Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Turkey for debate - The military fascist coup attempt in Turkey and revolutionary tasks

 In the evening of 15 July there was a bloody military coup attempt in “Turkey, the country of coups”. The hegemonic class cliques on the power got into a bloody war for internal power among themselves. The military clashed with police. The warplanes and helicopters bombed the state buildings such as Turkish Parliament, headquarters of Special Police Forces and MIT (National Intelligence Organization). The civilian people who took to the streets were fired with bullets. 256 people from military, police and mostly the civilians have been killed during the coup attempt against politic Islamic fascist AKP government and President Erdogan. About 2 thousand people were wounded. Pro-Gulen and anti-Erdogan generals were the ones leading the coup. 

The AKP government and President Erdogan have called on the people to take to the streets against the military coup attempt. The AKP masses, which also involved political Islamic reactionary and semi-armed paramilitary forces, were quickly mobilized. The coup attempt was repressed through the police army, consists of 250 thousand forces, MIT, Ministry of Religion, pro-AKP councils, the bourgeoisie media and coordination, mobilization and collaboration of the communication tools. The streets, bourgeoisie media, mosques, calls to prayer and recites for sala brought about the defeat of putsch-organizers. Hence these forces already were experienced and prepared following the Gezi uprising and 17-25 December bribery and corruption incidents that took place against AKP government and Erdogan. That is to say that they were organized. The pro-government masses are still continuing with their demonstrations on the streets. 

The MGK (National Security Council) and the Board of Ministries have announced State of Emergency (OHAL) for 3 months in whole country. Ten thousands of military personnel, police, judges, prosecutors and civilians have been taken into custody and thousands of them sent to prison. About 70 thousand people, who were on duty in militarist and bureaucratic state apparatus, have been discharged from their posts. All those are interrogated  as being “a member or supporter of a terrorist organization” affiliated with Fethullah Gulen, who lives in USA for 17 years and the actor of “green belt against communism” project. The process of detention, banns and trials is still ongoing. They now mostly talk about the “reorganization of the state”. And thus they try to overcome the crises of the state. However, the crises of the regime is very dimensional and deep. It's internal dissolutions continue following the Gezi uprising, Rojava revolution and 7 June election defeat. And it is not something that can be solved through interventions within the system. 

The AKP and Erdogan has continuously saw the struggle against government as the management and provocation of a “superior mind”. In the near past, they have made sudden and sharp turnings from their policies on Middle East and Syria. They started talks to get nearer with Russia, Israel, Iran and other countries. Prime Minister A. Dovutoglu, who came after elections, has been removed. And his USA visit was made a basic subject of crises. All these can be considered as the governments' preparative and preventative policies against the military coup preparations and movements. This is why they have been able to quickly act against the pro-coup forces through bunchy lists and preparations, and organized detentions and imprisonments. This shows that the government and Erdogan were already aware of the information on the coup attempt. 

The military coup attempt cannot be thought of separate from imperialist forces, NATO and CIA. Its because the Turkish generals are affiliated to these forces in terms of education, weapons and intelligence. The EU and USA has flashed green light until last moment to the military coup attempt or took the position of observing.   
The 15 July military fascist coup attempt is the product of the internal and external policies of the Palace dictator Erdogan, AKP government and the colonial fascist regime crises. 2013 Gezi uprising, Rojava revolution and not recognizing the 7 June 2015 general election results, dis-validating the Dolmabahce agreement on the solution process for Kurdish question, the massacres in Kurdistan and the removal of the Prime Minister Davutoglu who came after elections pave the way for the coup. In this process, 15 July is a counter-coup of a military fascist clique against Erdogan. 

The military putsch clique is the partner of AKP and Erdogan who commits war crimes. They are the fascist gangs who carried out the massacres and violence in Roboski, Cizre, Sur, Nusaybin of Kurdistan. They burned down Kurdish people in the basements of Cizre and bombed the Kurdish cities. They dragged the bodies of the guerrillas on the floor and exposed naked bodies of women guerrillas. 

In the face of military and police losses, Erdogan and AKP government ordered the bombardment of cities from faraway. They wanted them to carry out massacres by leaving aside the legal boundaries. They adopted laws that protects the MIT, military, police and paramilitary forces from judicial processes in Parliament. At that time the pro-coup gangs were considered as the hero soldiers or policeman. And today they became the “traitors who shot their own people”. 

These military forces have involved in the internal fight for the power and tried to take the power completely when they face defeat in the fight against Kurdish freedom struggle or could not achieve success within ongoing dirty war. The repression and massacres carried out against Kurdish people and laborers were now carried out against each other. The violence and its consequences in Kurdistan were now being experienced in Turkey for couple of days. The dirty war conducted by the colonial fascist dictatorship in the cities of Northern Kurdistan, its policies towards Rojava, political tension and chaotic atmosphere have created the base for the military or civilian coup searches and attempts. There was already no democracy, not even like a bourgeois democracy in Turkey. The military coup attempt prevented, but Erdogan and AKP is deepening the Palace coup. It is trying to “reorganize the state” through new laws and institutions under the conditions of OHAL, decree and 30 days of detention period.  

The Kurdish freedom movement, the Democratic Allewite movement, the working class movement, the women and youth movement is the main target of the military and civil fascist coup in Turkey. The fascist dictatorship fears from the revolutionary dynamics, actors and opportunities that brought about by the conditions of revolutionary situation in the country and whole region. It scares from the victory of the democratic revolution. This is why it attacks to the people, freedoms and organizations by chaotic and tensional policies. 

The fascist regime insists repression, prohibitions and counter-revolutionary violence against people and the oppressed through OHAL. But the people and the oppressed are in the will, tendency and commitment to prepare and organize the revolutionary violence under the demands and reflexes of freedom, political democracy and equality to the people. Peoples' united resistance, organization of fronts by the revolutionary organizations and parties, the self-defense tools and struggle methods that will be realized by the Kurds. Alewites, the women and youth in their sphere of life, all try to protect their democratic positions. 

The People's United Revolution Movement (HBDH) as an illegal and armed revolution platform and the HDP - HDK as on the democratic base form the center of the struggle. Our party MLCP continues to play its historical, political and vanguard role in order to increase the fight for revolution and socialism in the region and against fascist dictatorship. 

It is once more seen that the free Kurdistan and democratic Turkey can only be achieved through democratic people's revolution. The revolution is compulsory for a political and social transformation. The fascist dictatorship will be overthrown by democratic people's revolution, the culture of democracy and consciousness will be grown in the politics and society. 

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