Sunday, December 20, 2020

Tunis - Strikes and protests through the country the new anti people finance law is passed by the parliament

While the 10th anniversary popular revolt is approaching, the country continues to be paralyzed by popular strikes and protests:

In the north-western Jendouba government a general strikes took place last friday with more than 1.500 people on the streets demanding for development of the region, employement and justice for the young Baddredine doctor who died on his duty (see our previous post) asking for health minister and local governor resignations. Shops, schools and public offices were closed.

The day before in the capital the Association of martyrs and wounded of the revolution’s family members protested because after nearly 10 years the State has not published yet the official list of martyrs and wounded.

This is a symbolic about how the old Tunisian state is advancing through a political restoration of the old regime in new facade and not through “democratic transition” as imperialists and revisionists affirms altogether.

People’s conditions are getting worse day by day and all these strikes and protests are there as a proof, moreover two days ago another time a road accident bring the death to 3 agriculture female workers in the now famous death pick up. Last year a law was passed in order to secure these workers transports but it is clear that it was just dust to the eyes.

Meanwhile the parliament passed the law of finance 2021, among the articles there is the reduction of taxes for private enterprises for ten percentage points and at the same time augmentation of flour price and no remarkably finance allocations for workers, farmers and the people. UGTT, the main trade union, has already menaced to go to strikes next month against this law. The same day UGTT condemned the Moroccan diplomat normalization with the zionist entity asking for huge protests to Moroccan people.

In this general political context right wing islamist from Ennahda and al Karama and right wing secularist fascist from PDL (new destourians) are rising their heads against each others but they are both against people’ interests. A detail article will follow in the coming days…

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