Friday, December 11, 2020

Tunisia - class struggle


Young doctors trade union on strike in Tunis after young doctor death in Jendouba. Local population protests too.

Baddredine Alaoui a young doctor, died last 3rd of December after falling in a broken elevator cage from a 10 meters highness. The elevator was broken since a long time but the health minister in person, during a visit to the regional Jendouba hospital last 3rd of October, promised that this and other structural problems would be fixed in few weeks.

The day after Baddredine’s death, prime minister Mechichi went to visit the hospital but he found a huge demonstration shouting the slogan “degage” (go away) so his visit lasted just five minutes (VIDEO).

ATJM on strike

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The 4th of December ATJM (Tunisian Association of Young Doctor), organized a general national strike and a demonstration from the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis to The Minister of Health asking the minister and the regional health sector in charge in Jendouba to resign. Moreover they call for a “national day of rage” for the next 8th of December in order to ask improvement for doctor and health workers work conditions. Meanwhile another huge demonstration took place in Jendouba town with the same demands.

Jendouba protest

Today the Health minister announced that several local and national cadres in charge in the minister were fired but he has not showed any signs about the will to resign himself!

While public health sector in the country has poor investments, private one has seen investments growing up in the last years as well as its services costs.

Tunisia being a dependent country from imperialism has a bureaucratic and comprador bourgeoise that in order to stay in power attracts foreign investment only in those sectors where foreign capital and this parasitic minority in the country can have profits but not the people and workers.

The Jendouba affair comes when a national turmoil is going on in the majority of Tunisian regions (see other recent posts) exposing more and more the anti national and anti people nature of this government

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