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India 2014 PCI (M) Boycott the sham parliament & assembly elections! - 3th may Italy ICSPWI - info

Press Release
March24, 2014
Boycott the sham parliament & assembly elections!
Make the New Democratic Revolution successful!
The building of an Indian people’s democratic federal republic based on genuine democracy and self-reliance is the only alternative

The elections for the 16m Loksabha and for the assemblies of Telangana, Seemandhra, Odisha, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are to be held from April 7 to May l2, 2014. The exploiting ruling classes of our country are readying to impose another huge financial burden on the people by spending thousands of crores of rupees on this. On this occasion the major parliamentary parties Congress and BJP are vying extremely with each other for power and are tying to deceive the people one more time by claiming that only they would develop our country. Defections from top to bottom from the opportunistic alliances of the UPA led by Congress and the NDA led by the BJP to other parties and vice versa had begun long before and they are assuming rapidity as the elections approached.
Recently the Third Front came to the fore with much fanfare with eleven parties. As everybody expected, it is still immersed in fist fights regarding sharing of seats. The agreement between the Left Front and the AIADMK in the Third Front became invalid even before the ink had dried due to differences in sharing seats. The left parties including CPI (M) had not yet recovered from the insulting defeat they had suffered in the West Bengal elections. Parties like the SP, BSP, DMK, AIADMK, Biju Janata Dal, Janata Dal (U), Trinamool, AGP, TDP, TRS, YSRCP etc are fearing defeat to join either the UPA or the NDA and so have either joined the Third Front or going it alone with so-called slogans of social justice, emancipation of Dalits and Bahujans and regional development etc. Both the Third Front parties and those parties contesting on their own are following a ‘wait and see’ policy to join whichever alliance comes to power after the election results. As Lok Jansakti Dal joined the NDA as it felt defeat was certain if it remains in UPA, the RJD is continuing in the UPA to somehow keep its lantern burning. The politicians belonging to various parties who came to the fore overnight with new flags and new agendas after leaving their parties fearing defeat due to people’s wrath or because they did not get a seat in their parties are flinging as much mud as possible over each other in this fight for seats. As they had come to power leaving all morals and rules aside with the sole aim of power through money - money through power and again power through money and had exploited, oppressed and tortured the people without respite and lost the confidence of the people, they are resorting to such blatant opportunist methods having lost any hope of winning in these elections.
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) entered the electoral arena with the aim of benefiting from submerging the people in illusions one more time. lt is trying to catch the attention of the people with revolutionary rhetoric sheltered in ideological eclecticism consisting of Gandhian ‘Ahimsa’ and ‘Swaraj’ and ‘socialist’ politics of Jayaprakash Narain and its NGO ‘direct participatory democracy’ stands.
Though elections have been held several times and several goveniments had changed in the past 65 years of ‘independent’ rule, it is a fact that even to this day the basic needs of the people like food, clothing, shelter, education and health care remained out of reach. The oppressed masses who constitute 95% of the population are confronting poverty, illiteracy. Unemployment, price rises, diseases, starvation deaths, corruption etc on a daily basis. 77% of the population is living on less than 20 rupees per day. On the other hand the big bourgeoisie and the big landlords are enjoying enormous amounts of wealth. Hundred corporations belonging to vultures like Ambani, Tata, Birla, Mittal, Jindal etc account for 25% of the GDP of our country. The chasm between the rich and the poor increased beyond imagination. Corruption and scams increased in leaps and bounds. The laws formulated to hamper these social differences and to prevent them had never been used on the moneyed classes. As a result, social unrest is swelling. The Hindutva Sangh Parivar religious chauvinist oppression on the religious minorities and the Hindutva Brahminical upper caste oppression on the Dalits in our country have increased. The repression on national liberation struggles like Kashmir, Asom and Manipur is increasing day by day. As a result of the long drawn struggles of the Telangana people for decades together the parliament had to inevitably give its approval for the formation of a separate state for Telangana. However, they are still suppressing cruelly aspirations for separate statehoods for Bodoland, Gorkhaland etc. The Adivasis are continuously denied their rights over Jal-Jung!e-Zameen-/ldhikar. The women are getting crushed under imperialist and feudal vicious culture.
