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from italy to Istanbul

Istanbul 25-27 aprile Symposium Internazionale su carcere e prigionieri politici

Questo appello è disponibile, oltre che in italiano, in francese, tedesco, turco e inglese.
info a cura della commissione soccorso rosso proletario:

promuovono e partecipano
Confederazione dei lavoratori dalla Turchia in Europa (ATiK), Comitato Internazionale di Solidarietà coi Prigionieri Politici (UPOTUDAK) Federazione dei lavoratori dalla Turchia in Germania (ATiF), Federazione dei lavoratori e giovani dalla in Austria (ATİGF), Federazione dei lavoratori dalla Turchia in Olnada (HTİF), Federazione dei lavoratori dalla Turchia in Svizzera (İTİF), Confederazione dei lavoratori dalla Turchia in Europa – Gioventù di Muova Democrazia (ATiK-YDG), Confederazione dei lavoratori dalla Turchia in Europa – Donne Nuove (AtiK- YK), Confederazione per I Diritti Democratici in Europa (ADHK), Federazione per i Diritti Democratici in Germania, (ADHF) Federazione per i Diritti Democratici in Svizzera (İDHF), Federazione per i Diritti Democratici in Francia (FDHF), Centro Culturale Cento Fiori , Londra (YÇKM), Federazione per i Diritti Democratici in Austria (ADHF), Movimento democratico delle Donne in Europa (ADKH), Movimento democratico dei Giovani in Europa (ADGH), ALINTERI-Europa, Proletariato Rivoluzionario (Devrimci Proleterya) Un Mondo da Vivere (Yaşanacak Dünya), Comitato di Solidarietà coi Prigionieri Politici (AÖTDK), Confederazione degli Oppressi Rifugiati  in Europa (Aveg-KOM), Federazione dei rifugiati in Germana,(AGİF), Associazione dei Lavoratori Rifugiati a Parigi (ACTİT), Associazione dei Lavoratori Rifugiati in Svizzera (İGİF) Collettivo degli Oppressi Rifugiati in Belgio (BEGK), 
Commissione per un Soccorso Rosso Proletario, PCm Italia

Italy - Against the sham Polls in the “Largest Democracy in the World”- an information campaign of the International Committee in Italy

Against the sham Polls in the “Largest Democracy in the World”- an information campaign of the International Committee in Italy

Boycott2014Here is the poster issued by the Italian Chapter of the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India, to launch a national-wide information campaign in the Boycott of Loksabha  polls in India.
It reads:
Against the “Largest elections in the World”
The Widest Campaign of Boycott in the World
The greatest People’s War in the World.
Along with poster, the campaign begun with the translation of the Document of the CPI(Maoist) spoke-person on the boycott and will go on with publishing other documents and press reports about the boycott.

India - Reject Modi-Rahul-Kejriwal to boycott elections! FDR

Reject Modi-Rahul-Kejriwal to boycott elections!
Intensify the revolutionary movement to fight fascism!

