Friday, March 15, 2013

A Recent Message from Comrade Rashid

“My deepest gratitude and love goes out to all who extended themselves in word, deed and even thought, to support me and make inquiries on my behalf in this recent ordeal with prison officials. Many of you are aware, without knowing the cause, that I underwent a 25 day hunger strike, which began with my declining all liquids as well for the first 6 days. I was literally compelled to harm myself to help myself, because officials left me in a potentially fatal medical predicament and sat by eagerly watching and waiting for nature to run its course. I, however, was not intent on letting things run so smoothly.
And witnesses to my situation were able to get word out, which prompted your inquiries and protests, without which things would very likely have not turned out as they have. In which case I can say I am fine now, minus not just a few pounds, and expect to recover without complications. My mail was also denied and my communication lines to the outside were cut.
But I am now receiving mail again and hopefully what I send out won’t be interfered with. Again, these situations were only resolved because of broad outside support, by many people known and unknown to me. Yet another tribute to People Power! And I cannot overstate my appreciation. I am in the process of writing a full expose on this recent ordeal because the public deserves full disclosure and I feel as always, there are valuable lessons and understandings to be shared and learned from every battle in this life and death struggle between the people and this imperialist system. Thank you again for your support. You, the masses, remain my one and true inspiration! All power to the people!”

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