As the UPA government led by Congress is rapidly implementing the second phase of economic reforms in its five year rule as a continuation of the Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) policies due to the pressure of the imperialists and the big capitalists of our country who are bogged down in the world economic crisis, the conditions worsened in all the sectors in our country. It signed countless MoUs with MNCs and big corporations of our country and opened the doors widely for indiscriminate exploitation by handing over the natural riches of our country to them. Blatantly violating the 5m Schedule, PESA etc of the constitution in Adivasi areas it is holding gram sabhas at the point of the gun in several areas in our country with peasantry and the Adivasis, forcefully taking their consent for land acquisition and is implementing policies that would displace them on a gigantic scale. Due to the bankrupt policies of this government, the industrial production in our country suffered and lakhs of workers were thrown on the roads. Work burden on workers increased. Their real wages plunged. The number of unorganized workers outside the purview of labor laws increased. It took up policies that would hand over retail trade to the imperialist companies. It gradually handed over the agriculture sector to the corporations and pushed agriculture into severe crisis. Increase in production costs. lack of government support in the form of loans etc and lack of minimum support prices led to large scale suicides of farmers. The lives of the people became intolerable with the skyrocketing of daily consumer goods with the time to time increase in petrol and diesel prices. The privatization of education and health sector turned them into a rarity for the common people. Corruption reached the skies and with great scams like 2G spectrum, Commonwealth Games, Coal gate etc the various ruling class politicians, cliques, government-military higher ups gulped down lakhs of crores of rupees of peop1e’s exchequer. These brazen bandits and traitors stashed away billions of dollars in Swiss banks.
The schemes taken up by the UPA government and hyped to the skies as the dream of Indira Gandhi’s ‘Garibi Hata0’ realized by Sonia Gandhi have all turned ridiculous with reeking corruption. ln fact, the yesteryear slogan of land reforms disappeared completely. Due to its ecology-damaging policies natural disasters like in Uttarakhand, untimely rains and cyclones are occurring and people are suffering heavy losses. Its newly legislated acts relating to ‘land acquisition’, ‘food security’ and ‘Nirbhaya’ are aimed at either sewing the interests of the imperialists and the exploiting ruling classes or as an eye-wash.
The UPA government depended on military, paramilitary, special police and commando forces and on intelligence agencies like IB, NIA and SIB to suppress the masses who are rebelling against their anti-people policies and to consolidate its rule and carrying on offensives in fascist methods. It is curbing civil rights and even the right to live. The enemy forces are carrying on massacres of hundreds of Adivasis, Dalits, other oppressed masses revolutionary activists and in revolutionary movement areas led by our party. As part of carpet security all the movement areas in the various states have been turned into military camps of enemy forces. Thousands of innocent people, revolutionary activists and leaders were put in jails. On the one hand they are shouting that ‘the Maoist guerillas who are resorting to violence in the forests do not have any ideology’ and on the other they are trying to control the intellectuals by stating that ‘the Maoist ideologues in the cities who are continuously stoking the Maoist ideology are more dangerous than the guerillasf They are trying to isolate the progressive intellectuals, writers, youth and the students from the revolutionary movement and stand them in opposition to it. The BJP, left front and other state governments are also collaborating with the UPA government in this. The BJP had supported the UPA government in the past ten years on all the major policies it implemented. The only difference being where they sat - whether in ruling or in opposition. All their accusations and counter-accusations were done with the intention of deceiving the people. There is not much difference between the central and state governments too in this matter despite any party being in power. Similarly this suppression is not confined only to the Maoist movement areas. The anti-POSCO, anti-nuclear Kudamkulam struggles are the fresh examples of this. The hegemony of the US imperialists in the economic, polity, military and cultural spheres and the intervention of its intelligence agency FBI increased during UPA rule. The Wikileaks revelations made it clear that nearly one lakh US soldiers and officers are staying clandestinely in our country and are conveying all kinds of support and help directly and indirectly in imposing fascism on the people.
