Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Announcement of the death of Comrade Salim - Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

It is with great regret that comrade Salim, the main member of the Central Committee of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, passed away and fell into eternal sleep today, Sunday, October 23, 2022.

Comrade Salim is one of the oldest new democratic movements and one of the founders of the “Fighting Organization for the Rescue of Afghanistan”, it was one of the active fighters on the principled line of Marxism -Leninism -Mao thought and then Marxism – Leninism – Maoism.  After the coup d’état (PDPA) on April 27, 1978, he waged a fierce struggle against the People’s Band and the Flag (people democratic party of Afghanistan) and their social-imperialist supporters.

Comrade Salim was arrested during Political activities by the intelligence agency “KHAD” in 1978 and was under torture for a long time. After all kinds of torture, the defeated enemy sentenced him to ten years of imprisonment in his show court.

Comrade Salim did not stop his political activities in prison and actively organized his organizational comrades and started political activities inside the prison. Comrade Salim was released from prison after spending ten years in prison. Comrade Salim continued his struggles with his comrades after freedom.

After Afghanistan was occupied by the imperialists led by US imperialism on October 7, 2001, the “Communist Party of Afghanistan”, led by comrade Zia in a declaration, condemned the occupation and called for the unity of the Maoists against the invaders and their puppets. The “Fighting Organization for the Rescue of Afghanistan” has agreed to the unity slogan of the “Communist Party of Afghanistan”. In July 2002, the “Communist Party of Afghanistan”, the “Fighting Organization for the Rescue of Afghanistan” and the “Revolutionary Alliance of Afghan Workers” held a joint meeting for the alliance between the three factions. At this meeting, Comrade Salim and two other members of the organization were introduced to represent the organization.

Comrade Salim played an effective role in unity at this meeting. After the end of the meeting, according to comrade Zia, the process of unity of the Communist Movement (MLM) began and continued for two years. Comrade Salim played an active role in this process. In 2004, the Congress of Unity was established and the “Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan” was founded. Comrade Salim played an active role in the Congress of Unity and the foundation of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan. After the formation of the “Communist (Maoist) Party Afghanistan”, Comrade Salim was not only unanimously joined by the Party Central Committee but was also appointed as an adviser to the party’s political bureau. Comrade Salim accepted this responsibility with revolutionary enthusiasm and performed this task for ten years.

Comrade Salim at the national level with a variety of types and forms of revisionism, national and class surrender, and internationally against the revisionism of the Avakian “new Synthesis”, the revisionism of Prachanda’s path and the deep deviation of “Gonzalo thought” as the main member of the Central Committee of the Communist (Maoist) Party Afghanistan. Unfortunately, he has been a chronic and life-threatening illness for several years and has failed to do the political activity. On Sunday, 1/8/1401 according to 23/10/2022, he fell into eternal sleep due to this illness.

Comrade Salim has played a valuable role in the defense of Marxism -Leninism -Maoism in Afghanistan since the establishment of the “Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan. The loss of Comrade Salim is a major loss for the Afghanistan Maoist movement.

May the memory of comrade Salim be cherished

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

October 23, 2022


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