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On the release of four prisoners of war - NDFPhilippines

As a goodwill gesture to promote the peace talks between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), and as a response to the appeals of the families of the Prisoners of War (POWs), the NDFP is releasing the four prisoners of war (POWs) recently taken into custody by the New People’s Army.

The NDFP is declaring a ceasefire by the NPA for the towns of Claver, Gigaquit, Bacuag, Placer, Tubod and Alegria of Surigao del Norte; and Kitcharao, Jabonga and Santiago of Agusan del Norte beginnig 12:00 noon of 27 July 2014 until 12:00 noon of 01 August 2014.

The NPA ceasefire corresponds with the suspension of military operations (SOMO) and suspension of police operations (SOPO) issued for the same area and period of time. The details of the NPA ceasefire are contained in the order issued on 27 July 2014 by Comrade Maria Malaya on behalf of the NDFP-North Eastern Mindanao Region.

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PCm Italy for palestinian people!

turkish atik kamp in spain

Secours Rouge International pour la solidarité avec les prisonniers grecs en lutte


26 juillet 2014 Tunisie : La filiale de Latécoère condamnée pour sa répression antisyndicale

Deux déléguées syndicales tunisiennes de LATelec, filiale de la multinationale toulousaine Latécoère, ont obtenu mardi près de 30 000 euros d’indemnités. Fondatrices en 2011 d’une section syndicale, elles avaient été licenciées en avril 2013, après deux ans de conflit portant sur l’amélioration des conditions de travail. Le bras de fer aura duré plus de trois ans. Il s’est achevé mardi 15 juillet par le paiement de lourdes indemnités de licenciements à des déléguées syndicales de l’usine LATelec à Fouchana, dans la banlieue de Tunis.

Professor Saibaba concerns us all! by Jan Myrdal

On the net it is possible to read in various languages how Professor GN Saibaba of Delhi University has been detained since May 9, 2014. I cannot find anything about this printed in a single official or semi-official Swedish newspaper. But the question is of great concern to Aftonbladet’s readers.
Professor GN Saibaba teaches literature at Ram Lal Anand College. He also invited me to lecture on Strindberg. Some of the students were Swedish. The last time I saw him was here in Varberg two years ago when Sven Lindqvist was awarded his prize. The reason Saibaba was imprisoned is that he is a leading Indian civil rights activist who actively made public and opposed the kinds of legal, police and military assaults that are now being made against indigenous people in the bloody “Operation Green Hunt.”
Four times since September 2013, the police in Delhi conducted house searches and interrogations without finding legal grounds to arrest him. On May 9, however, police came from Maharastra to Delhi without prior warning. They seized him, without giving him the opportunity to contact a lawyer, and took him away to Maharashtra. The law under which he is held there is the “Unlawful Activities Prevention Act” (“UAPA”), strongly criticized by all Indian jurists. GN Saibaba is charged with secretly being a member of the “Communist Party of India (Maoist),” which is banned in India, and having contact with its general secretary Ganapathy. On June 13, 2014, the Court refused him bail.
“The Sunday Standard” of May 20, 2014, reported under the headline: “Red Terror’s Scary Urban Footprints ” on the declassified secret service dossier, “Maoist plan for urban areas,” which is the basis for the arrest of Professor Saibaba. It described him as follows:
“Saibaba recruited such academics as teachers and doctors to become members of above-ground organizations. They participated in meetings and donated money to the Maoists’ coffers. / … / Some meetings connected with left-wing extremism were also held at his residence in 2010. He organized a meeting with Jan Myrdal, a Swedish author and Naxalite sympathizer, sometime in February 2010. Myrdal is said to have played a role in the contact between Maoist leaders and above-ground cadres by using his high profile as a writer. / … / The plan is to gather such strength, so many weapons and so much popular support that a simultaneous uprising in all areas of the red corridor could be converted into a mass revolution that would be self-supporting.”
The date and details of what was written about me are wrong – something I can take up in another way – but it is similar to what security minister Jitendra Sing told the Rajya Sabha (upper house of the Indian Parliament, JM) on May 16, 2012: “Jan Myrdal during his stay in India advised CPI (Maoist) to garner support from the middle-class in India by focusing on propaganda against security forces and highlighting human rights issues.”
Professor GN Saibaba is now in bad health. He sits in an isolation cell in prison without access to the care he, as cardiac patient, needs. That the authorities in Maharashtra do not want to provide medical care is, given the caste and class-ridden nature of Indian society, quite obvious. Saibaba is one who, according to the traditional ruling class, should not have existed. He is from a poor peasant family in Andhra. He is wheelchair bound and 90% disabled. He was able to acquire the wheelchair only after he began to make a living as a teacher in Delhi. From the age of three, he had to crawl forward. With the help of some rural teachers who recognized his remarkable talent and then grants – and friends – he has been able to struggle through school. This has shaped his character and worldview, was has the reading of such great Telegu writers as Sri Sri – and Kenyan writer Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, with whom he was personally acquainted.
Professors and students of Delhi as well as human rights activists and union / politically engaged people throughout India are now working to build public opinion against the legal assault on Professor GN Saibaba. Yes, all over the world there are petitions and protests. However, I know India. Surely one can argue that experience teaches protests do not mean much, given the power structure in India. On the other hand, India is no fascist dictatorship. It is not a society like Pinochet’s Chile. The human rights situation is now far better than it was in British India. What may save GN Saibaba is not just protests, even international ones. I therefore suggest that we start by organizing in Sweden a broad-based group of lawyers who will travel to India and examine on site the situation of GN Saibaba as well as other political prisoners.
I should explain what I mean by broad-based. This is not a sham issue. Certainly there are incompetent and comprising lawyers in Sweden as elsewhere. But more important is that there are lawyers who regardless of their own right-left color (ideology) actually take seemingly formal issues seriously. Let them gather a group and go to India.