The Congress that was in power continuously for ten years followed pro-imperialist, pro-CBB and pro- big landlord policies and was responsible for the agonizing living conditions of the people and the disastrous economy of our country and for the massacres of thousands of activists of various democratic and revolutionary movements and people, persecution of religious minorities in the name of ‘terrorists.’ It won the dubious distinction of being the originator of the biggest and highest number of corruption scams in the parliamentary history of our country. As a result it won the severe hatred of the people. To escape this and hoodwink the people the Congress is bringing to the fore its main slogan of ‘Bhamt Nirman’ pointing towards the ‘development’ it achieved in its ten-year rule and towards the anti-corruption, land acquisition, food security and Nirbhaya acts and welfare schemes that it formulated. The Congress has been in power at the centre and in most of the states for the maximum time after 1947. It was mainly responsible by being in power for such a long period of time for the anti-people policies that were formulated and implemented. The massacres of religious minorities, particularly the massacre of Sikhs in 1984 took place under its rule. Though Sangh Parivar was directly responsible for the destruction of Babri Masjid it was the Congress that was behind the high drama from the centre. It was mainly responsible for suppressing the just national liberation struggles of the Kashmir and the present North East by massacring tens of thousand of youth through its military brute force. It implemented all these anti-people policies by taking the help of other parliamentary parties when in power and also by colluding with the ruling alliances when not in power. Who else would be mainly responsible than the Congress for the insufferable conditions of the workers, peasants, petty bourgeois sections, oppressed nationalities, Dalits, Adivasis, religious minorities, women, small and medium capitalists in our country? The people are not so gullible as to believe its ‘Bhamt Nirman ’, so-called welfare schemes, deceptive anti-cormption pose.
BJP’s main attack is on the corrupt rule of the Congress. It is clear that it does not have any basically different policies than Congress on any of the main issues confronting the people and the country and has the same corrupt, treacherous and dictatorial policies in any sphere. With the directive of the RSS, BJP announced the Hindu bigot and mass murderer Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate. It is hiding its Hindu chauvinist agenda behind the ‘Gujarat Vikas’ model and is concentrating its entire machinery around Modi to capture power at the centre one more time. ‘Gujarat Vikas’ model means terrorizing the Muslim and Christian minorities, seizing their properties, chasing them away from their abodes or making them servile through massacres of Muslim religious minorities and subjecting them to innumerable atrocities along with atrocities on Christian religious minorities; making the entire state as the hub for the investments of MNCs, big bourgeoisie and opening doors to their endless exploitation and oppression. The Sangh Parivar and the BJP are aiming to establish this Hitlerite model in the guise of ‘Vikas’ in the entire country by coming to power in these elections. Congress came to power the previous two terms and won the severe wrath of the people. So the ruling classes and the US imperialists are openly supporting the candidature of Modi for the PM post as he would implement their agenda ruthlessly. Accordingly the corporate media is propagating Modi on a huge scale. Its attempt to win in the Delhi elections by bringing a religious divide through religious riots in Muzaffamagar indicates only its fascist face. Rajnath Singh’s statement a few days before the election dates were announced that he was apologizing to the Muslims ‘if at any place any wrong was done to them’ is nothing but a ploy to hide the massacre of Muslims carried on by Modi in Gujarat and gain their votes. But how would the Muslim and Christian religious minorities forget the massacres, discrimination, suppression and chauvinism that they suffered in the hands of the Sangh Parivar right from 1947 to the recent Muzaffamagar killings? The pogrom and persecution of religious minorities in Gujarat under Modi met with unprecedented opposition and protest not only in Gujarat but all over our country. Even if they come to power, the Hindu fascists will have to face the countrywide active resistance of the Muslim and Christian minorities, revolutionary and democratic forces. This would be the foremost task of these forces then.
The AAP that was bom and brought up with a NGO background and on imperialist and NRI funds and support, is not going into the roots of this system and into the basic problems of the people and is resorting Gandhian feats for solving people’s problems. They do not have any solution for the basic problems of the oppressed classes, people and sections that are being suppressed under exploitation and oppression. It is serving as a safety valve to divert the erupting people’s anger into peaceful and parliamentary solutions and trying to cash in on it.
The actual issues of the people never come up for discussion in the parliament and the assemblies. They are under the control of the imperialists, CBB and the big landlords. Where is the place for democracy in this system where votes could be bought with money, liquor, religious and casteist sentiments? It is ridiculous to call this a democracy when criminals, bandits and notoriously corrupt politicians win in elections. In fact, when we look into history we find that people’s problems have always been solved through people’s struggles, class struggles and PPW and not through parliamentary forums.
