Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 thousand Kurdish prisoners are on hunger strike! Let’s increase the solidarity in action with the Kurdish people!

10 thousand Kurdish prisoners are on hunger strike! Let’s increase the solidarity in action with the Kurdish people!

17/11/2012 /International Bureau / Statement No: 59

The hunger strike that has been carried out by the prisoners of the Kurdish national freedom movement continues on the 60th days. The hunger strike has been continuing since September 12 by the participation of new groups throughout the process and since November 5 by the participation of all of the 10 thousand prisoners except for the children, old ones and ill ones.
The resistance continues with the demands “elimination of the obstacles against the use of the mother tongue, right for a defence in Kurdish language for the prisoners and the lifting of the isolation on the Kurd! ish national leader Abdullah Ocalan”. It is a new link of the chain of total resistance of the Kurdish people carried out by the guerilla forces on the mountains, through serhildan* s in the cities and on every field, from the stages of the parliament to the streets, in face of the total war of the AKP* government. 
Today the Kurdish national struggle forms one of the most important focuses of resistance in the Middle East, where the imperialist forces try to re-arrange the correlation of political forces, the polarisation between the Turkish bourgeois state as a pieceworker of USA-EU and Russia-Iran-Syria gets sharpened and the arguments for a regional war are being raised. It deals heavy blows to the colonialist Turkish fascism and restricts its room of manoeuvre as a regional ! aggressive force. 
One of two main axes of total war of the Turkish colonialist fascism was the military operations against the guerilla forces and the other one was the aggression of uninterrupted arrest and imprisonments that aimed at weakening and depotentiating the massive people’s resistance which had reached the level of serhildans* . And the total isolation on A. Ocalan is a symbol and a main link of the wave of attacks that AKP launched after the so-called dialogue process.
In this sense, the on-going hunger strike targets this main link of the attacks on the one hand, and on the other hand, unites, at the first place, the Kurdish people, and the revolutionary, socialist, progressive and democratic forces around itself, by pushing them to the streets and actions. 
The Kurdish people resist the colonialist denial policy of the Turkish b! ourgeois state, the regional reactionary states and the imperialist forces in all fields and by all means. This resistance has crippled the will of war of the colonialist fascist Turkish state. And in the last one year of total war process, it has put in vain the expectations of the colonialist fascism lead by the AKP government, fought its moves back and put it into a process of defeats.
This resistance should be supported through reaction and intervention in action on the international area, too. Our party MLCP calls upon the revolutionary, progressive and communist forces to defend this resistance through statements, actions and solidarity hunger strikes in front of Turkish embassies, by sending delegations and sending letters.

[ AKP / ]* Justice and Development Party
[ Serhildan / serhildan / serhildans / ]* 'Uprising' in Kurdish language. This word has become a symbol for the Kurdish people's mas! s uprisings, such as the meaning of 'intifada' for the Palestinian liberation movement.

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