Friday, June 22, 2012

from Arab maoists

Internationalist Greetings,
First of All, we highly appreciate the efforts of our comrades around
the world who have contributed to the translation into a several
languages and publication of our statement of the 29th May 2012 about
the present situation faced by our masses and oppressed Arab nation',
a situation characterized by imperialist and reactionary aggression.
We believe that this contribution has a high importance in promoting
the advance of our revolutionary struggle against all class enemies,
at both the local Arab and the international level': the imperialists
and their reactionary puppets the comprador and feudal and all the
revisionists and opportunists of all kinds. It is a contribution of
high importance towards unmasking this vicious war of aggression that
taking the form of "democratization", the parliamentary road and
multiparty competition slogans'.. side by side with military war of
aggression to annihilate revolutionary and impose capitulation..
We have chosen to postpone our reply on several remarks and comments
which we have received about our declaration and this to present the
important following note:
* * * * *
After the publication of our statement of the 29th of May 2012, we
noted within Maoist_Revolution yahoo group mailing letters dated the
10th of June 2012 an announcement of a new website link :
"" received from the so called:
””. This web site has published some contents
which are quite strange to our attitudes and points of view.
In short, we draw the attention that :
- The above website does not represent in any way our points of view.
- We have no organizational and no relationship with the website
“" and its manipulators.
- The email address: '” is not and has never been
a part of our means of communication via the internet. The email
address does not belong to us and is not part of our email addresses.
- Till this moment we do not have website or facebook accounts or similar.
- The motives of those behind this act are clear and visible; it is a
counterrevolutionary method to discredit the genuine revolutionaries,
to sow doubt in the Maoists’ ranks, set traps for counterrevolutionary
goals, same practice done by the enemy agencies.
- The contents published within the said website have no deal with the
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism theses.
- We do focus that this Web site does not in any time represent us and
we invite all our comrades to take care and be careful from such
behavior and insure to unmask such reactionary means and stand against
its revisionist theses and practices.

Arab Maoists
18th of June 2012

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