As elections are being conducted like a farce each time, the Election Commission of India vowed to strengthen democracy during these elections and is trying to bring in several reforms along with including guidelines according to the Supreme Court order. As part of strengthening democracy, the SC had issued orders to give the voters the right to ‘reject.’ As a result, the NOTA button was introduced in the EVMs for the first time during the assembly elections in five states in 2013. Now during these Loksabha elections this is being introduced all over the country. In fact, this NOTA right suppresses the ‘right to recall’ the elected representatives that the people should rightfully have. If they really intend to give the ‘right to reject’, then why are they deploying lakhs of government armed forces in areas where our party had given the call to boycott the polls in the name of conducting ‘free and fair` elections and carrying on attacks, search operations, arrests, fake encounters and massacres?
The great Marxist teacher Lenin stated in his ‘State and Revolution - "Elections are held to decide once every few years which member ofthe ruling class is to repress and crush the people through parliament-such is the real essence of bourgeois parliamentarism, not only in parliamentary-constitutional monarchies, but also in the most democratic republics? This is more applicable to our semi-colonial, semi-feudal country that claims itself to be the ‘biggest democracy in the world.’ That is why, none of the oppressed masses believe that their lives would change or that there would be a fundamental change in this system through these elections. In all the elections held our country so far, considerable number of voters are distancing themselves from polling. The stronger parties occupy the polling booths with their goon force and conduct rigging. Even those who vote are not doing so with the belief that these elections would benefit them. They are voting just for local needs or other pressures or lures such as caste, religion, regionalism, money, liquor, goondaism etc. There is no alternative for the people in this sham parliamentary system.
All the major parties coming to the fore in the elections are subservient to the imperialists and represent the Indian exploiting ruling classes. All these parties are anti-people, treacherous corrupt, oppressive, reactionary and fascist in nature. Serving the interests of imperialism, CBB and the big landlord classes, keeping intact the Indian semi-colonial semi-feudal system and crushing all democratic and revolutionary movements is the aim of these parties. They are coming together to suppress our party, the CPI (Maoist) that is coming to the fore as an alternative to this, the NDR led by it and the embryonic new organs of political power that represent the Indian people’s democratic federal republic based on genuine democracy and self-reliance. Though these comprador parties loll in the pig-sty of the parliament for power and engage in dog-fights with each other for their share in the loot, when it comes to crushing the revolutionary movement by labeling it the ‘gravest threat to internal security’ of our country they are all unanimous. They are resorting to a severe multi-pronged offensive according to the US dictated LIC strategy and tactics. Their deceptive proposals for Peace Talks and reform schemes are aimed at diverting the people and the democrats and to carry on a further heavy offensive on the revolutionary movement. The countrywide multi-pronged offensive carried on in the name War on People - OGH since mid- 2009 by the central government by colluding with BJP and along with various state governments is a part of this. They are trying without success through repression to preserve this rotten exploiting system. But in a backdrop where the revolutionary conditions are maturing day by day, they are doomed to be swept away by the people.
The present exploitative system cannot be transformed with elections. The basic problems of the people would not be solved. Even their basic needs would not be fulfilled. All the electoral parties are dead against genuine democracy, self-reliance and sovereignty of our country. None of them is morally qualified to ask our people to vote for them. That is why our party is giving a call to the entire people of India to boycott these sham parliamentary and assembly elections and to march forward in the path of PPW for the victory of the NDR that is waged with agrarian revolution as the axis on the basis of ‘land to the tiller’ for building an Indian people’s democratic federal republic. This new democratic state will be the people’s democratic dictatorship exercised by the united front comprising the proletariat, peasantry, petty-bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie class under the leadership of the proletariat based upon the worker-peasant alliance and liberate our country from the clutches of the imperialists, the CBB and the big landlords.

