Saturday, June 10, 2023

Honour and Glory to Comrade Anand - from CPI(Maoist)

 On 31st May we lost our beloved and respected leader Com. Anand with heart attack. He was 69. Late
com. Anand was our CC, Polit bureau member. His revolutionary profile is very appreciable. He started
his revolutionary life as a professional revolutionary in 1978 as an local organizer. Next, he was
promoted in 1980 as District level comrade and in 1987 he was promoted in to Dandakaranya forest
committee. Afterwards he went in to CC in 1992 and continued as a CCM till his last breadth. In 2001 he
was elected as a PBM. His political career is very ideal. He was a good intellectual comrade and best
theoretician. Really his departure was very big loss to our party in this crucial juncture. He was in the
responsibility of our CC's spoke's person since last two years. He worked as an editor for our Party's
political Magazine People's March

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