Thursday, April 29, 2021

May Day -TKP/ML Declaration


TURQUÍA: TKP/ML International Committee: To The Streets and Squares With, Unity, Struggle and Solidarity and With The Revolutionary Spirit Of 1st Of May On The Day Of International Proletariat and Oppressed, Exploited Labourers!

all the proletarians of the world and the oppressed peoples fight for revolution and socialism!

During a period in which internal contradictions and conflicts have deepened, the economic and political crises have become perpetual as a result of the characteristics of capitalism, the ruling classes all over the world struggle with the problem of governance, and on the other hand, the rage of the oppressed peoples overflows the streets, thus 1st of May becomes more and more important.

The 1st of May is the most powerful manifestation of the struggle of the working class against persecution and exploitation, and it represents a historical day that the mission of change and transformation that the working class carries on its shoulders. The 1st of May, as comrade Lenin expresses, “is the day of getting up with a class-conscious life for all the workers, the solidarity of struggle against all kinds of human on human oppression, and the celebration of struggles of millions of workers against poverty and hunger”.

Despite the arguments of all kinds to darken the historical role of the working class, the 1st of May is also the shape in flesh and bones of “we have done and we will do it again”.

Capitalism is based on absolute domination on labour since the ferocity of the first stage to the rotten-parasite imperialist phase. On this expense it has never refrained from causing unfair wars, it has commodified everything and blood, tears, war, aggression and parasitism have become its main source of feeding. Through these means, it has established its order which reigns over labour and which has surrounded the whole world without leaving anywhere untouched. This at the same time means that capitalist-imperialist system has been digging deeper into its grave and has been preparing the conditions for its historical end.

The biggest current issue of the world in the last two years which is the pandemic shows how rotten the system is on contrary to all the compliments given to it. This has also led to the working class and the labourers to lose their hopes in the system. The pandemic period has put the poor and labourers into its target just as it happens in the same way in the unfair and reactionary wars in favour of imperialists and reactionary-dominant classes. Those who have lost their lives in this period, besides the exceptions, have been workers, labourers and the other oppressed. The people have become increasingly more impoverished; they have lost their lives, jobs, and gained rights in this period. The bourgeoisie, with the pretext of pandemic, enables all kinds of methods for taking back the rights gained by the working class at the cost of their lives and blood.

On the other had, international monopolies, their collaborationists and lackeys have made profit of millions of dollars whereas people have been impoverished, while the international bourgeoisie the ruling classes under its service have increased their wealth. This pandemic period has once again showed that there is no development in this system that is not class related and that does not serve one of the classes. The science serves the ruling classes, just like a tool for increasing their profit. The vaccines produced for the solution of a problem that affects the entire world with hundreds of thousands of deaths, are patented and served those who have money and thous a new field of profit for of millions of dollars has been created. Throughout the one year period since the beginning of pandemic, even the statistics that project the increase in profits and capital of international monopolies show that for whom the system works and how it functions.

As in each crisis period, the capital is concentrated more around international monopolies, with small and medium-sized enterprises and even small monopolies, besides the working and labouring classes, go bankrupt and are being eaten by large monopolies and large monopolies seize their market shares. The possession of production areas and market shares of these segments by international monopolies bring them to the ranks of labourers. All these developments lead to the deepening of class contradictions, increases in insecurities and enraged outbursts towards the system.

On the other hand, contradictions between the imperialists and market grabbing struggles have not lost anything from its violent nature. Imperialists offer destruction to humanity and oppressed peoples by provoking regional and local conflicts. Countries are getting devastated and millions of people lose their lives in these wars and are try to reach other countries by leaving their lands and start facing all the challenges of refuge. The victims of the wars in accordance with the interests of imperialists and dominant classes are also exposed to racist and degrading applications in every single country they arrive at.

The efforts of bourgeoisie to intensify its attacks and exploitation bring the working class and the oppressed labouring masses to a stance against it and in many parts of the world this does not stay unanswered. The working-class and oppressed masses essentially lack communist leaderships to a significant degree. These resistances and insurrections should be seen as the maturation of revolutionary dynamics, even though these protests have a spontaneous character.

There is an unquestionable fact that the history of classes struggle taught us; the progression of the spontaneous movements of the masses provide enormous opportunities for these masses to meet communist movements. The important thing is to read into these processes correctly and to create accurate and correct organizations and shape the consciousness of the masses with the perspective towards the power. This is the main and essential obligation of communists, of MLMs.

While our Earth is struggling with poverty, misery, unfair wars and epidemic diseases, it is essential to raise the claim of revolution and socialism and to create another world to provide living conditions in favour of the working class and oppressed peoples. The name of this world is New Democratic and Socialist Power under the leadership of the proletariat. This is the only alternative to this system of exploitation and the brutality. When the entire history of humanity and exploitative dominant systems are taken into consideration, experiences of socialism and People’s Democratic Power that lasted for a short interval, it is seen that they resulted in practical defeat. However it existed, it was realized, and it lived. It continues to be alive as the historical proof that it is possible to gain everything for the working class and oppressed. Despite the bourgeoisie and their demagogues and the slanders of all kinds of anti-communists against proletariat dictatorships, the reality is that the future of working class and the oppressed peoples is the New Democratic Revolution, socialism and communism.

Every confusion and every suspicion created at the point of this historical and current role of the proletariat will serve the continuation of the existing system of exploitation. Therefore, it is obligatory to keep the power consciousness alive and to take a position in the MLM line and the line of revolution and socialism against some variants of bourgeois ideologies, such as the quest of “better socialism” marketed by reformist and revisionist ideas.

The 1st of May is the historical day that the clearest emphases to the oppressed interests, the struggle and to proletariat’s international character are made. This should also be at the same time the day of international solidarity of proletariat and its avant-garde parties where this consciousness is upheld.

In this historical section of the class struggle that we pass through, the historical and current class consciousness of the proletariat, which is the most revolutionary class which the history has seen, is concretized in MLM ideology, and in the struggle of the flag carriers of this ideology. The MLM consciousness advises that the only condition for the victory of the struggle against bourgeoisie and all kinds of reaction is to organize the revolutionary force against the force of counter revolution. Chairman Mao’s remarks of “without a People’s Army, the people have nothing” is essential to show that the claim of revolution is nothing without this reality. In our age, the proletariat will always be defeated in the face of the bourgeoisie without organizing the revolutionary violence. Proletariat and MLM Parties and Organizations of the Proletariat must focus on the duties of the day and the future and turn the 1st of May to a day of unity, struggle and solidarity and the day of the international proletariat for the struggle of democratic revolution, socialism and communism under the guidance of MLM. It must take it as a challenge against imperialism and all kinds of reaction; because, the proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win!

Long Live the 1st of May, the Day of Unity, Solidarity and Struggle of the Working Class!

All the Workers and the Oppressed Peoples of the World Unite!

Fight Imperialism and all Kinds of Reaction!

Long Live Proletariat Internationalism!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!


Communist Party Of Turkey/ Marxist-Leninist

           International Committee

             April 2021

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