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Nepal Against the decomposed elements - Posted by Rishi Raj Baral

 Now we have come back.
The forum of ‘two line struggle’ has been reopened.
The Next Front is running in Forth year. It was  this month three years back we published the first article, that was ‘Palungtar is just the begging’. It was centered on two line struggle within the UCPN (Maoist).  We wanted  The Next Front  to be the  forum of ideological struggle,  and the force of  revolutionary transformation . We are happy for whatever little we could do with this website. We think, to some extent we  have achieved something,  we succeed in  our mission.  We couldn’t have done whatever we did without our supporters particularly the  revolutionary comrades. On this occasion, we express our hearty   gratefulness to our viewers, readers and well wishers for the support that they have provided us.
From the time of its birth, when there was sharp two line struggle against the Prachand-Baburam neo-revisionist clique, the rotten elements of that party  had  done their ‘best and last’ attempt to shut down our website. Now some of them have disguised themselves as the ‘revolutionaries’ and   are hammering against The Next Front. They are manufacturing  lies and  delusion against the revolutionaries and want to shut down the medias,  which are not ready to  serve their interest. It is natural that the follower of  reactionary and revisionist camp, the traitors of Nepalese revolution and the lackeys of foreign power want The Next Front  to be shut down. But with a deep sorrow, we are compelled to say that not only the reactionaries and revisionists,  the  ‘revolutionaries’  also  are trying to shut down our website. What a matter of irony!  But we know it happens so during the course of revolution.
 But it is a matter of pleasure that we have got a lot of support from the revolutionary cadres, political organizations and  the genuine Maoists inside the country and abroad.  We are fully confident that we can march forward facing each and every  obstruction.
 From the very begging The Next Front took the revolutionary line and endeavored to unmask the revisionist  and opportunist elements inside the Maoist Party.   We always stood against the reactionary forces inside the country and abroad. At that time it was under the banner of Revolutionary Intellectual and Cultural Front. After the formation of CPN-Maoist, the activities of Revolutionary Intellectuals and Cultural Front has been postponed, because there is another intellectual front handled by the Party.  But we have not abandoned our mission, we have not  postponed  strengthening the revolutionary activities.  We assure our viewer and reader that we are firm in our mission. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is our guiding principal and we are dedicated to the New Democratic Revolution.
Revolutionary Marxists always follow the value and ethics of the communist ideology and the Proletarian Internationalism. Therefore we  denounce the war on people by  the Indian reactionary government and support the  peoples war in India. We support the peoples war in Philippines and other countries. We express our strong solidarity to those  intellectuals and party leaders who are imprisoned, but  are fighting against the reactionary Government of their countries. We know the rotten elements dislike this type of  activities done by The Next Front. Because they don’t want to show that they are  on the side of Peoples War in India and elsewhere.  It will be unpleasant  for them, but without any hesitation, we would like to express that  they are not   on the side of People’s War in India . Just they pretend to be so.  In fact, they don’t want to make unpleasant the foreign reactionary forces particularly Indian expansionism. Not only this,  they are very loyal and hopeful to the Chinese  regime . But we differ from them. We think from a capitalist country  China is stepping  in the imperialist direction. We stand on the side of Chinese workers who are fighting against the tyranny  of the government backed multinational companies.
 Since long time we have not published any party documents and statements released by the CPN-Maoist.  What are the causes behind it? Our well wishers   inside the country and abroad also have asked us on this issue. In this regard we want to make clear that first of all The Next Front is not the mouth organ of the CPN-Maoist.  Second one, it always stands only for the revolutionary cause. There is no any space for other issues and expectations.
 After the Central Committee meeting of  June 2013, we had posted an article entitled ‘CC meeting : One Step Forward’ by Rishi Raj Baral. It was widely circulated and highly appreciated article. It was an article full of revolutionary spirit and enthusiasm.  But after the publication of this article something has happened.  But we want to make clear that we will publish the whole story of this issue in the coming days.
