Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Revolutionary Greetings from CPI (Maoist) To the NPA for seizing 66 weapons in the Butuan Raid


Press Release
May 10, 2012
Revolutionary Greetings from CPI (Maoist)
To the NPA for seizing 66 weapons in the Butuan Raid
The New People¡¯s Army Front under Front 4 under the NPA North Central Mindanao Command successfully conducted a raid on an arms storage facility being maintained by a security agency in Butuan City in the Mindanao island of Philippines on April 22, 2012 and seized 66 assorted high-powered firearms. CPI (Maoist) congratulates the NPA commanders and the red fighters for conducting this successful raid. The cach¨¦ of firearms seized by the NPA is composed mostly of AK-47 assault rifles, several sniper rifles and hand pistols.
NPA seized these modern weapons from the Earthsaver Security Agency¡¯s office that the mining companies had established in Barangay Libertad, Butuan City. This brave raid enthused the people and the revolutionary forces of Philippines a lot. This raid served as a model to the NPA forces all over Philippines. The people and the NPA hailed the NPA forces in the North Central Mindanao Command. Many young women and men who were motivated by this raid are coming forward to join NPA. They are readying themselves to advance the armed agrarian revolution in their country. Our party, the CPI (Maoist) is sharing this elation along with you. This incident very much inspired the advancing revolutionary movements in Philippines, India, Turkey and other countries.
In the past few years, the NPA revolutionary guerillas led by the Communist Party of Philippines conducted hundreds of tactical counter offensives on the counter-revolutionary police (APP) and military forces (AFP). They seized hundreds of weapons. These offensives played a crucial role in advancing the People¡¯s War in Philippines. At present, the Philippines revolution is striving to advance in a planned manner from the stage of strategic self-defence to the stage of strategic stalemate. The NPA revolutionary forces conducted the Butuan raid as part of this. Within a few days of this incident, on April 25, 2012, in a brave ambush conducted by the NPA in Ifugao, eleven soldiers including battalion operations officer of the 86th Infantry Battalion were wiped out. This is another big blow to the Philippines Army this year. At present, it is necessary to conduct many more tactical counter-offensives like the above for the advance of Philippines revolution as part of the World Socialist Revolution.
Comrade Mao has repeatedly taught us that wiping out the enemy and seizing of weapons play the most crucial role in establishing the New Democratic society by overthrowing the exploiting society. The task of the revolutionaries all over the world who are following the path of Protracted People¡¯s War is to wipe out the enemy in huge numbers on the one hand and on the other hand build revolutionary people¡¯s armies with the weapons seized from the enemy forces, train them, further advance the People¡¯s War and establish alternative people¡¯s political power. Through such raids we must build the people¡¯s political power, strengthen it and expand it. Our party is sending revolutionary greetings to the NPA and CPP for placing a model in front of the world revolutionaries through this Butuan Raid. Communist revolutionary parties, groups and revolutionaries following the path of People¡¯s War formulated by Comrade Mao would definitely advance forward by emulating the model of Butuan Raid and taking up several tactical counter-offensive campaigns.
Central Committee,
CPI (Maoist)

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