India once again is standing on the verge of yet another parliament election. In this election almost every party has made development the central issue. On one hand the Congress is trying to lure the voters through its slogan of Bhavya Bharat Nirman of the past ten years, while BJP is foregrounding Narendra Modi’s Gujarat development model as the ideal for the entire country. A new entrant in this parliamentary farce, the Aam Admi Party is trying to project a corruption free India, as the panacea for all problems. BSP is trying to counter its rivals through its social engineering. Almost all the parliamentary parties are singing the tunes of development and are promising better facilities, of building roads, of providing income generating development and so on and the multi-national ad agencies are given the responsibility of this propaganda. While on one hand Modi’s election campaign, that costs millions of rupees, is being carried out by companies like Worldwide, Soha Square and other such international companies, Congress has selected international companies like Dentsu India, J. Walter Thomas for their propaganda. These companies are doing such a campaign through media management and social media that it seems that the people of the country are waiting for these parliamentary parties to ferry them to the other shore and act as their saviors.
Congress, BJP, AAP: same wines, different bottles: The Congress this time has changed its earlier slogan ‘Adhi roti khayenge, congress ko layenge’(we will remain hungry but vote for Congress), to puri roti kheyenge, 100 din kaam karenge, dawai lenge aur Congress ko jitayenge (We will eat, work for 100 days, get medicines and vote for Congress). While flaunting the legal rights to work for 100 days work under NREGA, Congress perhaps has forgotten that today India surpasses Pakistan, Bangladesh and even sub-Saharan Africa on the question of starvation. The number of children suffering from malnutrition is 40% which is the highest in the entire world. Ten years of Congress rule has only benefited the various companies like that of real estate business, automobile, construction, mobile communication, foreign finance agencies and so on of various imperialist forces. In different states of India lakhs of acres of land has been grabbed at a massive scale from the peasants in name of industrialization. In the name of beautification of cities slums, shops and small factories have been evicted at a massive scale too. The much touted Bhavya bharat nirman of Congress has given the country nothing but starvation, unemployment and displacement. The same is the story of the so-called Gujarat development model. In Gujarat 51.7% of children are victims of malnutrition while only 19% people have got more than 60 days of work under NREGA. The fall in the rate of employment there surpasses the all-India rate. In Gujarat too, despite protests, land has been forcefully grabbed from peasants. In Modi’s regime 16000 indebted peasants, workers and agricultural labourers were forced to commit suicide.
Actually there is a nominal difference between Congress and BJP. There is no fundamental difference in their economic policies. The book that explains Modi’s economic policy called Modinomics, which the BJP hails as a standard book on Modi has itself accepted that Modi’s economic policies are much like that of Congress Finance Minister Chidambaram’s understanding. Both Modi’s Gujarat Development Model and Congress’s Bhavya Bharat Nirman are dependent on the loans taken from imperialist agencies like World Bank or IMF. Today loans form 23.3% of GDP of the country. The country is neck dip in loans worth USD 426 million. Similar situation prevails in Gujarat where the loan of the state has increased from 45000 crores in 2012 to become 1 lakh 38 crore rupees in 2013. Both these models are dangerous for the country. The foreign countries make the state and the central government dance in their tunes with these massive loans. They force the governments to open the floodgates of corporate loot by the MNCs by implementing the policies of liberalization, privatization and globalization which is the root cause of starvation, unemployment and displacement. Since 1990 each and every government had implemented these imperialist policies, be it the Devegowda government or the Atal Behari government.
Recently the Aam Admi Party has entered the theatre of parliamentary politics. On the slogan of a corruption free India, this party is trying to grab its own share of votes on the question of economic policies, AAP leader Aravind Kejriwal has clearly mentioned that, government should have nothing to do with business and that his party is not against capitalism but crony capitalism. If they come to power they will end the inspector raaj and fight for ‘inclusive growth.’ This statement makes it clear that AAP is also in favour of privatizing the public sector and establishing a liberalized free market. They want to implement the policies of LPG more efficiently. These same policies have led to the terrible Bharat nirman of Congress and a filthy Gujarat development model of Modi that was built on corpses of Muslims. Basically there is no fundamental difference between Rahul’s Congress, Modi’s BJP and Kejriwal’s AAP. Their development, good governance and freedom of corruption – all point towards a great doom.
The parliament is a weapon to crush people’s genuine aspirations: The leaders of different colours, sitting in the parliament often sing in the same tune. Thus draconian laws like UAPA get passed in no time in the parliament, without any debate or discussion. The Indian parliament is way ahead of all other parliaments in the world in bringing draconian and anti-people laws and policies and repressing those who oppose them as well as in strangulating democratic rights and aspirations of the masses. Democracy today is limited only to the theatre of elections and for the vote-mongering forces. The people stand only as voters for these parties. The parliament has nothing to do with welfare of the masses, democratic rights, people’s aspirations and needs. Rather the parliament has become a means to repress people’s aspirations. In any case the Indian parliament has very limited rights. The executive decides on various regulations through rules, ordinances, foreign policies, defense policies, tax etc. The Indian parliament has been reduced to a law making institute which passes laws to appease the imperialist interests and the feudal powers and it regularly represses with military might, all the voices of dissent against such laws and policies. Right after the last Loksabha elections the then Home Minister P. Chidambaram unleashed more than 4 lakh paramilitary and armed police forces to crush the revolutionary movement in Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. These forces carried out massacres like the ones in Baseguda and Sadkeguda and killed hundreds of adivasi people, in Chhattisgarh, and other regions even the army has been deployed in the name of training. Lakhs of adivasis were pushed out of their natural inhabitats.
