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India - On the Rising Threat of Hindutva Fascism

July 19, 2018
By Ujwal Punyark
Fascism is open dictatorship of the ruling class. The inability to resolve the contradictions of capitalist system give rise to the most fascist regime in the underdeveloped regions. It is historically seen that whenever ruling class is in crisis due to internal contradictions or due to external revolutionary cause, it turns the state into fascist. The most violent attacks on people by capital is carried through fascist comprador bourgeoisie government in underdeveloped regions.
One example is India wherein the attack on people has become very severe in the Modi-led Brahmanical fascist regime. In the time of crisis even a perfectly bourgeoisie democratic state turns fascist and the ruling class promotes the ultra-right wing fascist groups. Since the economic crisis of 2008 the gap between rich and poor has increased leading to the weakening of middle class. Even in the democratic bourgeoisie states of Europe income inequality has risen by two thirds owing to rising unemployment ever since the 2008 crisis, according to Eurofound’s new report ‘Income Inequalities and Employment Patterns in Europe Before and After the Great Recession
The crisis has thereby increased the penetration of most fascist right wing governments in European countries and also in the underdeveloped countries like India. In almost all European countries the so-called democrats have been replaced by conservative parties. “All these parties are recognizable by anti-immigration policies and for various forms of discrimination towards religions and social categories” writes Marini Tancredi. In underdeveloped regions the intensity of state`s fascist nature has increased by the installation of highly conservative regimes. 
In India the fascist state openly targets religious minorities, Dalits, Adivasis, women and poor. Revolutionary forces in the country are severely targeted. Liberating thoughts are branded terrorist and clubbed in a national/anti-national matrix. ‘Bharat Mata’ becomes more vulnerable than ever before.
Any utterance against mass killings by Indian state forces in Jammu and Kashmir or in North-Eastern region of subcontinent invites state sponsored mob lynching, and bullying in online social media websites and classrooms. Any sort of progressive action is seen as a war against the nation. Forming a trade union becomes anti-national and terroristic. Speaking for rationalism and against the religious blind faith invites murder. The killing of Adivasis for the sake of mining in the interest of imperial bourgeoisie becomes the order and anyone who speaks for or writes for the rights of the oppressed is immediately declared a terrorist upon whom all forms of colonial draconian laws are applied. Brahmanical cultural imposition upon the mases has seen a tremendous increase. The intensity of caste related violence knows no limits. The feudal forces with their feudal armies have become stronger. The vast masses of rural people are left to be exploited by usurers and compels farmers to suicide.
In the meantime, the government proclaims that banks provide farmers loan but in reality the middle man provide loan to the farmers at a commission amount. Any penetration of bank in the villages is through a middle man who takes commissions to sanction loans of farmers. Notebandi (demonetisation) types of criminal acts by the state has declared war upon people and the state has worked beyond constitutional limits to serve the interest of big corporates. Through all these arrangements the state has preserved degenerated semi-feudal semi-colonial productive relations.
We need to understand that repression by the fascist state arrests development of productive forces. And in order to revolutionize productive forces we need to think beyond changing the government because the question of fascism is India does not start with Modi nor shall end with him.
In universities we see reflections of these designs. University space is continually being used by ultra-Hindu fascists to proclaim rivalry with Muslims and increase state suppression of those fighting for the right to self-determination in Jammu and Kashmir. Recently posters posing an open threat to Muslims can be seen in the campus of Delhi University. Alongside these posters was a police notice that proclaims that any sort of posters or flex or wall wiring in the university`s property is a crime and one would be punished for this. This clearly brings to our notice the impunity with which the Hindutva fascist forces are operating under the constitution.
We also need to raise questions on the legitimacy of a police notice that bans any sorts of poster or wall writing. This notice in the university campus is the extension of war on dissent which the state has been carrying forward. One of the basic freedoms in any democratic country is the right to expression but in the university students have no right to express their creativity on the wall and with the help of that send a progressive message among the students. Such laws erode the concept of a university with numerous diverging ideologies.
The university is being structured to facilitate the cause of the ruling class. It is in the interest of corporates that no protest in any form either through posters or wall writings that condemns their loot of people`s resources is visible in the university. University walls could have been used to spread democratic consciousness among the students but when the state imposes bans on wall writing it preserves the feudal Brahmanical mentality of people and is opposed to any form of progression.
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