Friday, April 12, 2024

Swiss - Invitation to the 28th Congress of ITIF - ageb info

Swiss Turkish Workers Federation (İTIF) announced that it will hold its 28th Congress.

Swiss Turkish Workers Federation (İTIF), a component of AGEB, held its 28th Congress with the slogan "Let's organize and fight against the deepening contradictions, intensifying pressures and attacks!" It will be held in Zurich on April 14 with the motto.

Calling for participation in the 28th Ordinary Congress, İTİF also invited all revolutionaries, democrats and patriots to the Congress.

In its call, İTİF said; “ In the context of deepening economic and political crises, we are going through a period in which living conditions are gradually deteriorating and contradictions are becoming more evident. The imperialist-capitalist system is struggling all over the world with crises that it cannot hide and is having trouble getting out of. Efforts to get out of the crisis are being overcome with a new wave of attacks.

The heavy consequences of the fight for hegemony that the imperialists are experiencing among themselves are being placed on the shoulders of us workers and laborers as an inevitable end.

For all these reasons,

To further strengthen our institutions against the attacks of the imperialist-capitalist system and to act together with other revolutionary democratic groups to repel the attacks;

In order to intervene and create a solution force against the problems experienced in migration routes and the problems experienced by incoming refugees in the camps, with the reality that the intense wave of migration towards Europe and specifically Switzerland will continue ;

To develop the unity and common struggle of local and immigrant workers against rising racist and discriminatory policies;

For increasing inflation, cost of living, housing, health, education with equal opportunities, corruption of youth, cheap immigrant and female labor, subcontracting, insecurity, education of immigrants in their native language and our cultural rights;

Let's attend our 28th Congress, organize and fight!” said.


Congress Date: Sunday, April 14, 2024, Time: 12.00

Congress Address: Kochstrasse 2, 8004 Zurich


AHM Switzerland

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