Sunday, April 15, 2012

April16, Armed Attacks in Several Provinces of Afghanistan synchronically took place!

The Puppet regime of Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan again showed its weakness and its lack of people’s support in April 16(Today), 2012. How ever, the attackers were all also belonged to reactionary forces, both, the result of this attack explains that: The Karzai regime, even at the center (capital city) is unable of defending itself against attackers. The attackers showed their successful maneuvers of challenging the so called central government by synchronically attacking in several provinces including: Kabul, Paktia, Logar, and Nengrahar provinces. The last three of these four provinces have common border with Pakistan, and also extremist tribalist mainly Pushton forces backed by reactionary parties and channels are backing these attackers. Pakistan, as a supporter of Taliban, historically, and actually involves in this process. Recent days explanations and proclamations of Pakistani authorities also had created a forecasting for a new series of probable terrorist activities by Taliban. The Taliban Group, has accepted and confessed the responsibility of the attacks, and has added that: This is Taliban’s new phase of attacks in this spring.(It is the first month of spring in Afghanistan right now). One of the spokesmen of Taliban group, has declared that they have send tens of terrorist suicide attackers to Kabul, Logar, Paktia and Jalalabad.
However, formally the responisblity of almost all of the attacks and suicide cases are related to Taliban, but, it should be considered that: Today, Afghanistan is the center and focus of world crisis, and all reactionary forces of the world have gathered to challenge each other in Afghanistan. So, it must be noted that: Taliban, is not operating as a unique group anymore. Today, Those Islamist fundamentalists whom call themselves by the name of Taliban, have are not united, and different splits have occurred among them. Expansionist and imperialist countries who have invaded Afghanistan, have divided the armed men of Taliban among themselves. So, today, it is right to Talk about different foreign backed Taliban branches, e.i, Taliban backed by US regime, German backed Taliban, England backed Taliban, French backed Taliban,…even Russian and Chinese backed Taliban may also have exists, especially in the northern, and north east parts of the Afghanistan. So, today, the word “Taliban”, is a mask for all terrorist and extremist groupings whom tend or pretend to oppose puppet regime of Karzai. Even the puppet regime, as evidence shows, has tried to make a duplicate Taliban named forces, which are used for political benefits of the regime. But, some thing which must not be forgotten is that: when the mass media reflects the attacks as done by Taliban, it means that: The most reactionary, and the most fierce medieval forces, whom are also puppet allies of imperialists, are in command of those attacks. These reactionary clergy, are mainly instrumental to Pakistan and Arab reactionary extremist organizations. Those extremist organizations, in their turn, are supported by C.I.A and other intelligent services. So, we can say that: the war in Afghanistan, also has a character of Intelligent Services War. All reactionary governments of the neighbors, and neighborhood of Afghanistan, have been involved in this war. Yesterday, (April, 15) about 400 Islamic extremists whom were in a jail in Pakistan, in a border region to Afghanistan, a place which is called Banu, were released by an armed attack of Islamist fundamentalist terrorist forces. One day later, in 16 April, the wide range attacks occurred in Afghanistan. So, the escape of those 400 dangerous terrorists, is not unrelated to the events in Afghanistan, in April 16. Evidence also confirms the involvement of Iran, by creating Iran backed Taliban, and opposing Kabul government. Today, the Yankee Imperialism and Co. are trying to suppress the liberating character of resistance by presenting two oppotions:
Either with Puppet regime, or with Taliban
Democratic and revolutionary forces reject and oppose both options.
Maoist forces have always declared that: only a third force, which is the only fighting force of freedom, will be one, which will be able to save the country and lead a war of national liberation against imperialism, bureaucratic feudal-comprador system and all other reactionary forces.
The suicide attacks of April,16 shows that: even the Kabul(the capital of Afghanistan) suffers from high risk of being distinguished by Terrorist attackers! The following Embassies were all targeted to rocket attacks:
