On the 13th of July the US president Biden met with leaders of Nordic States in Helsinki, Finland. Held less than 200 kilometers from the border of Russia and right after the NATO summit in Vilnius, the main theme of the visit was the ”unity” of NATO and the celebration of the NATO-membership of Finland, as well as the upcoming membership of Sweden, which Turkey agreed to ratify in Vilnius.

Biden said that now Finland has truly become an ally of the US instead of just a friend. ”From an anti-imperialist point of view this [the meeting] is about collusion between Finnish and Yankee imperialism against the peoples of the world. Finnish imperialism is a small second-ranked imperialist power which has throughout its history aspired to follow and support the most powerful imperialist power in order to advance its own interests alongside of it”, the news site Punalippu wrote ahead of the summit, highlighting that the visit symbolizes Finland openly deepening its ties with US imperialism and that Finnish imperialism has even more blood in its hands. Despite claiming to be ”neutral” and to support diplomacy over war, Finland has earlier taken part alongside with the US for example in the war of aggression against Afghanistan, and is already a part of many imperialist ”peace keeping” missions in oppressed nations around the world.

A demonstration against US imperialism and the NATO-membership of Finland took place in the city center of Helsinki. During a rally, which followed the march, a contingent carrying the flag of the International Communist League stood in the first line. They carried banners with slogans ”Yankee go home!”, ”Down with imperialist wars!” and ”Socialist revolution against imperialism!”

Socialist revolution against imperialism!”

Down with imperialist wars!”

In his speeches, Biden highlighted the ”common values and challenges” of the US and the Nordic countries. One of the topics discussed was ”Arctic security”, as US imperialism wants to secure its interests against the military presence of Russia in the region. Also Chinese social-imperialism is interested in increasing its presence in the Arctic, and this is something the US wants to prevent. In this, the “commitment” or the subjugation of the Nordic imperialist powers to US imperialism is important for the US. The Finnish president also pledged the commitment of Finland to NATO and said that Finland would be open for hosting a NATO base.

Biden pledged the commitment of the US to NATO and to Europe, seemingly upset by the question of a Finnish journalist regarding the topic. US newspapers point out that there was a clear change from the situation in 2018, when then-president Trump met Putin in Helsinki, and highlighted that the US should keep good relations to Russia. During his term, Trump also made statements about the US withdrawing from the ”cooperation” in Europe. Now what the US wanted to show was the illusion of might and ”unity” of NATO under the leadership of the US.