Friday, February 9, 2018

ATIK: ‘The Fighting People of Afrin Will Beat the Occupation!’

ATIK | The geography of Kurdistan, which is characterised by occupation, massacres and extrajudicial executions, is gaining a new dimension due to the attempt of the fascist Turkish Republic to invade Afrin. The fascist Republic of Turkey which is the indigenous collaborator and subcontractor of imperialists, has attempted the occupation of Afrin with the fascist gangs which it has bred itself. The invasion, which is being carried out both via the air and land with the gangs of forceful change, continues due to the gains of the resisting Afrin people. A great number of civilians have been killed in the area that has specifically been hit by heavy aircraft bombardment.
This occupation initiative, carried out with the support of imperialists, especially Russia, also reveals the role of the fascist Turkish state in the Middle East
The attack of the gangs, which were bred and nurtured by the imperialists, in the face of the resistance, were defeated and the emergence of an egalitarian, democratic self-government in Rojava has become an example to the various faiths and nations living in the region. In order to break this and create a government based on imperialist interests, this invasion attempt was carried out through the subcontracted fascist Turkish Republic. This attempt will not be limited to Afrin, but will spread to other areas.
The European Imperialist countries who are the so-called apostles of democracy support this occupation. It is now clear that the reason for the visit of fascist Erdogan to France and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Germany is the negotiations for this occupation. It is the case that heavy weapons sent by many European countries, especially tanks provided by the German state have been used in the occupation and bombing of Afrin. They are murdering Kurds with the German tanks.
Since the start of the Rojava resistance, the fascist Republic of Turkey has tried through several attacks to break the resistance. The occupation if Afrin, which is carried out with the support of imperialist is also in order to suppress the opposition in Turkey. With the implementation of the State of Emergency and Decree-Law due to the so-called coup attempt of July 15 the country has been turned into an open prison. Even the smallest of resistance, objections, demonstration and rallies are constantly being attacked by law enforcement officers. Thousands of people have been detained and arrested as a result of these attacks. Intellectuals, journalists, lawyers, deputies, lecturers, workers and laborers; in short, all the people who voice their opinions against fascism are taken into custody and arrested.
Many villages and towns in Kurdish provinces have been declared as prohibited areas, curfews have been put in place, those who do go out are killed or arrested. Those voted in in the Kurdish provinces and districts have been arrested, and trustees have been appointed in their places, the intentions and decisions of the people of the region have been ignored.
Workers’ right to strike is prohibited under the pretext of the State of Emergency. In many establishments, hundreds of workers have been taken into custody for using their democratic right to strike, and many workers and laborers have had court action filed against them. By prohibiting tens of protests, they are serving them up for the benefit of the monopolies.
Every day, in many regions of Turkey, people are standing up against what is happening, by ignoring the practices put in place by the Republic of Turkey and taking to the streets, carrying out protests and taking action. With Turkish Kurdistan at the forefront, the resistance is being created. In many establishments, despite all the prohibitions, workers are going on strike and in doing so organising their resistance.
The occupation of Afrin is also in order to break this resistance and to silence the opposition inside. This invasion initiative, which will start in Afrin and move further afield, will be disappointed due to the fight of the Kurds in the region and the revolutionary and communists resist alongside them.
As the democratic powers in Europe; it is our role to take ownership of the Afrin resistance, to create public opinion within the masses, and to increase resistance in the spirit of Kobane. As ATIK; we call upon all democratic forces and progressives to stand in solidarity with the people of Afrin and to stand up and fight against the occupation. Let us, with protests in the streets, take ownership of the struggle with all our power.
Long Live Our Resistance in Afrin!
Turkish Occupiers get Out of Afrin!
Long Live the brotherhood of the People!
ATIK – Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe

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