Central Committee, CPI (Maoist)

Ukraine Nazi barbars!

Nazis ucranianos le cortan el cuello al ex jefe de la policía de Donetsk delante de su esposa

Captura de pantalla 2014-04-18 a la(s) 20.05.55
Presuntos neonazis ukranianos pertenecientes a la organización "Pravi Sektor" (Sector Derecho) han decapitado al ex jefe de policía de Donetsk en su casa y en presencia de su esposa.

Ayer se hizo publico un video en el que, según las informaciones de la prensa rusa, se le corta el cuello al ex-comandante de la policía de Donetsk, en presencia de su esposa que llora impotente mientras su esposo es asesinado en su presencia.
Para más inri el video en que es decapitado el ex-comandante de la policía de Donetsk esta elaborado por la organización Pravi Sektor, como presumiendo de esta "hazaña".
Las imágenes del video son extremadamente duras y contienen el asesinato del policía, por lo que hemos decidido no incrustar el vídeo, sin embargo pueden ver que lo que aquí denunciamos es cierto en el siguiente enlace de la web de vídeo VK, siempre bajo su responsabilidad.
Esta escoria inmunda que merece ser aniquilada sin contemplaciones son los "demócratas" que apoyan EEUU y la Unión Europea.
El pueblo ucraniano sufre el terror y la extremada violencia de estas bestias alimentadas por los buitres yanquis y europeos. Es de entender que el pueblo de Ucrania busque la protección de Rusia, aunque Rusia no sea ningún angelito, ante tamaña amenaza.
A veces el pueblo tiene que elegir entre lo malo o lo peor cuando esta en juego su supervivencia y lo cual es entendible.


Ukraine- Crimea Putin rehabilita a los colaboracionistas con los nazis de Crimea que Stalin castigo

La burguesía odia a Stalin y Putin como buen burgués también lo odia

Introducción de ODC.

Este artículo que publicamos a continuación debería abrir los ojos a los ingenuos que ven en Putin un benefactor frente a los malos yankis. Los rehabilitados por el "benefactor" Putin fueron los que justamente castigo el camarada Stalin por colaborar con los nazis y por traición a la U.R.S.S. También muestra el claro odio que profesa Putin y su gobierno por el camarada Stalin y como le echan basura.
Algunos, cuando menos ingenuos, se creen que Rusia y Putin son una especie de héroes frente a los malvados imperialistas yanquis y europeos. Nada más lejos de la realidad.
Si bien Rusia y Putin actualmente no son tan criminales e imperialistas como los yanqui-europeos su actuación no esta motivada por fines filantrópicos sino por intereses chovinistas, económicos e imperialistas.
Ni a Rusia ni a Putin le importan nada los intereses de los proletarios ni oprimidos. Si se enfrentan a los criminales yanquis y europeos solo es por intereses económicos y estratégicos y por su disputa para reemplazar a los yanquis al frente de la hegemonía imperialista mundial.
Con ello no dejamos de comprender estas cuestiones cardinales actualmente:
  1. Hoy EE.UU es la superpotencia imperialista hegemónica, el estado más criminal y terrorista del mundo y el enemigo nº1 de los pueblos y oprimidos del mundo.
  2. Es un error poner al mismo nivel a China y Rusia que a EE.UU y la Unión Europea, pues aunque China y Rusia son también capitalistas e imperialistas son los EE.UU y la Unión Europea los que están en ofensiva contra los pueblos del mundo para tratar de salir de la crisis económica que padecen a consta de ganar más mercados y para defender su hegemonía mundial.
  3. EE.UU es un matón herido de muerte y con pies de barro -sufre una muy profunda crisis económica- que ve como otros tratan de desplazarle y acabar con su hegemonía pero no lo va a poner fácil y EE.UU, como todos los matones, morirá matando, por lo que nos esperan épocas de fuerte agudización de las contradicciones inter-imperialistas y los conflictos bélicos en el mundo.
  4. Rusia y China son los países capitalistas e imperialistas llamados  a sustituir a los matones yanquis al frente de la hegemonía imperialista mundial y aunque actualmente no son tan criminales como los yanquis nada indica que cuando tomen el mando del mundo vayan a representar un cambio positivo. Mientras el Capitalismo Imperialista domine el mundo lo de menos será cual estado hace de gendarme.
  5. Nadie se puede rasgar las vestiduras porque pueblos y naciones oprimidas busquen la protección de Rusía y China frente a la ofensiva criminal del Imperialismo yanqui. Es cuestión de supervivencia ante la desproporción de medios. Todo pueblo oprimido tiene derecho a defender su soberanía y liberación nacional aprovechándose de las contradicciones inter-imperialistas y recurrir a la protección del que trata de reemplazar al matón yanqui. Es una cuestión de necesidad y supervivencia completamente entendible. Tanto el pueblo venezolano, libio, sirio, ucraniano tienen derecho a ello.