In Maruti Suzuki plant of Gurgaon, 145 workers who were struggling for higher wages have been kept behind bars for the past one and a half years by calling them ‘extremists’. Such repressive steps ensure that workers of other factories too do not raise their voice of protests. Thousands of people of Kudankulam who have been protesting against the Nuclear Plant there have been booked under sedition. In Kashmir and North East the army is regularly slaughtering people who fight for their legitimate rights and they are forced to live a life of affront and insults. The Indian parliament is a breeding ground for forces which regularly oppress dalits, adivasis and women.
In such a way the anti-people government is constantly suppressing the resilient masses who dare to fight its so-called development policies. Under the aegis of the state various vigilante gangs are propped up everywhere. The state is recruiting a section of people in gangs like Salwa Judum, Nagarik Suraksha Samity, Bhairab Bahini, SPOs etc. and they are also used to crush the people’s movements. On the other hand Muslims are held responsible for growing poverty and starvation and they are being branded as ‘terrorists’ and ‘anti-nationals’ and are being witch-hunted and butchered. Thus a fascist model is being built in the state, which is trying to divert the people’s attention from the feudal and imperialist forces who are responsible for the distress of the people and an attempt is being made to divide the people and make them fight each other.
Both Congress and BJP are united on the question of unleashing state repression. The parliament is paving the pathway for a fascist rule. In order to bail out imperialism from its current crisis the government is hell bent on forcefully silencing every voice of dissent against the corporate loot. To intensify the fascist rule, the state is now projecting a dictatorial communal fascist figure like Modi as the new ruler and the entire machinery is being propelled to propagate his sham Gujarat Development model.
Whenever the people make sacrifices and wage valiant struggles to snatch some rights the parliamentary political forces inevitably conspire to finish that off. After decades of struggles the state of Telangana has been formed that is still stained with the blood of thousands of martyrs. The parliamentary parties are ganging up to grab the natural resources of Telangana. The tale of its oppression is yet not over. A great injustice is being done to the people of Telangana in the process of separating it from the Seemandhra. While the residual Andhra Pradesh gets the special status, which is normally given to an extraordinarily backward region, Telangana which has been deliberately kept backward and ravaged by the coastal Andhra ruling cliques in the last seven decades gets no reconstruction package to rebuild the newly formed state.
Only mass movements can fight back fascism and establish real democracy: In Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh the people are resisting the fascist repression and have built the revolutionary people’s government (Janatana Sarkar) at village, area and district levels. The people are evicting the exploitative and looting government from these places and taking the power in their own hands and are establishing people’s rights over their land-forest-natural resources. The people are deciding on several issues that are a part of their lives; they are distributing lands among poor and landless peasants; they are growing vegetables and crops to fight malnutrition; they are making arrangements for health care; they are protecting and regenerating forests; they are facilitating education for illiterates and children; they are doing collective farming and helping poor and medium peasants to avail of seeds and other agricultural technology. The people collectively take decisions and settle disputes. In order to end casteism they encourage inter-caste marriages and inter-dining. They are fighting for a new democracy where equality and justice will prevail for everyone and the fascist rule will dissipate to establish a real democracy where feudal and imperialist onslaught has no place; where the country is self-reliant and democratic.
Some democratic intellectuals and even some parliamentary parties are in an illusion that the AAP will counter and stall the growth of fascism. But history is witness to the fact that fascism could never be stopped through parliamentary road. Since the economic policies of AAP are no different from either Congress or BJP, there is no reason to believe that it will also not unleash a fascist rule on the peasants and workers who are fighting against such anti-people policies. That has been the track record of more or less all Parliamentary left parties as well as regional parties like SP, BSP, Samata Party and others.
The only way to resist fascism is a social revolution by which all the oppressed masses will fight a united battle to overhaul this exploitative ruling classes and establish a self-reliant and democratic country. The parliamentary parties which are attempting to fight fascism are in reality facilitating its growth. So reject flowers-brooms-hands-elephants and all other parliamentary parties and unite with the revolutionary forces to intensify people’s struggle against fascist forces.
Published by Varavara Rao, President (09676541715) and Rajkishore, General Secretary (09717583539) of
Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)

