Friday, October 21, 2022

COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) - We swim against the tide !

Central Committee

Press Release

15 October, 2022

We swim against the tide !

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) reaffirms its manifold, undeterred,
frontline fortitude in leading the Indian Revolution amidst a lot of ebb and flows, losses, betrayals and repressive
campaigns of the Brahmanic Hindutva Fascist Indian state. It condemns the comments of Telangana DGP.

Taking chance of an occasion of the surrender of an activist out of health reasons, the DGP says that the
party is finished in regard to ideology, leadership and cadres, that it shall collapse itself and that there is no need to
do anything to eliminate it. The CC wishes to question the police officer that if this is the case, why is it that the
central and the state governments are spending crores and crores of rupees
to militarise to eliminate the party and
why is it that those are repeatedly announcing dates for the elimination of the movement. The police boss did not
have a proper answer when a journalist questioned him that the movement had been showing its presence strongly
at various times. People clearly understand why he did not answer the question.

The party is carrying forward the legacy of the Naxalbari Armed Revolution for the past five and a half
decades. Yes. The Central leadership comrades who entered the revolutionary movement since Naxalbari period are
now ageing. There are health problems. But a revolutionary never gets old in mind for which there are numerous
examples in the history of the
entire world communist movement. The party is developing secondary leadership.
The process of protracted revolution is very testing and each and every activist cannot continue until the
end. Some of the CCMs, state committee members and all ranks of cadres le
ft the party. Some betray the party and
join hands with the exploitive State. This is the limitation of the individual and not the party.

The party is trying to solve problems of coordination of two geographical areas in the country but there is no
breach between the two earlier parties that merged into the Maoist party. This is mere creation of the state.

The politics of the party emerged from class struggles against oppression and it is ridiculous to say that the
cadres who come mostly from the oppressed classes cannot understand the politics of the party. It is a clear fact that
cadres from these classes are developing theoretically and politically and are holding leadership responsibilities.

The world capitalist system is unable to come out of the mire of economic and financial crisis and moreover
falling deeper into it. The imperialist institutions World Bank and IMF are stating this. India is also a part of the
situation. As long as exploitation exists, revolution and revolutionary party exist. The oppressed people and
nationalities all over the world are increasingly stepping into struggles to solve their problems in daily life. The
situation is growing more and more favorable for revolution.

The CC robustly states that the ideology, politics and practice of the party is absolutely correct and this was
and is being proved
in history

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