Saturday, October 22, 2016



The AKP government and the president T. Erdogan continue to lead Turkey using the state of emergency and the KHK (law-amending ordinances) that suspend the parliament which had been declared after the military coup attempt on 15th July 2015. The state of emergency has been prolonged for 3 more months.
President T. Erdogan considered the military coup attempt as “a wish of god” in order to guarantee the future of the AKP government and to overcome the regime’s crisis. And there was the possibility to govern the country using the emergency state and the KHK. The plan was to “start to do things they could not do at normal times”, to suspend justice and parliament, to found a “national front” with the racist-nationalist system parties CHP and MHP and to start the dirty war within the country and abroad. It thought that the counter-revolutionary violence without justice and parliament as well as the witch hunt will increase. And today it applies these fascist civil coup politics.
However, every day it has been shown that the AKP and Saray doesn’t attack the politic Islamic fascist organisation called “F. Gulen Movement” which it raised and with which it started an inner hegemony war within the counter revolution. In the contrary, it started a witch-hunt and tries to extinguish any oppositional voice and objection. Kurdish people, Alevi people, unions, mass organisations are being attacked. It fights against the working class, labourers, youth, women as well as the revolutionary-progressive forces. Within the country and abroad the dirty war is being continued (as it was in Syria with the occupying expansionism).The state tries to overcome its crisis with strengthening fascism. As the occupying forces it kills civil Kurdish people in Rojava, Northern Kurdistan using war planes and tanks and supports the fascist Islamic-jihad gangs.

Intellectuals, journalists, academics, youth and women who want peace, democracy, freedom and brotherhood against this war led by the fascist dictatorship are threatened and arrested: The writer Asli Erdogan and the journalist NecmiyeAlpay were imprisoned for being in solidarity with the newspaper OzgurGundem which is the voice of the Kurdish people.
2500 academics who had signed the declaration for peace were sacked. Liberal authors and journalists such as the brothers Ahmet and Mehmet Altanlar who asked for democracy were imprisoned accused of being of the Gulen movement. Mosque caretakers were transferred to more than 30 town halls in Kurdistan and the elected mayors were suspended. The town halls are occupied militarily. Preparations are made to imprison HDP deputies. Because of a speech Alp Altinors, one of the HDP leaders, had to face oppression and torture when being imprisoned.Dozens of oppositional newspaper and TV channels were closed. The fascist male mentality that kicked a woman into her face because of her wearing shorts was supported by the Prime Minister BinaliYildirimwho recommended the assailant to “mutter” instead of kicking. The houses, quarters and beadhouses of Kurdish people in Cizre, Sur and Yuksekova and the houses of Alevi people in Istanbul, Ankara, Malatya, Hatay and other cities were painted with racist-religious reactionary slogans and murdering threats.
More than 100 thousand people were suspended from their public jobs because of being “FETÖ members” (members of the Gulen movement), Kurds, Alevis or revolutionaries. 10 thousand were arrested. In the last 2 months nearly 40 thousand people were imprisoned. Torture and the violation of rights when being arrested and in prison have increased. This mass attack and imprisonments will steadily continue.
The fascist regime is afraid of the Rojava Revolution, the resistance in Kobane and the victory to free Minbic. It is afraid of the united free will and resistance growing in Rojava, Syria, Turkey and the Middle East.
It is afraid of the Gezi movement’s spirit, the resistance of 6-8 October and the HDP’s victory in the 7th June elections and also of the resistance of the Kurdish people in Cizre, Sur, Nusaybin and Sirnak. This fear makes it start new counter-revolutionary attacks.

But in vain! Fascism will be defeated and a revolutionary democratic regiment will befounded.
A united revolutionary movement is developing. With its actions and calls the united revolutionary movement, in which the PKK and MLCP take part, too, is guiding the revolutionary rage, violence and struggle of the people. The HDP is increasing its fight for justice, freedom and brotherhood on the street, with its militant stance against the mass arrestment and the witch hunt. Thousands of people supported the Saturday Mothers during their 600th sit- in action against fascism and oppression. 11 thousand teachers who are members raised the resistance in Dersim and Amed against the suspension. In the upcoming days, the union KESK will start to realise its action plans to raise the struggle and resistance.
Downwithfascism, freedomtothepeople!

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