Sunday, November 18, 2012

support palestinian people against nazisionist state Israel in all manners

Palestine/Ireland: Resistance is a Right

On November 14th the murder of Ahmed Al-Jabari by the Zionist Regime marked what is sure to become a new and bloody chapter in the ongoing oppression of Palestine. Cumann Seán Costello / Martin Hurson would like to urge all Human Rights groups and all Governments to do all they can to ensure an escalation does not occur.

Ahmed Al-Jabari, commander of the Izzeddin Qassam Brigades was a Palestinian Freedom Fighter, who struggled against the occupation of his homeland. He survived numerous assassination attempts by Israel in the past. His murder on Wednesday 14th has provoked a stern response from Hamas who have stated they will “rain rockets on Israel”. Rather than bend the knee to the occupation this is a courageuos decision and we in Republican Sinn Féin send solidarity to Hamas and the Palestinian people in their liberation struggle.

Israel emboldened by the backing of the major European powers, the backing of the British Government and the backing of the US Government has no qualms about murdering innocent civilians in Gaza. Their indiscriminate bombing left over 1800 people dead in 2008 with regular bombings since then resulting in the deaths of many men, women and children.

Israel calls Hamas and their followers terrorists, yet the real terrorists the world over are the occupiers. We in Ireland are all too familiar with our own imperial occupier and the lengths they will go to maintain their occupation. It was no surprise then that British Secretary of State William Hague tried to lay the blame with Hamas stating that "Hamas bears principal responsibility for the current crisis".

The reality is that while the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hides in a bunker there is the potential that innocent men, women and children will be slaughtered en-masse because of a morally wrong, unjust and inhumane occupation, an occupation that has quite literally pushed the Palestinian peoples backs to the wall. When this is the case history has shown that resistance becomes a right justified by the urgent need to smash injustice. Palestine needs all our support, and Zionism all our hostility.

Seán Costello / Martin Hurson Cumann
Republican Sinn Féin, Westmeath.

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