Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ireland: On the anniversary of the „Good Friday Agreement“ info

Ireland: On the anniversary of the „Good Friday Agreement“ 

T.I. April 14, 2024 The imperialists and their lackeys desperately try to uphold their rotten order against the people and the working class. One way they try it is the pacification of the movements for independence, liberation and revolution. On the 26th anniversary of the so-called “Good Friday Agreement”, GFA, Irish Republicans issued a call for unity: All genuine Republicans reject partition, the Occupation, the GFA and the colonial institutions it established. As Volunteer Brendan Hughes stated the GFA in reality for Republicans meant Got Fuck All. There is no peace in Ireland. Britain continues to occupy our country by force of arms, with thousands of soldiers, colonial police, spooks and loyalist death squads upholding its position in Ireland. The only correct position for an Irish Republican is to Resist but today the Republican forces are scattered and unorganised. Only an Anti Imperialist Broad Front that brings together all genuine Revolutionary Republicans in pursuit of National Liberation can lead our struggle to victory. Egos and petty differences have to be left aside. Building the Republican Broad Front is the duty of all true Revolutionary Patriots! 

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