Hi comrades! The Revolutionary Student Movement is hosting their first Western Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s a regional conference that will be inviting members, comrades, and anyone interested in revolutionary organizing from the western region of settler colonial Canada!
The aim of these workshops is to help guide existing sections by training participants in theory and practice that is guided by communist principles. Our workshop topics include:
  1. Proletarian Feminism – This workshop will focus on distinguishing proletarian feminism – the feminism of the revolutionary proletariat – from bourgeois and liberal forms of feminism. Importantly, we will be focusing on the methods of historical materialism and dialectical materialism that can help push forward feminism for the revolution. We hope to train participants so that we may collectively and creatively apply proletarian feminism to our conditions while developing the theory.
  2. Analysis of Capitalism – In order to mobilize and crush capitalism, we must learn the ways it exploits and oppresses the masses! This workshop will review some basic concepts such as modes of production, that are essential to learning about settler-colonialism, imperialism, and their relation to capitalism.
  3. Mass Work – This is an incredibly important aspect when learning about how we organize and raise class consciousness! Understanding how to do mass work guides us in engaging with the leading forces of revolutionary work. This workshop will include a definition of the mass line and how to apply it in our everyday interactions with people. We will also include some examples of how this can be applied while organizing with students.
  4. Methods of Leadership – Recognizing leadership while ensuring accountability with everyone who organizes is another key aspect of our organizing. In this workshop, we will be defining what “leadership” means in the RSM can compare it to bourgeois hierarchical structures and “leadership”. We will also cover what leadership should look like on the ground in RSM sections, as well as useful tools for summarization, analysis, and planning in order to raise the quality of work in all sections.
  5. Red fists and Security Culture – It is important to remember that we organize on the streets and campuses. Cops, fascist groups (anti-abortion, ultra-nationalists, etc) may also be present when we protest or support strikes. This workshop will go over some ways to stay safe, be as effective as possible, organize, and plan important actions. At protests or occupations, particularly militant ones, we should study historical efforts and successes, learn from them in practice and then criticize to improve our future work.
The conference will also be a place where RSM sections will work towards the creation of a “Program of Promises” that will help guide the work and study of the organization. This will occur during a plenary where folks will engage in line struggle, criticism, discussion, and debate over the issues pressing to proletarian students and thus the broader working class. If you’re looking to submit a motion, please send them to rsmwestern2018(at)gmail.com.
In addition to workshops and a plenary, we will also be hosting evening social events and musical performances provided by some of our talented members!
If you are interested in supporting the conference, we are currently asking for monetary donations to help with transportation, food, and housing costs. Any amount is greatly appreciated! To donate, please send an e-transfer to rsmwestern2018(at)gmail.com.

**More information on how to join the conference will be coming soon!**