Saturday, January 2, 2021

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Minneapolis, MN

Less than a mile from where Minneapolis police killed George Floyd in May, the police shot and killed Black man Dolal Idd in his car at a gas station on Wednesday. Over a hundred took to the intersection of 36th Street and Cedar Avenue that night and had a standoff with police, where snowballs and other projectiles were thrown at officers. Bodycam footage of the police shooting was released Thursday.

Dolal’s father shares a photo of his son. (Photo by Chao Xiong)

New York City, NYC

A wave of hunger strikes have been carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees at jails in the New York City area, successfully leading to releases, transfers, and negotiations. Protesters have rallied in solidarity with the hunger strikers at Hudson County Jail, Bergen County Jail (where one woman was arrested this week), and Essex County Jail this month and have also confronted local lawmakers at their homes and fundraisers demanding the release of the detainees.

At Bergen County Jail (Photo by Julian Leshay)


Across California, nurses continue to protest and threaten strikes in response to state suspension of nurse-to-patient ratios as coronavirus cases have surged. In cities like Watsonville and Escondido this week, nurses and community members held caravan protests outside their local hospitals.

Photo credit KPBS

Ulster County, NY

Dozens joined Shana Shaw at a protest at the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday after she was brutally arrested the day before for failing to signal a turn in her vehicle, a common tactic used by police to target Black people. A nursing aide, Shaw sustained a concussion and other injuries from the police assault and was not able to work for a few days. The officers involved have faced no repercussions.

Des Moines, IA

Des Moines attorney Gina Messamer filed a class action lawsuit this week which represents anyone who was brutalized by police during the May Uprising. The suit specifically names 16 officers but also includes 60 other police who made arrests the weekend of May 30.

“By illegally arresting, assaulting, and seizing the property of citizens in the downtown area, [police officers] intended to punish citizens for their protest activity — an exercise of their First Amendment rights — and to deter future demonstrations,” the lawsuit said.

Police arrest protester on May 29 (Photo credit Bryon Houlgrave)

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