Wednesday, November 28, 2012

International Committee to Support of the People’s War in India wins the challenge against imperialism, revisionism, opportunism and cyberparassities

The pressrealese informs about the success of  the Conference !
In the nexts days all interventions in the Conference will be published from International Commitee !
The message and call of the Conference will be spreaded in the world !
It is a point of arrive of the work and the beginning of a new phase of this work !
and the new phase will strike very hard !

Long live International Conference !
Long live people's war in India !
Long live international antimperialist solidarity !
Long live proletarian internationalism !

International Committee to Support of the People’s War in India
28 november 2012

List of participating Parties and Organizations
List of Interventions

International Committee to support the People`s War in India
League against Imperialist Aggression, Hamburg, Germany
Turkish Communist Party Marxist/Leninist
Maoist Communist Party Turkey/Nothern Kurdistan
Revolutionary Front of defense of the people – Brazil
Communist Party of the Phillipines
Communist Party of India Marxist-Leninist (Naxalbari) - (Message)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada
Revolutionary Contruction Austria
Revolutionary Contruction Switzerland
Mass Line – Holland
Communist Party maoist of France
Red Action – Croatia
Communist Organizationtion Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Road
Committee to support the People`s War – France
Indiasolidarity – Sweden
Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement - Italy
Indiasolidarity – Norway
ZAB – Zusammenhang Antiimperialistischer Bewegung
Communist maoist Party of Afghanistan

Galizian Committee to support People`s War in India and Committee of Construction of the Maoist Communist Party of Galizia – Spanish State

Palästina Arbeitskreis – Germany
October Movement – Sweden
[ZK] Zusammen Kämpfen Magdeburg
Communist Party maoist Italy
Great March towards Communism – Madrid
Revolutionar Praxis – UK

Tunisia –  Maoist Communist Movement, Maoist Communist Organizatin Tunisia
British Isles - 26th March Movement, Britisch Isles - Democracy and Classstrugle - Wales, Panafrican Voice - London, Great Unrest Group 2012 - Wales
Nepal – Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Forum

Austria – Committee to Reconstruct the Maoist Communist Party of Austria, Committe of struggling Workers, Cultural Working Group of the Committee to support the People`s War in India
26 of November 2012

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