Putin rehabilita las etnias de Crimea que fueron "víctimas" de represalias de Stalin

21-04-14.-El presidente de Rusia, Vladímir Putin, ha firmado la orden que rehabilita las minorías étnicas de Crimea —tártaros, armenios, alemanes, griegos y demás— que cayeron en su momento víctimas de represalias de Stalin.

"Debemos hacer todo lo posible para que el proceso de reintegración con la Federación de Rusia conlleve la rehabilitación y la restauración de los derechos legales y los intereses de los tártaros de Crimea", comentó el presidente cuando adelantó la semana pasada su intención de proseguir con la medida. Durante la época estalinista, las etnias de Crimea, mayormente los tártaros, fueron desplazadas del territorio. De pretexto sirvió su presunta colaboración con los nazis.

De acuerdo con la estadística soviética, unos 20.000 tártaros de Crimea colaboraron con las tropas fascistas mientras estas ocupaban la región. El hecho de que entre los años 1941 y 1945 más de 35.000 tártaros de Crimea sirvieran en las filas del Ejército Rojo y la mayor parte de la población civil apoyara activamente a los grupos guerrilleros locales no fue hecho público por las autoridades.

En mayo de 1944 empezó la deportación: 228.543 personas tuvieron que abandonar sus hogares, 191.014 de ellas tártaros, prácticamente toda la etnia en ese momento. Les trasladaron para poblar lugares determinados y anunciaron que un intento de huir de esos sitios sería castigado con 20 años de labores forzadas. Los militares también resultaron deportados tras dejar el Ejército Rojo al acabar la guerra. Un mes después, en junio de 1944, deportaron a los armenios, búlgaros y griegos.

Según los testigos, aquellos que intentaban resistirse o estaban demasiado débiles para caminar rápido hacia los trenes eran fusilados. Durante el viaje, que a menudo suponía más de dos semanas en tren, la gente no tenía posibilidad de hervir el agua: había brotes de todo tipo de enfermedades, entre ellas malaria, disentería y fiebre tifoidea. No permitían enterrar a los muertos: simplemente dejaban los cadáveres en las estaciones. De acuerdo con la cifra oficial soviética, hasta el 25% de los deportados murieron en el lugar de su exilio entre 1944 y 1945 por hambre y problemas de salud. Los defensores de los derechos de los tártaros de Crimea calculan que el número de víctimas en realidad asciende a un 46%.

En 1956, cuando Nikita Jruschov quien lideró la Unión Soviética después de la muerte de Iósif Stalin, permitió a todas las minorías étnicas de Crimea volver a casa, con la única excepción de los tártaros. Estos pudieron empezar a volver a Crimea en 1989, después de iniciarse la perestroika, el proceso de reformas lanzado por el primer y último presidente de la URSS, Mijaíl Gorbachov. Los problemas básicos de los tártaros que regresaron a su patria fueron el desempleo masivo y la imposibilidad de reclamar las tierras que poseían anteriormente o solicitar una recompensa por ellas. Hoy en día en Crimea residen unos 250.000 tártaros.
Fuente: RT

