Wednesday, December 2, 2020


At the factories


A proletarian and communist celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Engels, co-founder along with Marx of Marxism, author of the Communist Manifesto, founder of the First International was held yesterday, November 28.

We decided to celebrate him through action. The fundamental, discriminating action was the spreading at the factories where we operate and could reach a brochure with fundamental, central and meaningful Engels’ quotation from his writings and work, for every worker with a class consciousness, for every intellectual who wants to contribute to link the scientific theory with the workers' movement, for every communist who works to build the Party, for the proletarian revolution, socialism and communism.

In doing this, we fulfilled the commitment we had taken: to give the great theoretical work of Engels, huge and on all fields of the science of the proletariat, of humanity, back to the workers, the proletarian women, the "rebels and against the current" youth; and so we applied the Lenin's teaching: "The name and life of Engels must be known by every worker", we did as Maoists who consider their being communists, being at the service of the proletariat and the people.

The meeting, linked to those held by to other communists like us from the 4 continents, saw together comrades and militants, all of them active and vanguards in the workers' and proletarian struggles currently ongoing in our country, vanguard workers, young people of the Front of the Communist Youth from Taranto, women comrades of MFPR, intellectuals, first of them the Prof. Giuseppe Antonio Di Marco. They took up with their own words the great teachings of Engels, with the determination to wage this battle in any sphere of the class struggle and first of all within the ranks of the vanguard workers in struggle, to take the instruments of theory into their own hands, to male them the guide of proletarian politics and correspond without any doubt and against any kind of revisionism and opportunism to the phrase of the great Engels: "... in the political struggle of a class against a class, organization is the most important weapon ...".

It is just the beginning of a new phase of the class war necessary here and now in our country.

The speeches made in the celebration and information about similar initiatives in the world will be published through the available media, starting the next Thursday, dedicated to workers' education.

A new booklet on the life of Engels, unpublished in our country, will be sent to every worker, women, young people, comrades and comrades who request it to our email address.

A Workers' Education Notebook is in progress and will be released at the beginning of next year, to be presented and spread in all the available forms.


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