Thursday, June 15, 2023

"Munich Communists Trial" - Fighting Against Fascism is a Legitimate action, It Cannot Be Prosecuted!

Federal Supreme Court Rejects the Appeal of the "Munich Communists Trial"!


After the conclusion of the trial, known as the "Munich Communists Trial" in the public opinion, which lasted more than 5 years, the appeal of the lawyers was rejected by the Federal Supreme Court (BGH). With this, the long prison sentences handed down by the Munich State Court were upheld. The court had sentenced 10 revolutionaries to between 2 years 9 months and 6 years 6 months in prison. 

M. Elma, E. Aktürk, H. Bern, M. Demir, M. Yeşilçalı, S. Aydın, D. Büyükavcı, D. Pektaş, S. Solmaz, S. Uğur were detained and arrested on 15 April 2015 in an operation conducted in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and France in cooperation with Germany and Turkey. The trial started on 17 June 2016 at the Munich State Court and concluded on 19. 07. 2020. While those arrested were released respectively a few years after the start of the trial, M. Elma, who had been imprisoned for a long time in Turkey and tortured for many years in Diyarbakır prison during the military fascist coup d'état of 12 September, was kept in prison until the end of the trial. With the rejection of the appeal by the BGH, some of them are likely to be re-arrested due to the high prison sentences they received. 

Immediately after the operation, this attack was protested in many European countries and was massively recognised for 5 years. In many parts of the world this attack of the German state was condemned and the imprisoned revolutionaries were embraced. Hundreds of marches, rallies and meetings have been organised to claim that revolutionaries are not alone and the legitimacy of the struggle against the fascist Turkish state. 

It is meaningful that the appeal was rejected at a time when the German state intensified its attacks against domestic and immigrant revolutionaries, those who struggle for a clean climate, those who seek their rights and freedoms, those who had to flee due to war, oppression and massacres in their countries. In the last few months, dozens of people have been detained, many revolutionaries from Turkey and Kurdistan have been arrested, anti-fascists who fought against the German Nazis have been detained and many of them have been sentenced to more than 5 years in prison. This is an indication of the German state's hostility towards communists, revolutionaries, anti-fascists and in short all progressives. 

The Struggle Against Fascism is Legitimate, It Cannot Be Prevented!

It is also meaningful that the process in which the BGH rejected the appeal case coincided with the re-election of the fascist Erdoğan in the elections held in Turkey. The true face of the German state, which has been the biggest supporter of the Turkish state from the Ottoman Empire to the establishment of the Turkish Republic and has played a personal role in the Armenian genocide and many massacres in Kurdistan, has also been seen in this case. The fascist Erdoğan clique, which has been in power in the last 22 years of the fascist Turkish Republic and has inflicted all kinds of oppression, persecution and massacres on workers, labourers, women, LGBTIs, Kurds, Alevis, revolutionaries and communists, is supported by the German state. 

As ATIK (Confederation Workers from Turkey in Europe), we once again condemn this decision of the BGH! We call on the local and immigrant democratic forces in Europe to fight jointly against this decision. Wherever it is; It is legitimate to fight against imperialism, capitalism, fascism and all forms of reaction, this cannot be minimised by reactionary laws. 

Freedom for all political prisoners!

No to paragraph 129, 129 a/b of the penal code!

Revolutionary struggle is legitimate, it cannot be judged!

ATIK (Confederation Workers from Turkey in Europe)


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