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for debate - 'arab maoists' or 'cybermaoists? -for debate -from a comrade of maoistroad - tunisia

A deviation that appeared in our movement in this last years ago is that of groups that do not exist in the field of class struggle but which give birth to websites, blogs, on the internet and publish statements and analysis documents, pretending to be real organizations or parties.

This phenomenon appeared mainly in Europe (Spain, France and Belgium) in the period in which the ideological battle against the neorevisionism of the "Prachanda path" and the "new synthesis" of Avakian was underway and it is no coincidence that these virtual groups insert themselves into the debate with documents and analyzes presenting themselves as "ultra Maoists" and as the left of the left. In reality they are opportunistic jackals who, hiding behind a supposed "ideological purity", do not get their hands dirty in the class struggle, in the gray daily work for the founding of the Party and for the People's War, at the service of the proletariat and the popular masses in their countries.

We therefore define "cybermaoists" those fictitious Maoist groups, which do not exist in the reality of the class struggle or do not engage in political propaganda and agitation among the masses, in the places of production, in proletarian neighborhoods but essentially carry out a virtual activity via the internet.

It can also be single individuals or very small groups of people who posting on a website or a blog think they have founded an organization or a party and claim to participate in the ideological or theoretical struggle in the Maoist movement on a par with the real organizations and parties that instead get dirty their hands every day.

These groups are also functional to the dominant imperialist thought that with the spread of the internet among the masses, it spread also the principle that a virtual activity can perfectly replace the real activity to pursue political and social purposes. In the past years this phenomenon has forced the Galician, French and Italian comrades to use part of their energies to unmask the cybermaoists in order to make thinghs clear for the proletariat of their respective countries and worldwide.

Perhaps, it is the case of an elusive group called themselves "Arab Maoists", a group hitherto unknown to the international Maoist movement and to the Arab masses and revolutionaries of which a statement appeared on the "Communist International" website.

There was a similar fact in the Arab world that is represented by a self-styled Iraqi cybermaoist group that years ago posted photos in a blog about "actions by a Maoist guerrilla" in the country, some Arab comrades investigated and discovered that it was an Iraqi expatriate in a northern Europe country (once again a European phenomenon).

Returning to the document drawn up by these "Arab Maoists", its content confirms that we are faced again with cybermaoists, in particular regarding the analysis that is being made on the Arab world and the Popular Revolts of 2010/2011 which are described as a maneuver of imperialism:

"It is a general attack because, in addition to being carried out by imperialism, revisionism and international reaction, it extends into the ideological, political and economic field. Despite this general character of the counterrevolutionary attack, some of those who brandish the banner of Maoism adopt out of conscience or “ unconsciously ” the imperialist theses and propaganda, so they adopt analyzes and positions which reflect this genre of theses, as during the evaluation of this so-called “Arab Spring”: this unchained reactionary imperialist attack is seen as a revolutionary tide and a historic victory !! .. without proletarian leadership .. without revolutionary program.. nor people’s war.. This position which can only sow illusion and confusion and attack the M-L-M line, aborting the process of its construction (or reconstruction) (the emphasys is ours) and prevents the masses from clearly distinguishing their enemies and allies and the true path for its emancipation, that is to say the people’s war, the most complete strategy, and the most superior for our class."

The Arab Maoists (the real ones) have never expressed themselves in these conspiratorial terms and notoriously the Maoists of Morocco and Tunisia who participated directly and sent messages at the 2011 international meeting in Paris about the Arab uprisings. Considering the Arab revolts as piloted from above by imperialism is an anti-Maoist line because it denies the role that the Arab masses played in 2010/2011 in Tunisia and Egypt in the overthrown of the reactionary regimes in those countries, means denying that there it was the same attempt in Morocco, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

The Arab Maoists (the real ones) in Morocco and Tunisia, on the other hand, argue that these were authentic Popular Revolts (intifada) which, due to internal subjective weaknesses, either failed and were co-opted by the regime as in Morocco, Lebanon, Qatar and Jordan, or were hegemonized by the Muslim Brotherhood who took power with the indirect support of imperialism by initiating a masked restoration as in Tunisia or in the case of Egypt this restoration took place openly by bringing the old regime back to power.

In other countries the course of the revolt was diverted by the direct intervention of imperialism such as in Libya and Syria or by the direct intervention of regional powers such as Saudi Arabia in Bahrain and Yemen.

The stand presented in this document from "Arab Maoists"  coincides with that one carried out by "historical" non-communist pan-Arab groups to condemn the second wave of Arab revolts two years ago in Algeria, Sudan, Lebanon and Iraq and in particular in support of the Algerian regime wrongly considered "anti-imperialist" and in favor of the Palestinian cause as the regimes of Gaddafi in Libya and the Assad clan in Syria were and are wrongly considered as such too.

Even the dialectic between legal / illegal work is posed in a dogmatic, anti-Leninist way and so posed is not shared by the Arab Maoists (the real ones) operating in their own countries:

"Some abandon the revolutionary program of the revolution of new democracy and the path of people’s war for a reformist program by adopting the tactic of the “program for the establishment of political freedoms: parliamentary competition, legalism …” as an essential condition to prepare for the revolution, under the pretext of realizing “the conditions of struggle, mobilization and training of the masses in practice and legality !!” in “peace” as they claim, the peaceful way to “seize” political power. A program of blatant reformism whose essence is to adopt the “parliamentary path”, a program of capitulation, a program to abandon the MLM and the way of People’s war the only way for the radical revolutionary transformation and the annihilation of the semi-feudal and reactionary relations and mode of production and the imperialist oppression and the conquest of political power."

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