Saturday, April 14, 2012

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The Partisan Fundraiser • Target: 5,000$
For the past year, the Partisan newspaper has consistently defended the interests of the working class. Across the board, both nationally and internationally, Partisan condemns the dominant ideology and takes a solid stand in favor of socialism and revolution. It supports acts of resistance from the proletariat and oppressed peoples and popularizes revolutionary actions that attack the very heart of the exploitative capitalist system.
The Partisan was launched by the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) —a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party that fights for a genuine revolutionary change. It is supported and widely circulated by activists who uphold the revolution, including comrades from Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committees of both Toronto and Ottawa. Distributed widely and free of charge, the Partisan is part of a conscious effort to reach out to and organize the proletarian masses in the workplaces and neighborhoods where they are too often ignored by the traditional and institutionalized left.
We invite our readers as well as those who support this initiative to contribute financially to Partisan’s expansion. We aim to raise some $5,000 in order to increase and expand our circulation. We want more people to have the chance to read and distribute it. While expanding its distribution in Quebec and Ontario, we want to send thousands of copies to the Maritimes and Western Canada. Day after day, fight after fight, the Partisan must become an organizational tool for regrouping proletarians who hope for the revolution.
You can contribute to this fundraising campaign in various ways:
• by giving your contribution in person to the distributors of this newspaper;
• by sending a check or money order by mail (payable to the “Bureau d’information politique”): PO Box 1004, Stn. C, Montreal QC H2L 4V2;
• by depositing your donation at the Maison Norman Bethune —a communist bookstore located at 1918 Frontenac Street in Montreal;
• by using the payment button that appears on or www.theredflag/partisan.
Want to help with circulating the Partisan? Contact us right now!
And thank you for your support.
* * *
REMINDER: May 1st Events
Demonstration: “We Link Our Struggles”Organized by the May First Movement
(in collaboration with various organizations)
Respect Indigenous sovereignty! No one is illegal! International workers solidarity! Defend public services! End imperialist wars and aggression! Build people’s power & move beyond capitalism!
Gathering at 4pm at City Hallwhere food will be available.
The march will follow at 5pm.
Solidarity Party!
The Ottawa Proletarian Revolution Action Committee and the UOttawa and Carleton Marxist Students’ Associations are hosting an event at the Saw Gallery (67 Nicholas St.) for International Workers’ Day. Several anti-capitalist groups in Ottawa have been invited to set up tables to distribute their material alongside the RCP. Jeremy Owen will be performing The Internationale, and DJs Ghaida Yalla Yalla and Kemal Kemp will keep our revolutionary spirits high throughout the night. $5 at the door; $10 “Solidarity Package” (includes a button as well as supplementary materials). Doors open at 8pm. Consider yourself invited!
Anti-Captalist DemonstrationOrganized by Montreal’s Convergence of Anti-Capitalist Struggles
Starting at 4:30pm at Champ-de-Mars(behind City Hall, Champ-de-Mars metro station)
March under the anti-imperialist banner with the PCR-RCP, Kabataang Montreal and the “Comité de soutien au mouvement du 20 février au Maroc”!
Demonstration: “Defend Our Rights, Celebrate Our Victories”Organized by “la Coalition de Québec Chaudière-Appalaches opposée à la tarification et à la privatisation des services publics”
Gathering at 11:45am at Parc de l’Amérique française
* * *
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