Saturday, February 4, 2012

nepal - New Phase of People’s War has begun.. Rishibadal tells " The ambiguous politics of Baidhya Faction has created a lot of confusions."

maoist road support two-line struggle in and out PCUNm, support struggle against revisionist line of Prachanda and against Battarai government for continuation of nepalese revolution,support critics to incorrect attitude of Kiran tendency



New Phase of People’s War has begun

Dear viewers and well wishers ! now we have come back. But still our site is not working correctly . We are facing  some ‘Technical Problems’. The political scenario of the  country is not satisfactory . Reactionaries are leading the government. In the name of Peace and constitution PLA are disarmed. They are discriminated and humiliated.The political scenario of UCPN (Maoist) is not praise worthy .Prachand-Baburam, they are clear in their mission, and it is a matter of surprise that Baidhya faction ‘marching a head ‘ without destination. Now this faction also  has become the part of Prachand-Baburam’s  mission . The ambiguous politics of Baidhya Faction has created a lot of confusions.
In fact, they are moving ahead for the sake of ‘Peace and Constitution’. What a matter of irony ! Vast number of revolutionary cadres are not in fovor of this ‘Unity’ without solving ideological  issues .  The Next Front will not stop its journey to  revolution . It is our dedication that new campaign will be launched for creating peoples opinion for the support of what has been left undone for the revolution. Long Live MLM. Long Live New Democratic Revolution . New Phase of People’s war has begun. As Comrade Mao has said: Nothing is hard in this world, If you dare to scale the heights. Yes, nothing is hard. This time we are posting :About us
Who we are
Marxism consists of thousands of truths, but they all boil down to one sentence, “It is right to rebel!”. For thousands of years it has been said that it was right to oppress, it was right to exploit and it was wrong to rebel. This old verdict was only reversed with the appearance of Marxism. And from this truth there follows resistance, struggle, the fight for socialism.  :Mao Zedong
Intellectual–cultural front is one of the most important fronts amongst all different fronts of struggle. We have named it The Next Front. In fact, The Next Front is a front of the revolutionary intellectual–cultural activists. We are the supporters of Marxism–Leninism–Maoism. We are the supporters of The Great People’s War. We are intellectual and cultural activists committed to proletariat class internationalism. This front is related to those intellectuals and cultural activists, who dedicated themselves to, and supported The Great Ten years Nepalese People’s War, and even more to those who participated in the war both ideologically and physically. In this sense, this front is the front committed to -  achievements of The Great People’s War, sacrifice and devotion displayed in the war, protection of its ideals and values and development and revolutionary continuation of the war. The Next Front has aimed to universalize the past and the present of Nepal’s revolutionary intellectual and cultural movement. We are always inspired by the success that the Great People’s war achieved and the historic and epoch-making contribution of the intellectual-cultural activists, at a time when the imperialism was hooting at what was supposed to be the end of communism. This front is an additional effort made to give continuation to all those achievements. In fact The Next Front is organized in the leadership of Rishiraj Baral is a new campaign for creating peoples opinion for the support of what has been left undone for the revolution.

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