Now we are heading towards another ‘National Gathering’ on June 2014.  It is necessary to unmask the real face of the rotten elements, who have lost their ground on two line struggle.  It is the fact that those rotten elements who have no faith in ideological struggle and who are  badly beaten in two line struggle are behind  in such mischief. The Next Front always pleads revolutionary line, plan, program and leadership. That’s why a small fraction of rotten elements wants The Next Front to be shut down. They want to take revenge against the revolutionary comrades by using their authoritarian power.
 It is the reality that some of the rotten elements who have camouflaged themselves as the  ‘revolutionaries’,  are active in such evil deeds. These are the elements who were against the election boycott campaign,  decision done by the Pokhara CC meeting, and these are the elements who took money from Nepali Congress party, a reactionary Party and ordered the cadres to caste the vote for the Nepali Congress candidate. These are the elements who are pleading party unification with neo–reactionary group UCPN (Maoist) . They want party split so that they could be succeed for the party unification with neo–reactionary group UCPN (Maoist). These days they are actively involved in such dirty activities.
 It is clear that they have no any concern with revolution, just they want to stay in Kathmandu valley and want to maintain  luxurious  and comfortable life style, which they  had maintained during the  period of so called peace process–enjoying the constituent assembly.  They have no any interest in  the study of  international communist movement . They pass most of their time in hotels and restaurant doing gossip and  manufacturing the lies and schemes  against the revolutionary  comrades. They don’t like to share time and views  with the  party cadres,  but they have enough time to share   for the dinner and making  jand parties (wine drinking gathering)  with the  leaders of neo-reactionary group, UCPN (Maoist).
 In fact, they always think about money, money and money, not the revolution.  They always talk about democratic centralism and party discipline,  but not for them, only for others. To hide their revisionist  line and activities they blame the Comrades of revolutionary spirit  as the anarchists. In real, they themselves are anarchists and blame others as anarchists. It is the international character of revisionists. They never follow the ethics of party discipline and democratic centralism. They have got privilege to do anything and write  everything whatever they like.  But those who all ways stand on the side of revolutionary line  and activities are always threatened in the name of party discipline. And it is true without hesitation The Next Front always unmasks the activities of  such rotten elements ruthlessly. That’s why the rotten elements  always  come out  against The Next Front and  its  team.
Yes, these rotten elements want to shutdown The Next Front,  because it does not support their revisionist line and trend. Not only this, it is the reality that  they want to shut down the Nepalese revolution. CPN-Maoist has not done any decision regarding the party unification with the neo-reactionary group UCPN (Maoist) and there is no any possibilities of unification also in the future. But the rotten elements are making noise, day and night, they are crying for the unification with the neo-reactionary group UCPN (Maoist)  and are making paper propaganda through  the party medias which they are using as the  mouth organ of their fraction. They are exercising factionalism and want to push the vehicle of revolution back. They are dreamless and have lost the revolutionary spirit. They have not revolutionary enthusiasm and hopefulness,  they have seen only gloomy side of the situation. Though  the number of such elements is very few, but they are making confusion and illusion among the cadres, because they have got ‘strong’ backing.
Building a new party means building a revolutionary party, based on  the revolutionary line  and leadership. These all scenario proves that  a new type of   ‘Cultural Revolution’ is needed for the party rectification.   The Central Committee  of CPN-Maoist has already decided to enrich the party line. It means there are some shortcomings and lapses in the party line and  that must be corrected.  Since the first National Gathering (2012) we have tested all the methods and means regarding the party line.  Now there remains only one way that is the  People’s War–Nepalese People’s War.
At last, we would like to stress that, no any rotten element can distract us from our mission.  No one can stop our journey of marching forward. As Mao has mentioned in ‘Reascending Chingkangghsan’ nothing is hard in this world if we dare to scale the heights.  Yes,  we are firm in our mission.

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