another may first joint declaration arrives...

Maoism in action, not opportunism, dogmatism, leftism! - 
Proletarian internationalism! - 
Maoist Parties! - 
People's war in the world.!.

for an International Delegation to India - for Second International Conference of Support. -Milan-Bergamo, Italy, 3 May 2014 - ICSPWI

After the great success of  the International Day of solidarity and struggle with political prisoners in India a new meeting of the International Committee of support people’s war in India  is being prepared to advance in the realization of two new extraordinary initiatives – decided in meeting in Milan on 21 September  2013.
ICSPWI will develop a planned work for an International Delegation to India formed by solidarity activists, intellectuals, prominent personalities etc. to expose and oppose Operation Green Hunt and all forms of repression on Indian people struggling for new democratic revolution!
For the 10°  anniversary of CPI (Maoist) foundation, ICSPWI together with all Maoist, revolutionary, anti-imperialist forces will organised a Second International Conference of Support.
All committees, organisations, parties, comrades, who want to participate the next ICSPWI meeting can confirm their availability to the e-mail address of the Committee.
The meeting will take realized on April in Italy or Germany.
13 march 2014

The International Committee to support people’s war in India in the meeting of 21 September 2013 in Milan, expressed its enthusiastic support to the Ganapathy’s Document for the International Conference in Hamburg on 24 november 2012 “Raise high the flag of proletarian internationalism!”.
The Committee made a very positive summation of the success of the International Action Day on First of July 2013 in many countries in the world and decided new intiatives.
1 - the maximum mass diffusion and study of Ganapathy, CPIm Scretary, document in all languages possible;
2 - the development on the organisational and political plan of the national committees and national coordination in all countries of all various forces that support people’s war India with the aim of developing protracted campaigns in the next 6 months – on the example of the Month  of Solidarity in Philippines, declared by CPP;
3 - the birth of a new and complete international website for information and counterinformation in the world, in english,spanish and other languages, ready for 25 november 2013;
4 - the launch of a new unified international campaign – starting on 5 October 2013 – against the attacks by Indian governement on GN Saibaba, Students for Resistence, artists and Intellectuals. This campaign should be developed in all Universities, Schools, Intellectual areas in all countries
5 - the development of a new international day for the 4000 Maoist and popular political prisoners and for the liberation of some CPIm leaders – this day will be fixed after on 25 november after international consultation.
7 - the most important decision – for the 10° anniversary of the formation of CPI(M) – the International Committee to support people’s war in India with all Maoist, revolutionary, anti-imperialist forces will organise a Second International Conference of support – possibly not in Europe. A call for this new conference will be issued in the spring 2014.
8 - International Committee SPW India supports the liberation struggle of Philippines and participates to all supporters initiatives, IC support all people’s wars and all armed anti-imperialist struggles in the world .
9 - International Committee declares that the best support to the people’s war in India is to make new democratic and proletarian revolution all countries
10 - International Committee declares that the advancement of international unity of communist parties and organisations gives more strength to the support for people’s war in India in the world
Lal salam!

Brasil - Não vai ter Copa! da Liga Operária

Fora Pelé, Infame Capacho da Fifa!

