group calls itself “Beikan godo gunji enshu hantai 3.18 kinkyu kodo jikko iinkai” (The Executive Committee for Emergency Action on March 18th against the Joint US-South Korea Military Exercises). 

For more information, see here (in Japanese).

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