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Nepal - National Gathering on June 15, 2012 organised by revolutionary faction of PCUNm,


Press Communiqué

Today, a special meeting of the revolutionary faction of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has been concluded with the chairmanship of party's senior Vice Chairman Comrade Kiran and conduction of General Secretary Comrade Badal. The important decisions, this meeting has taken, have been publicized through this press communiqué.
In the beginning, emotional homage, with one minute silence, was paid in honour of the great martyrs.
Comrade Kiran proposed a political report on behalf of the central headquarters and it was adopted after discussion and necessary amendment. Important points of the said report are as follows.
a. We strongly oppose and denounce the drama that has been staged, without having any consultation in the party and also other political parties, to organise another election of the Constituent Assembly by dissolving, on May 27, 2012, the existing Constituent Assembly and Legislature in an unconstitutional and extremely conspiratorial way.
b. The proposal of the Constituent Assembly had taken its birth amid the strength of ten years of great people's war, devotion, heroism and sacrifice of Nepalese people. The main objective of the Constituent Assembly was to establish the right of workers, peasants, women, nationalities, Dalits, Madheshis and Muslims including the people of the oppressed region, defend national independence and transform the old state power. Revolutionary Nepalese people were expecting a new constitution through Constituent Assembly. Contrarily, the event of dissolving the Constituent Assembly has seriously hurt upon people's expectation, aspiration and the value of sacrifice.
c. The reasons behind the failure in writing a constitution through the Constituent Assembly include the power-hungry conflict inside the Constituent Assembly, conspiracy against new constitution, inability of the top leaders of the major political parties, foreign reactionary intervention, resistance on the part of the old monopolistic state power and the class and national capitulationist thinking growing in a section of the Maoist leadership. In this context, the top leaders of the major political parties in the constitutional sub-committee, the chairman of the Constituent Assembly and mainly the coordinator of this committee comrade Prachanda and the Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai seem to be most responsible.
d. Declaration of another election on the part of the government which has been proved to be completely unable and unsuccessful to write constitution is a very ridiculous and absurd question. Not only that, on account of the drama staged in the last four years, inability of top leaders of major political parties and various conspiratorial activities that resisted writing of constitution in people's favour what is clear as broad daylight is that there can be no political way out for the country from the election of Constituent Assembly of this type. In this situation, election of the constituent assembly cannot be justified.
e. Today, there is a need of a new political way out and an alternative system for the country and people. In order for that an All Party Roundtable Assembly of the entire political parties, workers and peasants along with oppressed classes, women, nationalities, Dalits, Muslims, Madheshis and people from the oppressed regions should be organised on the basis of proportional inclusive representation and this assembly should organise an Interim United National Government, should complete the remaining task of writing a New Constitution and should seek a comprehensive political way out.
f. In order to find a political way out and push the struggle forward, the meeting has decided to go ahead by building a United Front of all patriotic, republican, pro-federal, progressive and leftist forces.
3.  In the present situation, when the parliamentarian, anti federal and monopolistic leaders have failed, a conspiracy of resurrecting the parliamentarian monopolistic system is being hatched by staging another  drama of Constituent Assembly Election and we must remain watchful of it. In order to defend the national independence, establish Federal Republic and solve the fundamental problems of people's livelihood a new democratic republican system is a must and we must go ahead to that direction.
4.  In the present complicated situation when a section of leadership along with Chairman is speedily being trapped in class and national capitulationism and right liquidationism, it has been necessary to unify, along with transformation, party on the basis of revolutionary line, and we specially request to all party comrades to think about it seriously.
5.  In such a serious situation, a decision has been taken to organise a National Gathering on June 15, 2012, because it has been necessary to take several political and organisational decisions as well.
Date: June 1, 2012

Ram Bahadur Thapa 'Badal' Mohan Baidya 'Kiran'
General Secretary Vice Chairman
Unified CPN (Maoist) Unified CPN (Maoist)

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