Farra da Fifa é feita de sangue e desvio de recursos públicos pelo oportunista gerenciamento PT/Pecedobê
A Liga Operária repudia veementemente a recente declaração do ex-jogador de futebol Edson Arantes do Nascimento – Pelé. Ele afirmou ser normal a morte de um operário ocorrida em obra da Fifa, no estádio do Itaquerão, e que sua preocupação mesmo era com os aeroportos. Essa foi a mais descarada declaração proferida por este pernóstico e atual rico empresário: “Isso é normal, pode acontecer, mas a minha maior preocupação é quanto à estrutura, os aeroportos, porque no Brasil sempre dá-se um jeitinho. Voltei recentemente para o Brasil e o aeroporto está um caos. Essa é minha preocupação“, afirmou o governista garoto propaganda da Fifa.
A deletéria declaração ocorreu significativamente durante novo negócio lançado pelo empresário Pelé, de venda de 1.283 diamantes artificiais supostamente representando cada um de seus gols,  aproveitando o embalo das negociatas da farra da Copa da Fifa. Segundo informações veiculadas na imprensa, a coleção será produzida exclusivamente na cor amarelo-real, na lapidação brilhante, em diferentes tamanhos pré-determinados: 1.073 de meio quilate, 200 de 0,7 quilates e 10 de 01 quilate cada. Já o preço dos diamante artificiais é a partir de 7,5 mil dólares para os gols “normais”. Já para os tentos ditos mais simbólicos, o preço ainda é mais caro, revelado apenas “sob consulta”.
O ano inteiro de trabalho duro de um operário que Pelé afirma ser normal a morte em “acidente de trabalho” na maioria das vezes não alcança o preço de um diamante artificial desses que Pelé e sua corja pretendem vender às centenas. Para canalhas endinheirados desse tipo a vida dos operários que constroem esse país não tem valor.
A morte do companheiro operário Fábio Hamilton da Cruz na obra do Itaquerão, verdadeiro assassinato, foi a 13º crime oficial em obras dos estádios para a Copa da Fifa. E é 13ª morte que veio a publico, sendo que muitas outras mortes e mutilações provocadas pelas péssimas condições de trabalho nos canteiros de obras são ocultas pelas empreiteiras e não são noticiadas. Para nós, não há dúvidas que a causa desses assassinatos é a ganância dos empresários que exercem violenta pressão sobre os operários, com a imposição de condições subumanas de trabalho, jornadas excessivas e exaustivas, cronogramas inexequíveis e apertados  prazos de entrega desses malévolos empreendimentos. Prova disso é que vários dos companheiros operários mortos estavam trabalhando de madrugada.
O governo federal, estaduais e municipais são cúmplices desse massacre de operários. As obras que tem projetos para tudo só não tem projetos para garantir a segurança e a vida dos operários. A fiscalização dos canteiros de obras não é feita devidamente por ordens do governo que tem na farra da Fifa um mote eleitoral e um compromisso servil a cumprir.
Pelé, empresário e reacionário de primeira ordem, é a expressão do meio que ele convive. É um verdadeiro capacho e garoto de recados dos grandes burgueses e grandes grupos econômicos e tal como Lula virou as costas para sua origem humilde. Como o outro porta-voz da Fifa, o também ex-jogador Ronaldo Nazário, que afirmou que Copa não se faz com hospitais; Edson Arantes faz côro com o desplante com a vida dos pobres e com essa farra da Fifa feita de sangue e desvio de verbas públicas.
Para nós a morte de Fábio, Marcleudo, Antônio, Carlos, Amarildo e tantos outros operários tem o peso de várias montanhas e a opinião dos porta-vozes da Fifa não vale uma pena. O massacre dos operários nas obras dos estádios e nos demais canteiros de obras do país vai ser cobrado um dia, mais cedo ou mais tarde!

Não vai ter Copa!


Mortes de operários nas obras: A culpa é de quem?

