Monday, April 28, 2014

from the Next Front Nepal - Raise the flag of Joint Declaration 2014

rimAt the outset, we express our solidarity with the Chinese workers and May Day Joint Declaration 2014.
1.May Day means the Worker’s Day. The oppressed people of the world always celebrate the May Day with a great enthusiasm and revolutionary spirit. In this occasion we stand on the side of the oppressed people, who are fighting against reactionary regimes and the capitalist roaders.
In this regard, first of all, we express our strong solidarity with the Chinese workers who are fighting against the Chinese regime the Neo-Capitalists. There is an article ‘Who Cares For Chinese Workers’, in . We urge our viewers to study the full story of this post. It presents the true and pathetic sketch of the Chinese workers, who are working in the multinational factories and companies. It was posted in May 30, 1913. But it is still relevant. Just we have gone through another news: ’30,000 Chinese Factory Worker Strike.’ We express our strong solidarity with the Chinese brothers and sisters who are fighting for the better life.
2. The Next Front has got the May Day draft, a Joint Declaration leaflet by the Maoists Parties and Organizations, who are in the way to build the new Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM). We are fully convinced with that ‘May day Joint Declaration-2014 and express our revolutionary solidarity with the draft. We think now the time has come to make concrete decision on this issue. The issue of UCPN (Maoist) has been already cleared and there is no any confusion about RCP, US. They are going beyond MLM. The two years old CPN-Maoist has not cleared its position till now, and we hope it will make its position clear very soon. Staying at the crossroads will achieve nothing. We think after the ‘National Gathering’, which is going to be held in the second week of the June, CPN-Maoist will make its position clear, whether they want to move I towards ‘Maoist Road’ or elsewhere- ‘prachanda path’. Most of the cadres and second grade leaders are clear about the international issue and party line. The issue of Party line also will be finalized in the upcoming National Gathering.

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