Monday, February 27, 2012

from Turkey - MKP made a statement on the murder of Battai tepel

Tepeli lost his life

Battal Tepeli, who was shot in the head by a group of gangsters on January 29, lost his life on February 21 after resisting death for several weeks in the intensive care unit.
On January 29, DHF* organised a manifestation in the Gazi* Neighbourhood of Istanbul against the generalization of the gangs in the labouring neighbourhoods under the support of the fascist state. A group of gangsters attacked this action and shot him in the head. Generalisation of the gangs, narco-traffics and prostitution in the labouring neighbourhoods is a state policy to prevent the development of the revolutionary tend! encies among the labouring youth of these districts.
Battal Tepeli was sent to eternity through a funeral on February 24 at the Tuzla district of Istanbul with the participation of his family, his comrades, people of the Gazi Neighbourhood, revolutionary organizations such as DHF, ESP, Sodap and many other forces.
Maoist Communist Party ( MKP* ) made a statement on the murder of Battal Tepeli. MKP expressed that the Gazi neighbourhood is poor labouring district with broad revolutionary basis and dynamics, that the Massacre and Resistance of Gazi Neighbourhood (1995) was a proof of this and after the failure of provocative policies, the state gave priority to the strategy of degeneration-corrosion and by this way generalized the reactionary-fascist elements in the neighbourhood. MKP said: "We condemn with great hatred this cruel counter-revolutionary attack committed agains! t our people in the name of Battal Tepeli and we announce that we will not stay silent against these brutal crimes against the people".
On February 26, DHF made a protest action in the place where Tepeli was shot in Gazi neighbourhood. DHF members shouted the slogans "Battal Tepeli is immortal!", "The gangs are killing, the state is supporting!" and "We will ask account for Battal Tepeli!". The DHF members called upon the people of the neighbourhood to react against the state policy on gangs. The action was finished by leaving carnations to the point where Tepeli was shot.
[ DHF / ]* Federation for Democratic Rights
[ Gazi / ]* On 12 March 1995 in Gazi, a labourers’ district in Istanbul, the counter-guerrilla forces committed an armed attack against a café where usually Allevite people used to go. This attack had the objective of creating a conflict between the Allevite and Sunnite labourers ! and to hinder the recent revolutionary rise at the workers’ districts, but on the contrary, the labourers started a march towards the police station under the leadership of revolutionary forces. Thus, a one-week-uprising began in Gazi, where 23 labourers would be killed by the state forces.
[ MKP / ]* Maoist Communist Party

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