Monday, April 28, 2014

Canada - MAY FIRST Make the Streets Ring with the Sound of Revolution!

This year, once again, millions of proletarians will take to the streets on May 1st. Around the world, May 1st is an opportunity for the exploited and oppressed to gather and express their determination to fight for liberation and to end a system that only creates misery, wars and destruction.In Canada, despite the deceptive speeches of governments, the crisis is hitting us hard. Massive job losses in several industrial sectors, job cuts in federal public service, the ransacking of Employment Insurance, fee increases of basic services, the growth of precarious jobs: workers suffer daily from capitalist pressures, with their unique objective of maximizing profits. The most oppressed among us—women, indigenous people and migrants—are systematically the first victims of these austerity measures.
For us Maoists, May 1st is a moment when we should uphold the most liberating and emancipatory project, communism, and proudly carry the flag that represents it best: our red flag, the symbol of the international proletariat in struggle, which evokes the blood of our fallen fellow workers.
The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) calls its supporters, militant workers, proletarian feminists, students and the revolutionary youth to make the sound of communism and revolution in the streets heard in the various actions that will take place this coming May 1st!
Demonstration organized by the Solidarity Against Austerity network:
Gathering at 4pm at McNabb Park (corner Bronson & Gladstone Ave.)
Join with the supporters from the PCR-RCP, the MER-RSM and the Proletarian Feminist Front!
…Followed by the 3rd PCR-RCP Revolutionary Party!
Door opens at 8pm at Mavericks, 221 Rideau St.
=> Facebook event.
May First demonstration organized by M1M, No One is Illegal, OCAP and others:
Start at 5:30pm from Allan Gardens (corner Carleton & Sherbourne)
Join with the Maoist contingent!
=> Facebook event.
We Can Beat the Pipelines! –May 1st Demonstration… because workers need clean water too
Start at 7pm from Victoria Square (corner Hastings & Cambie)
Join with the Revolutionary Student Movement – Vancouver!
=> Facebook event.
Annual demonstration from the Convergence of Anti-Capitalist Struggles:
Gathering at exactly 6pm at Parc des Faubourgs (corner Ontario & De Lorimier, metro Papineau)
Rally the red contingent from the PCR-RCP Canada!
Demonstration organized by “la Coalition Pour la Justice Sociale:”
Gathering at noon at Place d’Youville
Rally the anti-capitalist contingent!

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