Brasil - repúdio à criminalização da FIP e de seus coletivos

A Unidade Vermelha se manifesta em TOTAL repúdio a nova investida do velho Estado fascista e reacionário contra os lutadores do povo, dessa vez especificamente a Frente Independente Popular do Rio de Janeiro. Como coletivo popular pertencente a FIP desde seus primórdios, tal ataque é também um ataque à Unidade Vermelha, como defensores de amplas liberdades democráticas, tanto de expressão como de reunião, denunciamos categoricamente o cerceamento que a burguesia, com seu judiciário vendido e sua polícia corrupta, fazem a liberdade de oposição à esse sistema fascista e capitalista.
Os monopólios de imprensa e a cultura dominante insistem em mascarar a realidade, pintando o momento politico atual como “democracia” e sua apologia ao “Estado Democrático de Direito”, como se existisse tal coisa. Como pode ser tal falácia real, quando com acusações esdrúxulas, com total ausência de provas materiais se criminaliza todo um movimento e parte de seus integrantes na prisão?
Segundo a promotoria fascista do estado do Rio de Janeiro: ” os denunciados se associaram com a finalidade de praticar nas manifestações crimes como: posse de artefato explosivo, corrupção de menor, dano básico e qualificado, resistência e lesão corporal (consumada e tentada).” A Unidade Vermelha DESAFIA o judiciário reacionário a apresentar tais provas “robustas” contra os lutadores do povo, desafia que apresentem motivos, que não os políticos, pra criminalizar uma Frente de amplos movimentos e que atua em mais de 5 estados.
Vos apresento o crime da FIP: Denunciar o regime ditatorial a qual vive o Brasil, aonde negros, pobres, mulheres e homossexuais são diariamente espancados e mortos nas favelas, onde a farra da FIFA jogou bilhões do dinheiro do povo na mão dos parasitas nacionais e dos imperialistas. Denunciou a repressão do braço armado fascista nas manifestações populares, foi de encontro as politicas da classe dominante e de seus partidários e agitou as massas contra a velha ordem, participando de greves e levantes legítimos dos trabalhadores, eis o crime da FIP.
Acusam nossos companheiros de “liderarem” a FIP, ora, mesmo que a FIP possuísse “lideranças”, o que é somente uma alucinação das forças de repressão, por acaso é crime liderar um movimento social? Quer dizer que agora a FIP é considerada uma “organização criminosa”? Com essa argumentação, ainda tens a cara de pau, típica burguesa, em pregar que vivemos num ”estado democrático de direito?” Acusam nossos companheiros de “formação de quadrilha”, ora, é “formação de quadrilha” se juntar e se reunir pra fazer justas reivindicações e agitar as massas trabalhadoras e exploradas na luta pelos seus direitos? Vos digo o que é formação de quadrilha, lacaios dos patrões: Formação de quadrilha é o que vocês fazem nos poderes judiciário, legislativo e executivo, é o que suas miliciais fascistas chamadas de “policias” fazem diariamente dentro dos quartéis, é o que os sangue-sugas fazem dentro de seus luxuosos escritórios bancários, eis a quadrilha formada, e essa sim ARMADA.
Tais medidas desesperadas da burguesia e de seus lacaios só mostram que o caminho da Frente Independente Popular e de seus coletivos é o caminho correto, porque como o Presidente Mao escreveu: “se o inimigo nos ataca é bom, pois mostra que demarcamos uma clara linha entre ele e nós, e se nos criminaliza e pinta com cores negras, melhor, pois mostra que temos êxito em nosso trabalho.”
Estamos sim tendo êxito, desde os Levantes Populares de Junho, a luta de classes no Brasil passou para um acirramento definitivo, onde as massas não mais abaixarão a cabeça e serão subservientes as políticas anti-populares, fascistas e imperialistas do velho Estado. Cada dia que passa mais rebeliões populares são vistas nas periferias, mas greves e reivindicações são feitas no chão-de-fábrica, cada vez mais a classe trabalhadora põe seus exploradores na parede. Se a burguesia acha que irá nos fazer recuar, muito se engana, cada companheiro que prendem e acusam injustamente é mais gás que dão a luta e mais força pra os milhares que continuam e continuarão nas ruas.
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