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Nepal: New Maoist party to be announced June 15

epal: New Maoist party to be announced June 15

[This news article carries the long-awaited announcement that the revolutionary forces in the UCPN(M)--the Nepalese Maoist party--will finally break relations with the revisionist leaders (Party Chairman Dahal aka Prachanda, and Prime Minister Bhattarai) who planned and carried out the abandonment of the people's war, the disarming and dismantling of the People's Liberation Army, the abandonment of popular political administrations throughout the country, the reversal of feudal land redistributions to landless peasants, and investing the political resources of the Maoist party to winning positions in the new bourgeois republic.  The announcement of a new party forming contained suggestions that there will continue to be deal making with other bourgeois parties, and contained no hint of plans to rebuild people's armed forces or to reinvigorate the revolutionary land reform program, and other strategic and programmatic issues that have divided the reformists from revolutionaries over the past 6 years. All will watch this re-groupment with great concern.  Hopefully, the long period of irresolute impasse will now give way to determined advance of the Nepalese people's revolution.   -- Frontlines ed.]

June 15 meet to announce split: Gajurel

New party to support opposition’s protest for consensus government
KATHMANDU: Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Secretary CP Gajurel today said the gathering of party’s radical faction scheduled to begin on June 15 will take a formal decision to part ways from the party.Addressing an interaction, he said Dahal’s claim that he would quit as party chairman was mere propaganda and added that even if he quit that would not solve the problem. “The question is whether he admits to his mistake or not, whether he is ready to correct party’s line or not,” he added. Gajurel, an influential leader of the hardline faction led by senior vice-chairman Mohan Baidhya, claimed that the gathering itself would christen the new party. He hastened to add that the radical faction would prefer to go by the established name that the party had been using.
Addressing a function in the capital today, another hardline leader, Dev Gurung, said Baidhya faction was ready to join the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML in the streets to pressure the Baburam Bhattarai-led government to form a consensus government.
Gurung said the prime minister dissolved the Constituent Assembly in order to remain in power and said unless a political consensus was forged crisis would not be resolved.
Speaking at the interaction, Gurung clarified that his faction was ready to support the NC and CPN-UML’s agitation for a consensus government. He further opined that the election would not help resolve the crisis and demanded that a broader political conference be called.
However, Gajurel said the radical faction of his party would not physically take part in the protest programmes organised by NC and UML but would express solidarity.
Meanwhile, Gajurel said his faction would organise an interaction with the diplomats and experts in foreign affairs to have their take on an all-party roundtable conference to resolve the impasse.

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