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USA Imperialism and Indian regime hand to hand against people's war! Intensify the support ! ICSPWI

Passage to India What Washington Can Do to Revive Relations With New Delhi
…As a third priority, Obama should strengthen U.S. cooperation with India on counterterrorism and homeland security — areas in which U.S. and Indian interests align particularly closely, especially due to the insidious growth in the last decade of terrorist groups based in Pakistan, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba. The United States should support India’s determined efforts to combat the Naxalite insurgency, a violent Maoist movement active in more than half of India’s states…

The Ferguson Uprising Lights the Way

“It doesn’t matter that the dude has a black face,They’re all cops.”
-Protester speaking to a reporter from the Guardian
The people of Ferguson: the fighters, the looters, the arsonists. Those branded “criminals” have through their brave intervention created a new political situation, new possibilities for asserting our collective power.
To strike back at the front line solders of a genocide, to take back the smallest fraction of what’s been stolen from you over centuries of chattel slavery and wage labor: bourgeois ideology call this crime, but it is not crime.
It is vital. It is necessary. It is justice.
The true criminals are the architects and apologists of the white supremacist capitalist order, the order which murders its victims unflinchingly, whether it be be blatantly with bullets and batons, or subtly and insidiously with medical negligence, prison time and extreme deprivation. The true criminals are the Jay Nixons, Barack Obamas, Dwight Joneses , Al Sharptons, they are are every cop who justifies his brutality by telling himself “it’s just a job”, every “community activist” who works to smother the justified hatred of the laboring masses with cries for phony peace and lopsided dialogues.
Sooner or later, the people will settle accounts.
Ever since Reconstruction people have hoped to reform the racism out of this state. Ever since Reconstruction it has betrayed those hopes and smothered them in blood.
Lobbying does not make history. A vigil does not make history. The rebellious violence of the masses does . For the new to emerge the old must be destroyed. So long as our action remains straight-jacketed within the legal order of the capitalist state we can only mark time in the bondage of our powerlessness.
It is precisely and only when the masses violate this legal order, the moment when we match the violence of the state with our own that new historical possibilities begin to emerge. This is what the people of Ferguson have given us leaving us with both the responsibility of taking these possibilities in hand, and the genuine hope of building on this new situation.
The spontaneous violence of the masses is excellent, but organized it is even better. So long as there is oppression there will be resistance.
Our job is to learn from this resistance, to organize it, and to escalate it, so that the riots of today may become the revolutionary war of tomorrow. The present situation is full of potential but this potential may only be realized on the basis of our coming together,on the strength our organization, coordination and discipline.
Maoist Communist Group – Richmond Branch
August 2014

CPI(Maoist) is making efforts to strengthen its influence in South India, particularly on the tri-junction of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka,

New Delhi: ... Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday. Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju said their plans include creating a base on the border of Kerala and Karnataka. “The CPI(Maoist) cadres, active in the Wayanad district of Kerala, have also been known to engage in efforts aimed at establishing a forest route from Wayanad district to Mysore district of Karnataka,” he said in reply to a written question. However, despite these activities, the CPI(Maoist) has not been able to establish themselves in these areas


August 16th, 2014

Bring Back Djaber!

Friday, August 22 at 12:30pm
365, Laurier Avenue West (corner Kent St.)
On June 26, Iranian activist Djaber Kalibi was forced to leave the country after the Immigration and Refugee Board gave him a deportation order.
After having lived for nine years in Canada, Djaber Kalibi, who is now 78 years old, has been deemed inadmissible for “serious criminal offence.” His “crime?” Having supported the fight against the Islamic regime in Iran around 30 years ago while he was living in France.
For more than 50 years, Kalibi has been a vocal political opponent to the reactionary regimes that succeeded in holding power in Iran. Since the events that happened some 30 years ago, his behaviour has been irreproachable, in both France and Canada. He rebuilt his life here with his relatives and fully succeeded in integrating with the community.
The decision of Public Safety Canada to ban a dedicated activist who fought against a regime that Canada has always considered as illegitimate and responsible for gross and systematic violations of human rights is both incomprehensible and abhorrent!
A request was submitted to Minister of Immigration Chris Alexander, who now is the only one who can lift the inadmissibility and allow Djaber to return to Canada.
Djaber Kalibi’s Solidarity Committee invites you to take part in a vigil to be held on August 22nd in Ottawa to urge Minister Alexander to grant this demand a.s.a.p.
Transportation will be available from Montréal—get in touch with the committee at
For more information on Djaber case, including updates and suggestions for supporting him (mostly in French):

The Communist Necessity

On August 23rd, J. Moufawad-Paul will be in Ottawa to attend the launch of his book, The Communist Necessity. A sleek and punchy treatise about the problems of social movementism and the need for a “new return” to a revolutionary communist tradition, The Communist Necessity is a philosophical intervention that forces the reader to think through the problems presented by contemporary capitalism that are not answered by mainstream left-wing theories of organization and strategy inherited from the anti-globalization movement.
According to Robert Biel, author of The Entropy of Capitalism, Moufawad-Paul’s book is “important and timely” and “profoundly reconnects with the histories and tradition of communism and places today’s struggles within that context.”
Join Ottawa supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada at the Avant Garde (135 1/2 Besserer St.) on August 23rd at 5:30 pm as they launch The Communist Necessity and host the author. Following a presentation and discussion of the book, there will be a meet-and-greet where the author will be present to answer any further questions.
The Communist Necessity is published by Kersplebedeb. To order it online: In Montréal, pick up your copy at the Maison Norman Bethune bookstore.

India - maoist wallpaper

Hail the 10th Anniversary of CPI(Maoist)! Posters and pamphlet from PCI(m) - support celebrations! support International Meeting Italy 27-28 september Italy organiseb by ICSPWI

Poster On (10tn Anvarsry Of Party)_OSC CPI (Maoist)_EngPoster On (10tn Anvarsry Of Party)_OSC CPI (Maoist) (2)

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Jan Sangram, pamphlet on the International Day 25 january 2014 support political prisoners in india

Indian comrades support in any form in India and internationally  the protracted campaign for the freedom of political prisoners promoted by the International Committee of Support to the People's War in India, that have seen an important moment with the International Day on 25 January 2014.
Here is the pamphlet in Hindi, Maoist magazine published in Odisha state in India