Sunday, April 28, 2024

From Ang Bayan: US Pours $17 billion In Funds For Israel To Continue The Genocide In Gaza

The US Congress on April 20 approved a bill that would grant the Zionist regime in Israel more than $17 billion in funding to continue its genocidal war in Gaza and expand its war across West Asia at the behest of the US. Apart from the genocidal campaign, the US will bear the cost of enabling the Zionist regime’s missile defense system amid the expansion of armed conflict throughout West Asia.

It has also earmarked $9 billion for supposed “humanitarian aid to Gaza” which is mostly done through food drops. The US has openly banned aid to UNRWA, which it accuses of being involved in the October 7 attack despite having no evidence.

“This support, which is against international law, is a license and a green light for the Zionist extremist government to continue its brutal aggression against our people,” Hamas condemned. “We consider this step as confirmation of official US complicity and partnership in the war of extermination waged by the fascist occupation army against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.”

This measure (Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act) is one of the three measures passed by the US congress related to its distribution of aid for its imperialist wars in different parts of the world. After a more than a year delay, it also passed a bill providing $60 billion in military aid for Ukraine and $8.1 billion for US “allies” in the Indo-Pacific, mainly Taiwan. These bills must have counterparts in the US Senate to be passed.

The Marcos regime was among the recipients of military aid, as the US’ main puppet in Asia against China. It will receive $500 million to finance the arms and military equipment it will buy from the US under the guise of “modernizing” the AFP, as well as the construction and renovation of US military bases or “EDCA sites, ” and launching war games on Philippine land, air and sea.

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