Wednesday, September 27, 2017

India Prisoners in West Bengal Commemorate Jatin Das’s Martyrdom

Political prisoners in Jalpaiguri (North Bengal) and Dum Dum Jail remembered the martyrdom of revolutionary Jatin Das on September 13 by fasting. They demanded the unconditional release of all political prisoners, the transfer of prisoners to jails near their homes, and that authorities treat them with dignity.
In their view, the kind of torture meted out to political prisoners in the days of Jatin Das has remained unchanged to this day.
The prisoners currently lodged in Jalpaiguri jail are Raja Sarkhel, Sambhu Soren, and Sagun Murmu.

The prisoners lodged in Dum Dum jail include Sudip Chongdar, Venkatesh Reddy (Dipak), Santosh Debnath, Sachin Ghoshal, Narayan Mahato, Anando Mahato, Bhaktu Mahato, and others.

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