PC maoísta de Italia : 25 de Abril aniversario de la resistencia antifascista

PC maoísta de Italia : 25 de Abril aniversario de la resistencia antifascista

Nota –Los camaradas del Partido Comunista maoísta de Italia nos han remitido el cartel que han editado con ocasión del 25 de abril -fecha en que la resistencia antifascista derrocó a la dictadura nazifascista en Italia en 1945-, que reproducimos y cuyo texto Gran Marcha Hacia el Comunismo hemos traducido al español:
La resistencia partisana liberó al país de la dictadura nazifascista, al servicio de los patronos, del sufrimiento, la represión, el racismo y la guerra.
Hoy, bajo la égida de Renzi-Berlusconi Napolitano y de los partidos parlamentarios corruptos y antipopulares, de los sindicatos colaboracionistas y neocorporativos, avanza un régimen de fascismo moderno, hecho del fascismo patronal en el lugar de trabajo que descarga la crisis sobre los obreros, precarios, desocupados, masas populares, con más explotación, precariedad, desocupación, miseria; Estado policial contra las luchas proletarias y el movimiento de oposición auténtica –como en Roma el 12 de abril; racismo, ataques a los derechos de las mujeres, gastos militares y misiones imperialistas.
Sólo una nueva Resistencia proletaria y popular, una “guerra del pueblo”, nos puede liberar del actual dominio del sistema del capital.
Proletari Comunisti – PCm Italia Leed el blog
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Brazil - Popular Revolutionary Student Movement – MEPR

Brazil: Note on lies told about FIP-RJ and MEPR revolutionaries by the PSTU political party

We were surprised this morning by a note published on the PSTU’s website attacking the Independent Popular Front of Rio de Janeiro ( FIP-RJ ) and the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement ( MEPR ), with the bizarre accusation that these groups attempted to break into their office last night. In a note that does not provide any evidence of guilt, it says:
“Last night, about 40 bullies admittedly linked to FIP tried to invade our headquarters, breaking windows and objects, and threatened about 10 PSTU militants who were inside.” And later: “This was an attack on the headquarters of an organization of revolutionary struggle and that has always been part of the struggle of workers, women, blacks and the LGBTs, it’s fascist political organizations like MEPR and FIP that only strengthens the policy of the rich and powerful, to divide and criminalize social movements and leftist parties. ”
We say beforehand that the only information we had about the episode were reports of some people who said that militants of PSTU attacked three Black Bloc activists in dispersing of yesterday demonstration, a fact that the PSTU Note, incidentally, does not clarify. We don’t need to justify ourselves to this group, with which we do not maintain any political or ideological identity. Just to show the falsehood of this argument, we note that yesterday, coincidentally, after the demonstration, militants of MEPR were in a meeting in IFCS, in the presence of several representatives of the popular press and activists from various streams. After, also, we went to the National Law School, where the delivery of Chico Mendes’ Medal happened, and several people who do not militate in our chain can confirm it. As seen, the direction of PSTU chose a bad time to attack us.
We know that revolutionaries are based in fact, while all the opportunists and reactionaries use lies as a weapon, par excellence, in the political struggle. Ideologically and morally defeated by the days in June – when it was unmasked as a phony socialist group (all talk but no action), primarily concerned with bourgeois pacifist and reformist electioneering – the directors of PSTU are trying to regain some credibility at the expense of those who for months have faced – on the front lines – police repression, arrests and processes from the old reactionary state. And they turn, without feeling ashamed, to the handling and criminalization of activists, just like the reactionaries of the state and mainstream media. It is no coincidence that many honest militants have abandoned their ranks in recent months.
But this will backfire again. They say that “provocateurs” (typical police parlance) admittedly linked to FIP tried to “invade” their headquarters.
Prove, lords, the truthfulness of what you say! What banner, poster or any material made those people openly activists linked to FIP? Prove that any militant Popular Revolutionary Student Movement ( MEPR ) was in your headquarters or surroundings last night! Prove through any video, photo or other means that what you say is not an outright lie! How they lie, they cannot do it, which only will increase their demoralization within the popular movement. That’s right.
We reject the stance of those who attack as much or more the combatant youth than the state itself! We reject the stance of those who have been complicit in the practice of state terrorism against protesters, the swelling chorus of Rede Globo and PT/Pecedobê who are perpetuators of speech against the “vandalism,” and who never criticize the brutal police repression against activists! We reject those that criminalize Black Bloc’s actions and do all their acts in unity with the PT, Pecedobê, CUT and Força CTB, ie, with government forces that protect the impunity of torturers and manage the crackdown today! We reject those who never helped with a single lawyer to release the youth arbitrarily detained by police, except in cases involving its members! We reject those who betrayed the historic strike of teachers in Rio last year for fear of radicalization that rejected their conciliatory posture! We reject those who were silent when the Shock troops invaded the FIP Meeting and the Aldeia Maracanã last December, arresting activists and removing that historical space of resistance! We reject those who have never made any practical measure for campaign for the release of political prisoners and extinction of current legal processes! We reject those who use lies as a weapon in the political struggle, dividing the popular forces and making this game of the government!
We require:
- An Explanation of the episode of aggression on three Black Bloc activists by PSTU militants at the end of the demonstration yesterday ( 01 / 04 ) ;
- Prove – through photos, videos or any other source documented that MEPR militants were yesterday at the headquarters of PSTU or its surroundings at the end of the event;
- Prove that Independent Popular Front (FIP – RJ) has any involvement with said events;
Once the inconsistency of the charges is proven, make a public retraction.
We call on the people’s movement to repudiate and reject these irresponsible, divisive and sectarian practices. Political and ideological differences should be addressed in the field of argumentation, never based on assumptions and insults. There are two months until start of the World Cup and in a framework of military occupation of the favelas, we should focus our attacks on the enemy class, and it is intolerable for organizations that build popular struggle daily to be attacked in such a lightly form.
Popular Revolutionary Student Movement – MEPR , 02/04/2014