abr 7th, 2014 | By | Category: Notícias Recentes
Núcleo da Liga Operária de São Paulo
Mais uma vez os monopólios de imprensa e comunicação, vociferam contra “negligencia”, sim entre aspas, pois atribuem a culpa de acidentes de trabalho aos operários, vitimas da exploração e a ganância patronal. No caso das obras em evidências devido a Copa do mundo e as principais obras do PAC, esses monopólios buscam tirar toda a culpa das empresas, para não atrasar o cronograma. É o caso do último acidente na obra do Itaquerão, estão divulgando que o jovem Fábio Hamilton de 23 anos, “morreu por excesso de confiança da vítima”(diz o Delegado do 24º Rafael Pavarina), para ele a culpa foi do operário segundo o que ouviu e não da WDS Construções (contratada pela FAST Engenharia)“prato cheio” para esses monopólios da imprensa e comunicação. O que eles não faz ressaltar em suas matérias, porquê só após a ocorrência do acidente com Fábio, que a WDS Construções, está fazendo as instalações de proteções coletivas de trabalho? Outro fato bastante importante, é o fato desses operários que na maioria são muito jovens e não têm uma experiência necessária no manuseio de determinadas ferramentas, tendo em vista que a maior parte são provenientes de cidades do interior? Para eles, pouco importa esse fato, querem fazer acelerar o ritmo das obras a todo custo, não se importando com os operários.
Há muitos Fábios espalhados por ai, vitimados pela ganância e a exploração patronal, blindados pela negligência da justiça, que permite mesmo sob embargo, continuarem as obras, muitas obras grandes, são construídas burlando as leis de segurança, que só vem à tona, quando ocorre acidente. É o caso desse flagrante, feito na obra de ampliação do terminal de ônibus da estação Corinthians/Itaquera. Um operário trabalhando tranquilamente, afixando as vigas transversais da cobertura do terminal, até ai tudo bem, se não fosse a falta de um local seguro para ele afixar o cinto-de-segurança e nesse caso, ele se vira e o prende na própria estrutura, que vai ser afixada. A obra de ampliação do terminal de ônibus da estação Corinthians/Itaquera é de responsabilidade da Prefeitura de São Paulo, construída com recursos do PAC executada sob a fiscalização e gerenciamento da SPObras.
Culpar o operário pelo acidente é negligenciar e redimir as empresas de suas responsabilidades, não podemos deixar que isso aconteça mais.
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Brasil in struggle - Abaixo a repressão do velho estado contra o povo da Favela da TELERJ

abr 11th, 2014 | By | Category: Destaque Na madrugada dessa sexta-feira, 11 de abril, o velho e genocida Estado burguês-latifundiário, serviçal do imperialismo – gerenciamentos Sergio Cabral/Pezão e Eduardo Paes através da tropa de Choque da Policia Militar do Rio de Janeiro (PMRJ) atacou covardemente quem trabalha há décadas e não tem nem ao menos um teto para repousar. Ás 4h da madrugada, mais de mil policiais cercaram a favela da TELERJ jogando bombas e dando tiros de balas de borracha contra os moradores. Toda essa violência contra o povo pobre acontece também com a total cumplicidade do gerenciamento Dilma Rosseff/Lula/PT/Pecedobê e demais partidos da frente eleitoreira.
Cerca de 1.600 homens da PMRJ foram utilizados para retirar à força os mais de 5 mil moradores que ocupavam o local desde o final de março. A ação policial foi de extrema brutalidade, com bombas de gás, spray de pimenta e balas de borracha. Entre os feridos estão várias crianças. Helicópteros também lançaram bombas de gás sobre os moradores. Cenas mostram ainda a utilização inclusive de armas de fogo pela polícia.
A massa não abaixou a cabeça e resistiu bravamente sustentando a resistência por horas.  Cinco policiais foram feridos a pedradas. Uma viatura da PM e ônibus foram incendiados. Jovens lançaram pedras contra as hordas da tropa de cheque e entoaram o côro: “Não vai ter copa!”
O prédio da antiga TELERJ estava abandonado há 20 anos e depois que ele foi ocupado pelas famílias pobres, a empresa de telefonia OI, uma das principais financiadoras das campanhas do PT, alegou ser a proprietária do terreno e exigiu a reintegração de posse. Com uma rapidez impressionante o judiciário podre emitiu a reintegração e o Governo Pezão/Cabral/Paes rapidamente fez cumprir o mandato sem apresentar nenhuma alternativa para os moradores.
O grito dos jovens moradores despejados da Ocupação da Telerj ecoa: NÃO VAI TER COPA!!!
Todo apoio a resistência do povo da favela da TELERJ!
Abaixo a repressão do velho Estado genocida!
Abaixo a farsa eleitoral e os gerenciamentos genocidas de Pezão/Cabral/Paes/Dilma/Lula!
São Paulo, 11 de abril de 2014
Liga Operária
telerj 2
telerj 3