In the talks on forming a government between the FDP, SPD and Green parties, some points are already clear. Even if in the bourgeois media again and again it is explained that there would be large differences between the parties one should not forget that all bourgeois parties administer at the end the state of the bourgeoisie.

The differences are nuances of bourgeois rule. For this reason, one should not be alarmed by the fact that in the exploratory papers of the future Ampel coalition*, points are already set which represent nothing other than attacks on the working class. So also the planned abolition of the regulation to the 8-hour day. If in the next government the 8-hour day should be abolished it would be possible up to 13 hours on the day to work. The 8-hour day is not to be abolished in one fell swoop by decree, but as it stands in the exploratory paper in agreement with the yellow unions. Under the pretext of the flexibilization of working time in the future it is made possible to exploit the workers daily longer. This procedure allows it in future collective bargaining to make the labor buyers an offer, which is then sold as the lesser evil. Under the threat of layoffs, it is possible that the yellow unions will agree to abolish the 8-hour day.

Spitzenkandidaten der Ampelkoaltion

The 8-hour day was fought for with blood and is an immense achievement of the working class. The demand for the 8-hour day was put forward by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and developed into a worldwide struggle. In the face of the growing economic crisis, the attacks on our fought-for rights are increasing and so one of the greatest achievements of the working class is not stopped.