Algerian security forces clashed with Amazigh rights activists in the northern city of Tizi Ouzou on Monday, days after an election marked by a historically low turnout garnered a fourth term for ailing 77-year-old President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
Analysts and activists say that authorities provoked the violence toward Amazighs, often pejoratively referred to as Berbers, after years of relative calm to distract from concerns that kept Algerians — of all stripes — away from the polls. The clashes started Sunday during a march to commemorate the April 20, 1980 launch of an Amazigh rights movement, dubbed retrospectively the Amazigh Spring. Activists who participated to push for political and socioeconomic parity with Arabs were met with a violent crackdown, demonstrators told Al Jazeera.
In Algeria, as in neighboring Tunisia and Morocco, Amazighs are legally barred from starting their own political parties, even though many Amazighs say ruling administrations act exclusively on the behalf of Arabs. On Sunday “women and children were running for safety in every direction,” according to Amazigh rights activist Kamira Nait Sid who participated in the protest. Demonstrators said over 60 injured protesters were admitted to one local hospital, and another 50 were arrested.

teachers in struggle from China to Peru

Henan Teachers Vow to Keep Marching Over Pay Demands
Thousands of schoolteachers in the southern Chinese province of Henan continued a sit-in and demonstration outside the gates of government offices on Monday, as their strike over pay and conditions entered its 14th day. Around 2,000 teachers from Henan’s Wuyang county marched on Monday to government buildings in Luohe city, following mass protests of more than 5,000 teachers at the weekend, participants told RFA.
“The teachers are still going out there [to join the protest],” a striking teacher surnamed Wang said on Monday. “There are still teachers outside the north gate of the Luohe municipal government, and at the train station,” he said. “There are still about 2,000 of them there right now,” Wang said, adding that the authorities had responded by sending groups of officials to schools in the county to persuade the teachers to call off their strike.
1000s of Peruvian teachers rally over pay
Thousands of striking Peruvian teachers rally in the capital, Lima, demanding better pay and working conditions. Members of the United Trade Union Education Workers of Peru (SUTEP) and the National Federation of Education Administrative Workers (FENTASE), who were on a 24-hour strike on Tuesday, marched through the streets of the city that were surrounded by security forces. Scuffles broke out when Peruvian police tried to stop the protesters from completely blocking roads and disrupting traffic.