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No bullshit reforms in Spain! Revolution is the only Solution!

May 12, 2012

Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan(M-L-M) salutes the progressive gathering of tens of thousands of the people of the spain in memory of last year’s Indignation Movement “or as is some times called: May Movement” helding its first Anniversary, and calls for the continuation of Indignation Movement, and for its development into a more profound and massive movement, leading to a revoltionary uprisal, and not merely being kept as a spontaneous indignation of bereft masses whom suffer from ills of capital, and imperialsm.
Maoists in Afghanistan, and also all revolutionary masses and progressive forces of our country, salute and appreciate the Anniversary of Indigntation Movement of the Spain. As class brothers and sisters, people of Afghanistan are siding the oppressed masses of the Spain. We all suffer from same evils and ills. We have all the same destiny. So, in a common fight, together with our spanish class brothers and sisters, we announce our solidarity to the international proletariat and to all oppressed people of the world in their just battles against imperialism and its lackeys.

Madrid’s central Puerta del sol Square is again witnessing another epic of the spanish masses whom are fighting for their rights and for a better future. We appreciate those Spanish comrades whom had in their plackards sloganning: Another World IS Possible. We sure are those tens of thousands of the brave people who have poured into the streets of more than 80 cities and towns of the spain, chanting the slogans as ”Another World Is Possible” will also be those whom ignite the fire of world proletarian revolution. In deed, from now on, spanish activists have sloganed the movement as igniteing the “ Global protest against economic injustice”. We they need in spain is a more clear agenda based in Communism, and not a continuation of spontanity. We sure are, there have been progressive groupings and organizations organizing some sections of the masses, but, these are still insufficient, and have a partial character. Only Marxism-Leninism-Maoism by being upholded by Spanish masses, only application of Maoism, can be the combat weapon of the people and Spain, which will lead them to victory. So, It is time to lead the movement toward a prepratory phase of the people’s war in Spain. It is the main task of Spanish Maoists to show initiative and to lead the people upholding MAOISM AND THE PEOPLE’S WAR!
No liberation is assumed with out upholding and applying Maoism! So, it there is room ( And exactly there is room) for a revolutionary change, it is only possible from a revolutionary line to be taken be revolutionary forces of the Spain. The revolutionary line which is the application of Maoism to concrete condition of Spain, only relies on people’s war, and rejects parliamentary cretinism and other reformist bullshits.
While the indignats take to street, in deed, they show the revolutionary strenghth and revoltionary potential of the people, and they oppose conservative and reactionary politicians whom have caused disasters. The current economic crisis in Spain has no fitting sample in the past. In deed, this is the most voilent crisis that has destroyed the economic and socio-cultural life of the masses. For example, One of every two Spanish under age 25 is unemployed! Unemployment has reached to a level that has never been in Spanish labour history. The unemployment rate has reached to 24.4 percent! And it is 52 percent for the young people! These all show that: The revolution is the only Solution. This is the firm reaffirmation of This May Day’s Solution That also says: The revolution is the only solution.
The revoltion is the only solution in Spain, as it is in Afghanistan, and in the rest of the world. This is the reason why Maoist Parties and organizations have approved and signed the declation stating that Slogan. This is why our organization has signed it. We are only for the people’s war in Afghanistan. We call our spanish comrades to only take the path of armed struggle as the main path, and to use this path to establish the new power, the new state, and consequently, the new world. Then, the slogan of our spanish class sisters “Another world is Possible” will be incarnated in the spain, and in the rest of the world. So, Let us chant for people’s war, in Afghanistan, in Spain, and in the rest of the world!
Even bourgeois minded professors also can understand that the main reason for the failure of the Indignant movement, will be its lack of concrete ideology! This has caused for some misrable to claim that: only Anarchism, or some thing like it has given the potential strength for mass uprisals! The miserables fail to understand that: Movement without Strategy, Tactics without Strategy, and finally, movement without a guiding thought, a concrete ideology, will be a null-and –void. So, It is the time to uphold and apply Maoism as the command of Spanish Revolution, as it is the command of world proletarian revolution

Let us quote a university professor about the reason of the failure of the movement in last year:
Antonio Alaminos, sociology professor at Alicante University, said the "indignants" had failed to organise and were left expressing a discontent born from social and economic malaise without a concrete ideology.
"The result: lots of small relatively disconnected groups that no longer form a social movement," he said.
The movement in this phase is an act of strong indignation of the masses, and reacts to the wild and brutal policies of the conservative regime in power. So far this year, more than 39 billion Euros have been the austerity cuts! This is the really picture! So, we can say that: the economic infrastracture of the spain has gone towards stagnation! It is the time to start an epic: The people’s war! It is the time to disarm the bourgeios class! It is the time to arm the river of the revoltionary and indignant masses of the spain! May Maoism Assume The command of The Spanish revoltion!

Long life the Anniversary of the Indignation Movement!
Long Life (15 May) historical protest ,the day of Heroism of Spanish masses!
Long Life protracted people’s war in Spain
Long life the solidarity of the Afghanistani and Spanish masses!
Down with capitalism!
Long life Communism!

Organization of the workers of Afghanistan(Marxist-Leninsist-Maoist,principally Maoist)
May, 12

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