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India - Boycott the 18th Lok Sabha Election.- Communist Party of India (Maoist)

 Communist Party of India (Maoist)
Central Regional Bureau (CRB) Central Committee
Press Release Date: 28-3-2024
Boycott the 18th Lok Sabha Election.

..... we appeals to the people of the country to chase away Brahamanic Hindutva Forces which is the main enemy.

The toiling masses of the country should move forward in the path of struggle for the solutions of their problems and boycott this farce election. 

From this election, real change is improbable.....

Dear electorate and the people,
After the completion of the programs of the Prime Minister of India and extreme terrorist organization for Election temptation, the Election Commission of India after coming out from its crisis declared that the 18th Lok Sabha Election will be held in 7 phases. In the Naxal affected region of the country, it declared to hold the election in the1st phase i.e., on 19 April. On June 1 with the conclusion of 7th phase of the election, the fever of election will descend. From June 4 the declaration of results will begin. To know about boycott of this putative Parliamentary Democratic election, we will first begin with the story of Election Commission.
Just before the announcement of the election, why did the member of Election Commission gave his resignation from his responsibility? is not an hairsplitting question. It is clear that because of the dictatorial behavior of the present government the honorable member gave his resignation. Later on, the government elected two new members to Election Commission and sinked it in a saffron colour. Under their tutelage how far the forthcoming Lok Sabha Election will be free, fair, and transparent is well-known to the whole world.

With the implementation of election's moral code of conduct in the country, the RSS and BJP's rulers' bossing around
have crossed all democratic limits and they have come down heavily on the state governments. It makes clear that
there is no question of conducting free, fair and transparent election. By transferring senior officials of the States,
Commission executed the election process.
Dear electorate, now we will understand that why only our Party gives call for the election boycott?
Our Party's understanding is that it is an established fact that whether it is in any country of the world where the
election process happens in the so-called democratic manner, whether it is in Britain or the US, the basic
transformation over their has not happened till now. Over their the formation of non-exploitative society have not
taken place. From this it is apparent that from the bourgeois parliamentary election the establishment of real
democracy is not possible. This task was successful in Russian and China's revolutions. That is why our Party is of the
opinion that in our country through bourgeois parliamentary election exploitation free society cannot be formed. By
revolution only the people will be able to achieve that. It has been proved by history. Crisis free, exploitation free,
corruption, caste system, communalism, illiteracy, poverty, human trafficking, black market, inflation all these
capitalist social effects can only be solved in democratic and Socialist revolution. That is why our party appeals to all
the people and electorates to boycott this farce democratic election. Towards the election, this is our party's
ideological principal.
Now we will try to understand that who will win in this election process? Whether minority or majority will win the
election, this is also an important issue. In our country's election not more than 50 percent voting happens. It means
that the remaining 50 percent electorate have no business with the election. They unconsciously boycott this
election by themselves. Another thing is that with our election system, only minority governments are formed.
Because, the casted 50 percent votes gets divided among different parties and independent candidates and those
who gets the most of the votes are declared as victorious. This proves that in the name of democracy the rule of
minority is enforced. That is why it not a true democratic system. From participating in such an election, boycotting it,
is much better.
Now it is necessary to know how far in our country elections are held in a democratic manner. In our country caste
based elections occurs because due to the lack of democratic consciousness this pathetic condition persist. In our
country's elections the purchase of votes are increasing every day. In Telangana for each vote is auctioned at ₹3,000
to ₹5,000. Can the Votes purchased by money represent any sort of democracy? Never. In this two and half months,
we can see how much cash, liquors, gold and silver, and narcotics products were seized by the police personnel and
after perceiving all these we can understand how can India be a democratic country. During the election time, in
order to tempt the voters, one can find list of guarantees-Modi's guarantee-in all political parties' manifesto. Political
leaders promises to give freebies to attract voters itself depicts the conditions of the people in our country. This time
in order to cross 400 marks, the saffron brigade started it's propaganda of "Vikasit Bharat" and propagating Modi's
guarantee by misusing government machineries and deploying 1,500 vehicle caravan, covering 740 districts six
months before the elections. In any true democracy this never happens. Elections are held at the gunpoint, people
are threatened, attacked and tortured to cast their votes to the political parties. That is why it is better to boycott
rather than becoming corrupt by participating in it.
To which political parties to cast votes, we will Now we will try to know about this issue. In real democracy, the
electorate first scrutinizes what are the policies of the several political parties. Who is promising to administer the
country from what economic and political policies? But the principal issue in our country is that the honorable
electorates will not get answer to this perplex questions. Every Political Parties are stitched from the same piece of
cloth. Either it is right-wing or left-wing, whether it is a liberal political party, one can find not an iota of difference in
their economic and political policies. From Mamata's TMC in Bengal to Maharashtra's Great Alliance, from Kashmir's
National Conference to Tamil Nadu DMK and AIDMK, from Kerala's left-wing to Tripura's right-wing or AAP in Delhi,
one can find minuscule differences among them. Among all these political parties, at present the dominance of the
RSS and its affiliated organizations' hindutva policies is posing threat to the country's diversity and so-called
sovereignty, Constitution and Secularism. These Hindutva organizations are aggressively selling the country's
valuable resources under the leadership of Narendra Modi to corporate houses in perks. Particularly, the Modi's
government is baldly selling the resources to crony capitalists. That is why our Party appeals to all people and the
electorate to not to give a chance to ruling government of RSS-BJP, who are the real enemy of the people, to
propagate for the election. Chase them away by exposing their divide and rule policy. Raise questions to other
political parties that what is their stand on the prevailing people's issues? Every political parties will propagate their
policies among the people but it depends upon the people that to whom they want to give this chance?
Now we look into our call for election boycott. How far it will influence the voters? With full confirmation we will say
that in our struggle areas the voters have clarity that our call for election boycott is correct. Even the political parties
will also agree with our questions but by giving excuse of violence they flow away with the dominant perspective.
This apart, majority of the people in the country are unaware about our election boycott intention. For this reason
those people due to the lack of alternative are tempted and cast their votes. Our Party is having this serious issue of
taking our call to that majority of people. We give challenge to all Parliamentary Political Parties to come forward
with fair, transparent and free manner and keep their policies in front of the people. We will come with our
Alternative programs and establish our boycott election stand in the people. Then the real truth will come out. With
guarantee we can say that the political parties will not able to hold their ground.
In 70 countries elections are being held in 2024. Apart from the people even the opposition parties are boycotting
the elections. In Bangladesh without the participation of the political parties election was conducted. While exposing
the prevalence of corruption in election of Pakistan, the entire Election Commission resigned from their posts.In
Russia, Putin became the President for the consecutive time by the crushing the opposition. In India too, the
condition of the opposition parties are pathetic. The ruling party through the use of ED, NIA and other state
machineries is creating panic. To lure women's votes Women Reservation Act was legislated. To centralized the so-
called Hindu votes, consecration of Ram Temple took place. Just prior to election, RSS-BJP played its Hindutva card
by taking the decision to implement CAA. During the time of election, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand and Delhi were
arrested. In the lieu of all these activities, the democratic forces of the country are aware of the danger of Modi's
victory in the 18th Lok Sabha Election and that is why they are gird up to defeat him. This is the ground reality.
Hence, we appeals to the people of the country to chase away Brahamanic Hindutva Forces which is the main enemy.
The toiling masses of the country should move forward in the path of struggle for the solutions of their problems and
boycott this farce election. From this election, real change is improbable.
With Revolutionary Greetings,
Central Regional Bureau,
Communist Party of India (Maoist).

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