Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Red Salutes to Comrade Andreas Vogiatzoglou! - COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST)

Press Release

27 October, 2022

Red Salutes to Comrade Andreas Vogiatzoglou!

We were deeply grieved to know about the martyrdom of Comrade Andreas Vogiatzoglou, the General
Secretary of the Central Committee of CPG(m-l). The CC of the CPI (Maoist) expresses its deep-felt condolences to
the CC and the cadres of the party, to his companion of life Comrade Rena and daughter Dimitra.

Comrade Andreas left us at a moment when the world capitalist system is in doldrums indicating
a spate in
world proletarian movement. Working class struggles are simmering in many parts of the world and Communist
parties are coming together in the direction of forming an International organisation. Comrade Andreas with his
wide knowledge of the theory of MLM and experience in practice, must have played a vital role in the process if he
was alive.

We came to know about his life through the statement
of the CPG(m-l). He is an ideal revolutionary to all the
cadres of the ongoing world revolutionary movement. His militancy, courage and understanding shall continue to
illumine the path of revolution and inspire the cadres all over.

As the statement of the CC of the Party stated, it is true that his great revolutionary effort cannot be
explained in a single statement. We eagerly wait to know his life in detail.

Hail the Solidarity of International Proletariat!

Let us work to strengthen the World Proletarian Movement!


Central Committee



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