Sunday, March 31, 2013

The revolution in India : Maoist revolution at Jharkhand , lohardanga.

The revolution in India : Maoist revolution at Jharkhand , lohardanga.
The news is being gotten that Jharkhand Maoists are giving training to poor or proletariat adivasi children. The news is coming from lohardanga’s common people. The people of pathari village is saying that the Maoists are convincing logically the pupils then membership and arms training are given to them secretly. Mao supported third preparing committee’s cadres are following the village’s schools, then they are taking the pupils into the party.13 to 14 years fresh students are taken to the party. Poor parents, villagers are forwarding their young kids to the maoist party in hoping of future development, socialism. They have no speech about the fact. No objection! With arms training , the pupils are getting monetary help too. This is the start of socialism . The bourgeois state has given nothing to the poor kids, people. What they have given to them is continuous oppression. But the Maoists are giving arms protection and monetary help too. Which side the people will go to  ? To bourgeoise kings side to get more oppression or to socailsm. They are choosing the second way for a better future of proletariat. And this is inevitable , noone can resist the revolution. It would succeed sooner or later. However! Still there are some betrayers of the revolution, they are being killed for the interest of it. A girl or boy is being taken from each poor family of latehar. There is no proper education process, no income way in the region. What the parents do? They ofcourse want a better future for their kids.So noway without socialism! They are sending their kids to the maoist camp. Good decision! They must win. Even the Maoists are providing money and foods to the proletariat families. What the bourgeois parties and their oppressing state has given them? Nothing! They are giving only oppression to the poor but their order to them is to stay with the rotten system. This is nothing but only a shameless bourgeoise anarchy. And to keep up the bourgeoise anarchy all the bourgeoise parties , their backed communal parties and their left breaking agents or fake lefts united! The terrible anarchy! Even the Maoists are providing more better education than bourgeoise oppressing valueless education to the kids. But yes Maoists don’t take rich’s kids! So you cant compare them with the bourgeoise system made street kids catchers, dacoists (bourgeoise) etc. etc just! They have a great goal in front of them. That’s socialism! Long live Indian Maoism!
Long live the revolution!
Sanjib sinha
Even one part of the bourgeoise administration does not resist the revolution since they are getting the win of rev. is inevitable. They are getting their fault. They more get their fault that’s more better human class! Better for humanism!

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