Thursday, June 29, 2017

Vienna - Successful Event „India struggles!“

Activists of „Antifaschistische Aktion-Infoblatt“ together with the Organization Antiimperialistische Koordination(AIK) oraganized an event about the people’s struggles in India. It is a very positive Development, because it ment a step forward in joining the forces in solidarity with the people’s struggles of indian masses. The event was well visited and the visitors strongly participated in discussions and had many important questions.
The most important contribution was a live communication to india. Comrade V.Rao chairman of the Revolutionary Democratic Front(RDF), had some words to the event. Most importantly he talked about combining the struggles of women, muslims, peasents, workers, adivasi(idigeneous people’s), and the untouchables(lowest kast), e.g. As well as the activities surrounding the demand for release of prison for comrade Saibaba, former chairman of RDF. Further he underlined the importance of Communist Party of India(maoists), as the leadership and most progressive force of people’s struggles in India.
Further on there had been contributions on the 50th annversary of the Naxalbari Uprising, as the beginning of modern revolutionary struggle in India. There also was a contribution on the topic of antmuslim racism, and the internationalist charakter of struggles against it was highly distributed.
The event in general was a good success of antiimperialist forces, and a foundation for the upcoming struggles in solidarity with people’s movement in India. It showed that, struggle against Oppression and Exploitation is a matter of of internationalist struggle and how much the movement in europa is able to learn from the masses of indian people.
Long live proletarian internationalism!
Freedom for all political prisoners!
Freedom for comrade Saibaba!

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