Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Long Live International Working-class May Day! Communist Party of India (Maoist) -

 Workers of all Countries Unite!

Long Live International Working-class May Day!
Let us pledge on this May Day to intensify Revolutionary War against
Capitalism-Imperialism, Domestic Big Bourgeoisie and Feudalism to end the Imperialist war on the People of the World!

The proletariat of the world is going to celebrate May day this year in the situation of rising
danger of another World War/atomic war. Imperialism fell deep into the mire of general crisis and all
its attempts to overcome it have failed. So, the major imperialist countries are contending for re-
division of the world in a bid to gain hold on the countries over the world for raw material and
This is the year of the 100th death Anniversary of the great Marxist teacher Comrade Lenin. He
said, ―Modern monopolist capitalism on a world-wide scale — imperialist wars are absolutely
inevitable under such an economic system, as long as private property in the means of production
exists‖ in ‗Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism‘.
On this May Day, the parties and organisations of the proletariat in all countries demonstrate
proletarian internationalism in various forms. 

The celebrations of May Day once again strongly bring
forth that there is ‗A World To Win‘.
Monopoly capital is exploiting the labour force like a leech in an increasingly unprecedented
manner in various forms. Accumulation of capital is going on in a large scale. This is leading to
sharpening of the fundamental contradictions at the international level – 1. The contradiction between
imperialism and oppressed nationalities and people 2. The contradiction between bourgeoisie and
proletariat in capitalist, imperialist countries 3. The contradictions among imperialist countries and
among monopoly capitalist groups.
Inequalities between the rich and the poor of the world are increasing more and more. The
billionaires are moving in the direction of becoming trillionaires. Poverty is deepening to the extent of
the deepening of the world economic crisis. The greed of the imperialists for profits is leading to social
and environmental catastrophes all over the world. People are being deprived of minimum social
milieu due to racism, fascism and war created by the capitalist-imperialists and exploitive ruling classes.
Flood or famine has become a normal feature of any country. Global warming reached beyond limit.
Breaking the records of 2023 that was said to be the warmest year until date, 2024 recorded
maximum temperature in history in the first two months itself.
The so called Third and Fourth Industrial revolutions are not innovations for the development
of humankind but connivances to accumulate more and more capital by monopoly finance capital.
Technological development is leading to large scale unemployment and destroying the development
of productive forces in all sectors. This is in stark contrast with the world population that now reached
8 billion. It is also estimated that it is increasing by 85 to 90 million every year. Artificial Intelligence
undermines human labour without which the world would not have been what it is. Labourers are
mainly engaged at dead cheap wages.
In spite of all its attempts, world capitalist-imperialist system is unable to overcome the crisis.
Near facts show that in 2023, GDP growth rate was 2.9 percent in US, 5.2 in China, 0.6 in France, -
0.3 in Germany and 5.5 percent in Russia. Inflation was at 3.4 percent in US, - 0.3 percent in China,
4.1 in France, 3.8 in Germany and 7.4 in Russia. Unemployment rate is 3.7 percent in US, 5.1 in China,
7.3 in France, 3.1 in Germany and 2.9 in Russia. We can understand that the imperialist economies are
in a vulnerable situation. This also explains that the world economic crisis is further becoming a burden
on the people of the world.
All imperialist countries brought a heavy increase in defence and related research after the
Russia-Ukraine war. US allotted 858 billion dollars in 2023. It is in the first place in international arms trade with a share of 37 percent. The defence expenditure of China is at 225 billion dollars. It is the 5th
biggest arms exporter after US, Russia, France and Germany. US is developing an utmost dangerous
nuclear arms system, the Conventional Prompt Global Strike (CPGS) for the past one decade. It
continues to hold military exercises with its allies in various parts of the world.
The war situation is ever bringing forth the issue of refugees. The situation is giving rise to racist
sentiments and dividing the working class people. Imperialist wars are creating lakhs of refugees in the
countries of imperialist war. While Ukrainian refugees still do not find a proper living, Palestinian
refugees are in worse conditions. They lost their lands, homes, families and everything. The Palestinian
race is facing the danger of extinction. Israel Zionists supported by US imperialists came out with their
utmost anti-human nature when they bombed the people waiting for food aid trucks.
Migrants are another creation of the imperialist system. Poverty and unemployment are leading
the people of mostly the semi-colonial, semi-feudal countries to mostly capitalist-imperialist countries
in search of work. The UN‘s International Organisation of Migrants (IOM) came out with data that
281 million international migrants involved in both manual and mental labour, create 10 percent of the
global output. Above half a lakh people of the world have either died or disappeared in their attempt
to migrate.
Pandemic is one danger the human race is increasingly becoming prone to, due to the activities
of the merciless monopoly capital. Scientists warn that any new pandemic might lead to the death of
nearly 5 crore people all over the world.
The war in Palestine is showing effect on the neighbouring countries mainly Lebanon, Iran and
Yemen. Germany, an important ally of the US is facing pressure from the people of the country for
supporting Israel in the case filed in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against its genocide on
Palestine. ICJ brushed away the issue with simply saying no to genocide. With mounting pressure from
the people of the country and the world, the US was forced to make a statement against killing of
people in Palestine. It was not against war. The people of the world are more and more realising that
imperialists need war and that they need to fight the imperialist war.
The imperialist countries are facing crisis domestically also. There were large scale
demonstrations against the fascist AfD party in Germany, in the capital city Berlin. People held
demonstrations in around 100 places over the country against the move of the government for mass
deportations of migrants and refugees. The Supreme Court of Israel passed a judgment on the first day
of this year against the reforms in judiciary, proposed by the government last year. It also warned that
the government has no right to govern the judiciary or go against the Constitution.
The ruling classes of the capitalist-imperialist and semi-colonial, semi-feudal countries are
hectically trying to retain their power through elections. But the people have realised the falsity of
elections. Vote almost turned into mere rigging. The people of the world no longer have illusions in
the ruling classes. They believe in struggle and struggle alone to better their lives.
The economic, political situation of the world is leading to struggles all around the world, to
those of the workers, peasants, middle bourgeoisie, the women, the indigenous and every oppressed
class and section. The year 2024 witnessed remarkable struggles of workers, especially in the imperialist
Auto-workers started a big strike that started from the US and spread to Canada. In Germany,
air and rail workers went on strike in March demanding better pay. The strike brought the traffic
almost to a stop. Farmers of Italy, Spain and other European countries held a demonstration in Brussels
protesting the laws of the European Commission, coinciding when an EU summit was going on. The
laws relate to green regulations and cheap imports that end agriculture. This apart there were
demonstrations in Portugal, France, Belgium and Greece. Public sector workers of North Ireland were
on a 24-hour strike in January this year. They demanded pay hike that was stopped for the past three
years in spite of rise in cost of living. Cargo workers of Oakland port of US stopped a war ship taking
arms for Israel.
Coming to other countries, in India farmers once again took to struggle for Minimum Support
Price for their crops. Indigenous people are demanding their rights on the forests and they are
continuing their militant struggles for last 4 years. Workers are taking up periodic general strikes
together with Bank Employees Unions and those in other public sector enterprises. Garment workers of
Bangladesh, the major garment exporting country to the Western countries are on strike demanding
pay hike and better working conditions. Doctors in South Korea are on strike against the government‘s
proposal to increase medical school admissions by 65 percent.

