Sunday, April 15, 2012

CPI (Maoist) Statement: "An appeal to all the democrats and patriots of our country!"

Condemn the brutal offensive conducted by the government armed forces in Maad!
Come forward to stop the unjust war on the most oppressed people of our country!

March 30, 2012
In the first week of March, 20 to 25 villages in Maad were crushed under the iron heels of the government armed forces. This has once again exposed the fascist and brutal face of the central and state governments who are not tiring of talking about 'development' of Adivasis. In this biggest offensive till date on Maad, more than three thousand armed forces were deployed. This was given the names of 'Operation Vijay' and 'Operation Haka'. This massive suppressive campaign was conducted in accordance with the decisions taken at the meeting of DGPs and principal secretaries of naxal affected districts under the leadership of the central home ministry. In this nearly two week long campaign One Adivasi was murdered and another was abducted whose whereabouts are not known till now. More than two dozen villages and several innocent Adivasis became victims of violence, loot, destruction and beatings.
Joint forces comprising of CRPF (CoBRA), police forces of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra, C-60 commandos, STF and SPOs divided into several detachments and started simultaneously from Narayanpur and Bijapur districts of Chhattisgarh and Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. CRPF DG Vijay Kumar, Chhattisgarh DGP Anil Navani, Maharashtra DG Subrahmanyam prepared the blue print for this entire operation. Chhattisgarh ADG (Naxal) Ramnivas, CRPF IG (Chhattisgarh in-charge) Pankaj Singh and Bastar IG TJ Longkumer camped at Kurasanar base camp near Narayanpur and supervised this offensive. Narayanpur SP Mayank Srivastava, Bijapur SP Narayan Rajendradas and several other SP level officials took part in this campaign. The plan for this joint operation was plotted from the western part of Maad adjacent to Maharashtra, from the southern part of Maad adjacent to Bijapur district, i.e., from across the Indravati River and from Narayanpur district headquarters situated in the North-East direction.
They attacked several villages simultaneously walking up to 40 to 50 kilometers along jungle paths. They equipped themselves with modern gadgets like GPS systems and UAVs and brought along SPOs and informers who were already working with the police. The armed forces that entered from Maharashtra attacked Goddelmarka village on 14 March and Ekonar village on 15 March. The police forces that came from Bijapur attacked nearly 10 to 12 villages including Takilode, Rekavaya, Vedama, Dunga, Kumnar, Tadiballa and Kummam between 11 and 15 March. The armed forces that came from Narayanpur attacked the villages of Kacchapal, Toke, Kodenar and Jatwar between 15 and 16 March. The government forces murdered Dunga Dhurva in Toke village and people fear that they had also killed a young Adivasi named Lalsu from Goddelmarka. Sonu of Kacchapal and Jaini of Goddelmarka were injured in firings. Apart from this, in every village they entered, the government forces resorted to loot, beatings, razing of houses and destruction.
In Padko village on the southern side of Indravati River, the government forces destroyed a field. People are collectively growing vegetables, maize etc in this field. In the forest nearby this village a school is being run by the revolutionary Janatana Sarkar and hundreds of government forces attacked this school. The entire students and teachers had evacuated the school beforehand fearing attack. The police camped for two days there and wreaked havoc. Such attacks were conducted in Jatwar, Ekonar and Toke too. An atmosphere of terror and fear was built up in the entire Maad area due to this campaign. All the 13 persons who were paraded as 'arrested Maoists' to show this as an achievement in this campaign, were ordinary villagers. They took along with them any person on whom they could lay their hands during attacks on the villages. (We are enclosing all the details about this offensive along with this appeal).
It is clear that this is a part of the two and a half year old 'War on People' going on in the name of Operation Green Hunt. The aim of conducting this kind of offensive in Maad is to terrorize the people and chase them away from their villages. In fact, preparations are on to hand over this entire area to the Army. The existence of the Maria community that is one of the most ancient human communities in the world is in danger. Though the governments are claiming that their aim is to wrest Abhujmaad from the hands of Maoists, the fact is that this offensive was conducted on the villages and the people. The offensive was on farms, schools and houses. The offensive was on the alternate development model built by the people in the course of the Maoist movement.
Why are the exploiting governments so bent upon gaining control on Maad area by attacking it? Everybody knows that this area is rich in most valuable mineral wealth. Adjacent to this area is the range of Raoghat hills and efforts are being intensified to start mining iron ore from here. Particularly, corporate companies like Tata and Essar have their eyes on this area. NECO Jaiswals company is trying everything under the sun to start mining in Amdaimetta that falls under this area. Several corporate companies are laying in wait to chase away and evacuate the Adivasis from this area. They know that this is not going to happen easily due to the presence of Maoist movement. That is why they are talking of crushing the Maoist movement. It is crystal clear that there is a conspiracy to loot the enormous natural resources in these forests and hills and this is directly linked to the comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and the imperialists. Particularly, the US imperialists are dangerously intervening in the internal matters of our country. Recently, Pentagon has exposed the fact that its Special Forces are present in India and that they are taking part in counterinsurgency operations. This means that the comprador rulers of our country are not even hesitating to pawn the sovereignty of our country in order to clear the path to hand over our natural resources to corporate houses.
It is our appeal to the entire progressive, democratic and revolutionary organizations, democratic rights organizations, intellectuals, writers, journalists, media persons, artistes, film makers, peasants, workers, students and teachers that they condemn this terrorizing and violent offensive conducted by the Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra state governments and the UPA government at the centre in the name of 'Operation Vijay' and 'Operation Haka' in Maad. Go through the report prepared by our Special Zonal Committee on this entire campaign, propagate it and publish it. Register your protest in various forms like meetings, rallies, protest marches, press meets, signature campaigns etc. Visit the villages affected in this campaign to know the facts. Demand the release of the thirteen innocent Adivasis who were arrested during this campaign and also the unconditional release of all the Adivasis incarcerated in various jails of Chhattisgarh and Vidarbha in the name of Maoists. Demand that all police and paramilitary officials who were responsible for the murder of Dunga, missing of Lalsu and for all the atrocities committed during this offensive be punished. Demand that Operation Green Hunt, the unjust war of the exploiting governments on the most oppressed and exploited people of this country, be immediately stopped. Demand that Army deployed in Bastar in the name of 'training' must be pulled back.
(Gudsa Usendi)
Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee
CPI (Maoist)

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