British Embassy, German Embassy and Japan Embassy. However the officials are tended to hide the real number of casualities, and there is no exact and real data published about the number of injured or killed people. No exact and real data showing the casualities of domestic or foreigin people is published yet, and might not be published. The government does not allow the mass media to cover the real incidents, and events, and does not allow them to reveal and publish the exact and real number of casualities, because, doing such, will certainly uncover the very weakness of the so called “Central Government” even in Kabul. So, a new wave of Censor has also spread all over Afghanistan. In Char Rahi Zanbaq Street, which is a street near to the presidential Castle, a place which is just a few minutes far from Karzai’s presidential palace, the attackers showed their attacking. So, if the media covers such events, then, it reveals that: this puppet regime is in its last breaths, and near to be fallen by other reactionary attackers. One of the Kabul university professors, said to a media that: Today’s attacks, showed that: nothing has remained from this so called “Karzai’s government”!
Even, bourgeois minded and liberal forces, are disagree with the events and are blaming the administration of Karzai!
Until the end of the day, still the attackers inside Kabul city, continued their attacks and resistance. The spokes person of the Ministry of Internal affairs of Afghanistan ( better to say: Ministry of the internal affairs of puppet regime) has reported 14 causalities of police forces in Paktia and Jalalabad. But, as the extent and severity of attacks show, the number is may have been at least three or for fold more than that.
The attackers also have attacked to Parliament building (the so called “House of the Nation”). According to one of the “representatives” of the parliament, some of the members of parliament, were armed and fought the attackers!
So, it seems that: in Kabul, neither in Palace, nor in huts, there is no security, nor all the city, is sunk in a wide range of attacks. This also shows the strength of the fundamentalist So called Taliban forces, which enjoy support from reactionary Islamic states of reactioan of Arab, and Paksitan. Reports say that: at least seven horrible and huge explosion voices have been heard in Kabul city that shook the city. Another Afghani authority says that: the Embassy of Russia also has been shot by some attackers.
The attacks, however claiming to be against Central Government, has such length and strength, that it suggests being a battle among different sections of NATO lead forces (or countries who have invaded in Afghanistan), which has been covered by some attacks by so called Taliban forces. Many questions raises about how the explosives and weapons have been conveyed and used with no traffic bann by Police, and without being found while conveying. This strongly suggests the involvement of large sections of the police and security forces in these events. Yes, the security forces of a puppet regime, is easy to be sold, and easy to be bought by other anti-regime forces. Repots say that: Karim Khalili, vice president of the “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” was aimed to be killed by attackers. He was about to be killed , but, as a chance, he was rescued by security gurads.!
The situation inside Kabul suggests that: this dangerous insecure situation, is a precursor of a Coup-de-etat, and may sink the Karzai Regime.
Misfortunately, the weakness of Maoist forces, has caused that the masses are disorganized, and are not led by revolutionary leaders, so, the masses have continued to be misled and to follow the path of reactionary groupings.
Organization of the workers of Afghanistan(M-L-M) explains its hatred to reactionary puppet regimes of Karzaia, and also denounce the murder of tens of ordinary and sinless people in these attacks by genocidal Taliban and other reactionary murderer forces! More than 140000 forces of foreign invaders are present in Afghanistan, but, not only they were not able to bring security and peace (because, they do not want peace and security, because, they are who ignite the battle more and more), but also, they showed that: there are unable to control the country and to dominate it! Even they are not able to control the capital of Afghanistan. The reactionary attackers also showed their civil genocidal character. Our organization calls for a people’s resistance against both puppet regime and the Taliban reactionary forces. We oppose the foreign invaders, and also we oppose Taliban’s genocides. We call for a people
s war against all enemies of the peoples of Afghanistan. For this purpose, we call for unity of all Maoist forces of Afghanistan. We also ask from all Marxist-Leninist-Maoist forces of the world, to support the anti-imperialist resistance of Afghanistan people by opposing and uncovering Karzai’s and Taliban’s reactionary forces’ genocides.

Down with reactionary genocides of Taliban

Down with reactionary puppet regime of Karzai

Hands-off Afghanistan

Yanki Go Home! Down with US imperialism

Down with all imperialist and expansionist forces who invaded our country

Down with all revisionist and traitor “intellictuals” who support the puppet regime!

Long life the protracted people’s war in Afgahnistan

Forward to raise the red banner of New Democratic revolution

Long life Maoism!

Organization of the workers of Afghanistan(Marxist-Leninist-Maoist,principally Maoist)

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