Women are increasingly facing the wrath of imperialist policies. They are a source of cheap and
reserve labour for policies of globalisation. 76 percent of all unpaid activities of health sector are done
by women, according to a report of the World Health Organisation. There is increasing domestic and
state violence on women. About one and a half lakh women of Mexico came together on the
International Women‘s Day to protest violence on them. Nearly 10 women were killed every day in
the country in 2023. Similar situation is seen in many parts of the world.
The indigenous people of Brazil are making struggles against the burning of Amazon forest by
the governments in the interest of imperialist projects. The tribal people of Eastern and Central India
and other states are fighting against their displacement forced by the government in favour of the
domestic comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and big landlords. Tribes of few African and other Latin
American countries are in the path of struggle for their right to land, forest and water.
Students, teachers and people of all walks of life came out into the streets to condemn Israel‘s
war on Palestine, in several countries of the world including United Kingdom and United States. Two
and a half lakh people held a demonstration in front of the White House demanding a stop to war on
Palestine and US involvement in it. The first black President of Harvard University was forced to resign
for she spoke against Zionism. These sections, employees, the unemployed and other sections affected
out of imperialist globalisation policies are more and more coming into the streets. Almost every
country in the world is in flames of struggle of one or the other kind.
The Communist parties in semi-colonial, semi-feudal India, Philippines and Turkey are in the
path of Protracted People‘s War. They are uniting and building struggles among the workers, peasants,
petty bourgeoisie and national bourgeoisie and all the oppressed sections against imperialism, big
bourgeoisie and big landlords. The areas of the revolutionary movement are being bombed through
drones and there is intense repression in various forms amidst which the people and the party are
marching forward.
The struggles of the oppressed people and oppressed nationalities of the world suggest that
they are increasingly realising the only path for their liberation, the path of revolution.
Release of political prisoners is one issue of concern that the proletarian forces need to address
in a stronger manner. In a bid to retain their exploitation and oppression, the imperialists, bourgeoisie
and landlords are indulging in more and more ruthless forms of repression. Thousands of
revolutionaries, democrats and people‘s activists are in the enemy dungeons. We need to bring more
pressure on the governments for their release.
The proletarian parties of the world must accomplish New Democratic Revolutions in the path
of Protracted People‘s War in semi-colonial, semi-feudal countries; Socialist revolution in capitalist-
imperialist countries. Therefore, we must build determined Bolshevik parties that construct proletarian
People‘s Army and Revolutionary United Front. These parties must work in mutual solidarity. It is the
duty of the world proletarian parties to build and unite the anti-imperialist struggles and nationality
liberation struggles. These must strengthen enough so as to ‗transform the imperialist war into a civil
war‘, fight against imperialism, domestic comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and big landlords. Only
thus we can establish Socialism and later Communism where there is no space for exploitation and

Yes. This is the ‗dawn of proletarian revolution‘. On this day of the International Working
Class, the Communists pledge to strengthen proletarian internationalism, through struggles among
workers, peasants and other oppressed classes and nationalities of the world. They pledge to unite
these classes against imperialism and all sorts of reaction and all shades of revisionism and neo-
revisionism. They pledge to make efforts to unite with forces against imperialism and for the liberation
of nationalities. They pledge to intensify class struggle in all spheres, to continue to extend support to
the struggles of the oppressed classes and sections.

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!
Down with Imperialism!
Down with revisionism and neo-revisionism!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Let us unite in the efforts for World Socialist Revolution

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